How to Enjoy Nightlife on Family Vacations – A Complete Guide

how to enjoy nightlife on family vacations

The words nightlife and family vacation don’t always go together. Drinking and partying are pretty much forbidden territory when you’re on vacation with your family, especially if you’re bringing younger children along.

You might end up wondering why are family trips so stressful. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to enjoy nightlife despite being on a family vacation.

If you’re thinking, “How can I enjoy nightlife on my family vacation?”, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out how to enjoy nightlife on family vacations.

How to Enjoy Nightlife on Family Vacations – What to Do When Traveling With Small Children

Taking frequent family vacations is proven to be good for the mental and physical health of children. The stimulating environment is supposed to increase your kids’ IQ.

However, ending up searching for ‘kid-friendly vacations near me’ every time isn’t fun. Every parent wants some alone time with their significant other during vacation. That’s not an easy feat when you’re responsible for your offspring. But, there are some measures you can take to sneak away.

Find Hotels with a Kids’ Club

When searching for the best places for a large family vacation, don’t forget to choose a hotel with a kids’ club. All hoteliers are familiar with the plight of parents having to give up on a night out in order to take care of their children. That’s why many hotels have kids’ clubs that will look after of your children for an additional fee. Think of it as a daycare during vacation.

Most operate a few hours into the night, so you’ll have just enough time to have a drink or two.

You don’t need to struggle with parental guilt, because the club will keep your kids entertained. With your permission, some clubs may even take children on field trips to see the sights. Your children may enjoy the trip more at the kids’ club since they’ll be with kids of their own age.

The kids’ club may close down at night. If it does, see if you can hire some of the attendants to take care of your children for the night. Be sure to properly vet anyone before you entrust them to look after your children for an evening.

Take Grandparents on the Vacation

Most grandparents are dying to spend quality time with their grandkids. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of your parents for this. Take them with you on your vacations, so you’ll always have a trusted adult to take care of the kids.

You can spend the waking hours with your children and parents doing whatever activity you’ve planned. Then, when it’s time to hit the club, hand off the children to their grandparents. However, ensure you give your parents some time off on the family vacation as well.

Take a Nanny or Babysitter Along

Many vacation cities have babysitting services so parents can get a break. But, the problem here is that the babysitter will be a stranger.

Instead of hiring strangers, you can take your regular nanny along on the trip with you. It’s a win-win situation for all parties. The nanny gets to experience a new city, and you get to experience a trip without having to worry about your children as much.

Because you are paying for the service, you won’t have to feel guilty about ruining someone else’s vacation.

Travel with Friends Who Have Kids

The prospect of traveling with friends may seem impossible after having kids, but doing so is a good way to get some time away during vacation.

Make sure the friends you invite also have children, so that your children have company as well. Then, one couple can take turns babysitting for the other. But, make it a point to keep the switch-off fair.

Book a Suite (Or At Least a Room with a Balcony)

Sometimes, there’s just no way to leave your kids and get alone time. When this happens, even a small balcony could be your savior.

Most hotels don’t allow kids to be left alone in the room. Getting a suite is a perfect loophole around this. Once your children go to sleep, you and your significant other can escape into the other room for some alone time.

If you can’t go to the nightclub, bring the nightclub to you. Remember to not be too loud though; you don’t want the kids to wake up.

Go To a Family Resort

The people who run family hotels understand the needs of parents. They know you need child-free time. Because of that, they have specific programs that allow parents to sneak away from their children.

Many family hotels have room service and other arrangements specifically for parents. These packages include premium wines and a selection of snacks. You can text room service to bring it to you once your children go to sleep.

You can also book in-room spa services at some hotels. This is another good way to relax after your children go to sleep.

How to Enjoy Nightlife on Family Vacations – What to Do When Traveling With Teenagers

When your children are a bit older, you can trust that they can fend for themselves. So, you can arm them with a GPS-tracked cellphone and send them on their way to safe locations.

Go On a Cruise

A cruise is the best way to keep your partying and kids all under one roof. Most family cruises have an established kids’ club and nighttime activities and offer family vacation packages. This gives the adults a well-needed break from parental duties.

As big as it is, your kids can’t get too far on a cruise ship. So, you can indulge in activities with your vacation partner without constant stress and panic about your children. If you want to plan a cruise your children are likely to really enjoy, consider booking a Disney Cruise.

Go To a Hotel with Arcades and Other Amenities

Most teenagers are dying to get away from their parents on vacation. All they need is a way to keep themselves occupied and they’ll be out of your hair.

When booking your hotel, try to find one with a theatre or other amenities aimed at teenagers. They will likely find kids their own age there. This way, they can keep themselves occupied, and you won’t have to worry about your child’s wellbeing.

Just remember to slip the concierge a tip so they can keep an eye on your children.

How to Enjoy Nightlife on Family Vacations – What to Do When Traveling With Your Parents as an Adult

The time has passed for your parents to sneak away from you on vacation. It’s now your turn, and you’ll realize how hard your parents had it.

On one side, you’re excited to have private time with your spouse. On the other, you feel guilty about leaving your parents alone during a family vacation. But, try not to worry too much. You can sign them up for activities to keep them occupied.

Send Them to a Local Show

Most tourist places have shows and concerts being performed constantly. Buy tickets for your parents to attend. Since it is a sit-down activity, it won’t be too tiring. If your parents are interested in performing arts, this is a great activity for them.

Make sure the venue is close to your hotel. If not, make arrangements for transportation. 

Arrange a Dinner Date for Them

Whenever you and your significant other are planning a night out, arrange a private dinner for your parents too.

If they are the adventurous type, have them try the local cuisine. If not, the hotel’s restaurant will cater to them.

As much as family vacations are supposed to be spent as a family, it isn’t a crime to have some alone time. Don’t feel guilty when you and your partner slip away.

Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

Now you know how to enjoy nightlife on family vacations. Before we finish, one last piece of advice: Whenever you’re traveling, risks are present. During a family vacation, those risks are multiplied. Each additional person means one more bag that could get lost, one more chance for a sickness or injury, and one more unhappy passenger to contend with in case of a cancellation or delay.

This is why it’s critically important to purchase travel insurance before your family trip abroad. It can provide coverage for the aforementioned scenarios, plus many other benefits, depending on the plan you choose.

The best place to find the perfect travel insurance plan for your family vacation is at Insubuy. You can view and compare a variety of plans, purchase right from the website, and get expert advice and support from trained professionals.

A family trip can be the adventure of a lifetime, so be sure you take all the steps necessary to protect your investment.

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