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Dropbox and 221(g) for Visitor visa
hi, after b2 dropbox renewal got 22g saying attend for interview any working days within1 year.

Is this normal and what documents need to carry again?

also what does it mean please be advised that for U.S visa purposes, including ESTA this decision constitutes a deinal of a visa
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Can a person on a B1 visa who has stayed for 1 year in the USA be back in the USA after a gap of 8 months ?
My mother in law came to USA on 10/29/2020 and stayed with us for almost 1 year till 10/13/2021 on B1 visitor visa .We had applied her extension at that time for 6 months.
Can she travel back to USA after 8 months around 6/15/2022 on same B1 visitor visa.
Please advise.
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B1/B2 Renewal - 221g White Slip 2022
Dear Members,

I would like to share my experience as well as to get the feedback from experts about this scenario
I applied for the B1/B2 Renewal with Family - Me, Wife 2 Kids
We already had a visa which expired in 2018

Visited 2 Times in the defined period, and came back,

Interview went very well, he seems very polite
No Question asked except when did we visited last time, - Replied

Then the VO said to my wife that your visa has been approved, however for rest of us they need Administrative Processing,
My Passport and Kids Passports have been returned - with White Slip of 221G,

VO Said to check email,
On the same date they asked for additional questioner over email like travel history previous employment and replied in the next day
Wife Passport collected after 6 Days with Visa 5 Years - M
Status of my Application is Refused as well as kids,

So over the internet there are many discussion about 221-G, which manly means AP
Can anyone share their similar experience

It’s been 25 Days,
Kindly Suggest the possible outcome.

Kinds Regards - Zain
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What Conditions Should You have to Change Flights at a Swiss airport?
You have to meet a few conditions so you can change your flight at a Swiss airport:

 A valid travel document/ passport issued in the past ten years.
You may not leave the transit area of a Swiss airport.
You have to provide the visa or travel document of your destination.
You must provide the airline ticket for your destination.
You have to prove that you are not a threat to Swiss people.

Who Needs a Switzerland Long-Stay Visa?
In case you need to stay in Switzerland for longer than 90 days, you have to apply for a Switzerland long-stay visa. It is also called a national visa. Your reason for long staying in Switzerland could be:

Visiting family
The rules for each filed depends on your residence country. You could learn more about them at the left sidebar of the site.

Although Switzerland is not part of the EU, lots of EU rules apply to it. So, EU members can enter Switzerland visa-free. However, after 90 days, they have to apply for a residence permit and authorization to work.

The nationals of other countries all have to have to apply for a long-stay visa to work or study in Switzerland. Anyone who wants to stay longer than 90 days in Switzerland has to apply for a residence permit. Their nationality does not matter.
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wait is over! Green card approved San Jose approvals
Hi Fambam

Finally the wait has been over. I have received my green card today. This forum has help me a lot so thought of sharing my update as well.

got married in June
filed petition on Sep 02, 2019

Got RFE in and Submitted back in Nov (we replied immediately)

Got my EAD and AP approved in mid December and received card in Dec 2019 End.

Got notification case is ready to schedule interview in jan and got notice with invitation for interview on feb 2020. My field office was SF but my case was transferred to San Jose.

Interview was okay just basic question how we met and things. VO gave signal during interview that she is okay with relationship :) well there is nothing fake here.

After Feb 12, 2020 time was not passing :P everyday I used to google experience, update and USICS news.

on April 23 I received update that they have approved my case on April 22 and card is in production.

Received approval notice on April 27. and status changed to card is shipped.

and here it come. I received some short of freedom today and I got my GC in hand on April 30 2020.

I know I have gone impatient, mad and crazy during this time. I hope you all will receive ur card soon.

prayers for all stay home stay safe.

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extension of visitor visa B1/B2
Im based in mumbai currently , I have a Valid B1/B2 visa which is valid till march 2021 .I would like to know if I can ask for an extension of this B2 visa as Im expecting a visit to my sister in USA in 2022 . should I apply for DS-160 form and make a payment ?
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B1 Visa Approved - Delhi
First of all thanks to Immihelp for creating such a platform to add your experience to the site. This really helped me a lot and it laid the foundation of getting into the mindset and preparing yourself to clear the interview.

Interview Date - August 14th, 2018

Here goes my experience:

VO: Good Morning
Me: Morning Mam

VO:Where you are going?
Me: Detroit, Michigan

VO:Whom you are going to meet?
Me: Told American client names

VO: What is the purpose?
Me: To attend business meetings and workshop. We have got the new big scope, there is going to be huge expansion in the project. Will be discussing the strategies, objectives, processes involved driving continuous that alignment can be done for the project deliverables.

VO: Why can't the meetings be online?
Me: Collaborate real time by having face to face discussions. I will be meeting different team members as there are multiple vendors involved. The scope is big as huge expansion in the project is going to happen, new technologies will be added. So in person will need to be there.

VO: Again, she asked why can't it be online?
Me:Told the same answer. Just added this line: The workshop is fruitful when all vendors come together and discuss the objectives

VO: Seems she got pissed off, asked me don't you understand the question. Tell me why you need to go there.
Me: At that point, I felt that my visa will not be approved. As I was taken aback, I paused for 4-5 seconds. I did not know what to answer as she was repeatedly asking the same question again and again and I have already provided the answer to her. After a pause of 4-5 secs, I had given the same answer as above.

VO: Again surprisingly, she asked the same question for the fourth time
Me: I kept my calm. I just told the same answer again and I added that the initial discussions happened over the call. Now the client wants me to part of the business meetings as multiple vendors are involved.

VO: started typing something and was surprised as well. Luckily, she did not repeat that question.
Me: I sticked to my words, maybe I think she was trying to find if I will say anything different from the answers I given when being asked repeatedly the same question. Could be she was judging me or how I handle the pressure. But every time, I gave the same answer or maybe I don't know the right answer for it.

VO: Asked next question, do you know how much is the fare for US and who will pay for it?
Me: I am not sure. I told my employer will take care of it once visa is approved.

VO: But still do you know how much is the fare?
Me: I said approximately 30k for one side.

VO: Why you are the only one going to attend the meetings?
Me: I am representing and leading the offshore team. I am engaged in the project and have deep understanding of the processes involved. With my knowledge and experience I will be able to provide my inputs during the discussion which could lead to betterment of project

VO: What team size you handle?
Me: 10

VO: ur package?

VO:any travel history?
Me: Yes, told abt the previous trip (tourist visa)

VO: how many weeks you will be dere?
Me: 2 weeks

VO: Have been before to US?
Me: No

VO: Golden words...ur visa is approved!
Me: Thanks you mam,

What a relief it was I can't explain.
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Extend Visa

I recently got my visa approved but I have a doubt.

In my application, I mentioned 2 weeks. I want to extend my duration for 3 weeks. How do i go about the same? How do I go about the same?

Need to know at the earliest. Thanks!
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Visa extension for my brother - urgent; please help
Hi, My brother is staying here in New York on B1/B2 visa for the past 4 months due to severe financial problems back home and can not return home due to creditor harassment. He likes to extend the stay for another 6 months until things cool down. Can you please advise the reason i can give on the application so that his request for extension is not denied?

Can he file for extension and provide a cover letter himself or do I have to do this on his behalf? Please advice. Thank you.
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Extension of stay as a B2 visitor
Hello friends,
I visited my wife in Dec. 2013 as a B2 visitor. When I got here we married again here in February this year. Fortunately for us, she got pregnant in January and started feeling weak. So, I have applied for extension to take care of her since she is alone here. Meanwhile, she has petitioned for me for a green card. She is a Permanent resident. How would this affect my chances.
Hope to get your informed advices.
Thank you
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