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Renewing Greencard

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interview fir removal of Conditional greencard(forthsmith,ar)
sent forms and received them
uscis received 03/20/2019
09/22/2020 interview letter
10/25/2020 date of interview
me and my wife are kinda freaking out we basically have not that much evidence to provide since we more of chilll people that work and watch movies all day lol
anyone have some experience from fortsmith ,ar or in general how we should prepare ..

it would really be helpfull for both of us
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"Interview was completed" I never been to one!!
Hi everyone! I'm writing my experience around the timeline of scheduling interview. There is something confusing happening for me.

My husband is US citizen.

My green card's extension will expire in June 2021. We filed I-751 to renew my green card on 9/23/2019. Did the biometrics in December 2019. The case status was updated on 6/8/2020 for "ready to schedule an interview".

So at that point I assumed that we would get a mail with a date for an interview/a notice for wavier, and have been waiting for the mail.. As of 9/16/2020 I haven't received anything about the interview from them.

Well, the case status just now says "interview was scheduled" on 8/6/2020, and the current status that's shown at the top says "interview was completed and my case must be reviewed" "We will mail you a notice if we make a decision or take further action." This status was updated on 9/14/2020.

I'm very confused because:
1. I did not receive a notice about the interview.
2. It says the interview was completed even though I've never been to one, since the very first interview that we had when we applied for the green card.
3. Did I miss an interview? Or has it been waived??

I hope this just means that the interview was waived for me. I will call USCIS tomorrow morning and see what they have to say. If anyone has had the same experience like this, I'd appreciate it if you could share it with me! I'll update this as soon as I find out what's going on.
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Hi everyone? Pls what's going on at the potomac service center? They seem too slow compared to Vermont.
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Recently approved for Green Card
Hi all,
I was recently approved for green card. My question is when I go to DMV to renew my license , is the expiration date based on green card or I will get a 4 year license? I am based in N.J. , and I have a conditional green card.
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Removal conditions
hi yall I just received a notification that new card is being produced i applied December 20 2019,Vermont services center receipt number EAC..
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Hi All,
I applied for ROC in March of 2020. TSC received and sent I-797 And extension in April. Fingerprints applied to case in May. They used old biometric data. August 27 received alert, your case update: card is in production. August 28, there was an update your case: action taken: case approved. We sent a letter of further instructions. Received mail yesterday.. awaiting card.
State Ga: Service center Texas.
In total it took me less than four months to get and approval.
Ps. Here are a list of docs that accompanied my application:
Bank cards and banking information
Life insurance policies on my husband and myself
Joint taxes
Pictures of driver’s licenses
A few photos
Receipts for trips and pregnancy photos.

I was worried because I thought I had insufficient information, but the grace of God is always sufficient.
I also sent my paper work 2 weeks before it expired.
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Re-enter US
My father is a permanent resident, he renewed his Greencard in December of 2019. Because of personal matters he left US after he finished the biometric appointment. He is now holding his previous Greencard with a tag that indicated the Greencard is valid until end of 2020. And the renewed Greencard has been delivered to my house in May, I cannot send the card to him because I am not sure it is secure enough if I send it to him by mail. My question is does my father can using his previous Greencard to re-enter US?
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USCIS shutdown?
Hi all,

I came across this article (link below) regarding US Immigration shutdown.

"...since Congress has failed to reach a deal on a COVID-19 stimulus package, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will proceed with its furlough of about 13,400 employees, or about two-thirds of its workforce, on August 30th. The USCIS had hoped the Covid package would serve as a vehicle to approve an emergency bailout to address the agency’s budget shortfall but after two weeks of negotiations on the stimulus package, talks in Congress broke down as Democrats and the White House blamed each other for the stalemate. "

Now, I know that this will affect some people in the Immigration process. My question is how would this affect people who have their 2-year greencard and need to renew it next year so they can get their 10-year greencard?

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i751 Conditional Green Card California Service Center
Hello, I filed i751 in Feb 2019. My case is in California service center. Status is showing “Case is ready to be schedule for an interview” since May 2019. Anyone having an experince with California service center. How long is the process?
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What happens to work authorization while i 751 is pending for too long?
Hi fam!

I am needing to find an answer what would happen to my job if my GC renewal doesn't get approved in time.
I am not supposed to submit i 751 until 3 months mark from my GC expiration date, right?
But it looks like the processing time would be at lease a year and most likely way longer than 1 year.
Then, I am worried what would happen to my job during that 7 months to longer time frame of waiting for the my i 751 to be approved?

Any one who might have an insight or experience with this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you (:
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