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Renewing Greencard

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Denver, Colorado - New card is being Produced
God first and the rest will fall into place. Always thankful!!

2yr green card expired 1/31/2020

I-751 Timeline

12/07/2019 - Mail packet
12/10/2019 - Received
12/16/2019 - Check cashed
12/20/2019 - 18mths extension letter received
03/06/2020 - Biometric notice for 3/25/2020 (could not attend due to lockdown)
05/13/2020 - Decision to reuse my fingerprint from the first green card application.
10/16/2020 - Tried to do case inquiry online (didn't allow me to, said my case wasn't outside normal processing time).
11/03/2020 @7:35pm - Election day lol case update to card is being produced.

11/03/2020 @7:36pm - download form to apply for citizenship, seriously I already download and read through the instructions and the form. Gonna print and complete first draft. Goal to send in application by end of next week if not before.

I check here alot for updates on all your cases, keep praying and keep sharing. Pointer - don't just wait for a decision and stress, stay busy with work or studying. Be organized, super organized and detailed when you send in your application. You are up next........Good luck!
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Made a mistake on I-90 application
Hello everyone,
I need your advice. I totally made a mistake on my dad's application. For the part "Location where you applied for your immigrant visa or adjustment of status" I had put USCIS and field office. I should have put US Embassy and the location right? Do you guys think I can use the email online to correct the error?
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ROC application
Hi All,

I little bet worried i was submitted my ROC application last July 13,2020 in Lewisville Texas got on the same month i got the extension letter and my status was update informing that my Case was received .. since then i didn’t get any update status by the way my green card was expired last sept 28,2020’s almost 4 months since i submitted but didn’t received any biometric letter or anything .. Is there anyone some status as mine? please share
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I-751 Removal of Conditions in California
Hello everyone! I wanted to share my timeline and see if there is anyone else from California who could share their experience.
I am from Los Angeles and my service center is in California.

7/30/2020 Complete package mailed
8/5/2020 Check cashed
I received the I-797 Notice of Action in the mail around mid-August, dated 8/4/2020

There has been no update since then. It is my understanding that we don't have to be summoned for biometrics due to COVID.

Any guidance on what the current waiting time is? I heard from some sources that it is around 12-16 months.
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i-751 remove conditions additional evidence
H, I just saw online my case status changed to request for additional evidence. If know anybody knows what type of documents they will ask for? Thanks in advance.
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Green card expired
Hello everyone,
My dad's GC 10 years got expired this year and just applied his renewal in September. He was supposed to retire and applied his social security retirement but they need unexpired GC. My question is that is there a way he can get an extension while his application is in process? .
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i751 sent to Lockbox AZ
Hello All,
My application was delivered to lockbox AZ on the 9th of Oct. The check has not been cashed yet. Also, no notification as of yet. It is almost 2 weeks now. Is this normal or shall i be concerned. Please share your experience.

Hope you'll are staying safe & well!!
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I-751 removal of conditions question
Hi all,

I'm unsure about a question on the I-751 form, hopefully someone can help. We are trying to file this week so any help is appreciated at this time.

My wife is currently on unemployment due to the pandemic, and is currently in Brazil for a family emergency. She tried to begin the process to claim her unemployment benefits online yesterday (for last week) and our state's department of labor flagged it and she may get penalized, as if you're unemployed, you're not supposed to try and claim benefits from out of the country. For what it's worth, she was in the country for part of last week and is entitled to partial week benefits. Long story short, it's possible she will lose a week or two of unemployment benefits as well as the possibility of a small fine from the department of labor.

In regard to the fine, question 20 on the I-751 form states:

"Have you ever been arrested, detained, charged indicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance (excluding traffic regulations), or committed any crime which you were not arrested in the United States or abroad?" There are then check boxes for yes and no.

My wife has never committed a crime or anything of the like. If she even gets fined for this, would we need to disclose it? It seems like question 20 is talking about criminal matters only, including being fined for a crime. I've done the research and if she does get a fine from the department of labor, this is NOT a criminal or even civil matter. It's basically a penalty you pay to the department of labor for negligence, and the dispute exists between the unemployment claimant and the department of labor only.

Thanks in advance.

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i751 inquiring and requirement
Good morning all, I want to renew my GC i751, I need help with couple of questions. : 1. can I submit my application 4 months to expiration ? 2. Could anyone help me with list of requirement pls 3. Dose anyone know how long it would take to to get feedback from uscis? 4. Can anyone walk me through the entire process pls and lastly, MY HUSBAND is owing taxs of $7000 , I don't IRS coming after me for that pls can I file married but filling separate ? Can I submit my application online or which is advisable . Thank u all.
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Divorced Form I-751
Hello everyone,

I was hoping if someone can please tell me if i need my former spouse to sign my application form I-751. I am applying by myself and when I type her info in the application, It asks for her signature at the end. Has anyone here been through the same situation and did or did not have to leave that blank. Also, If someone can tell me the evidence for such situation, I would totally appreciate it. Please advise and thank you again.
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