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Query for L2 Visa
I have applied for L1B visa and my wife has applied for L2 Visa. My wife is currently not working due to health issues, but when in US, she would want to work once she recovers and if the EAD goes through.

During the visa interview, if the VO asks her whether she would work in US, what is the best answer to give?
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L1A extension approved on second attempt- Received endorsed I-129s and not I-797
My company applied for my L1A extension and it was denied in May 2019. Since my i-94 was expiring i returned to India. They reapplied and got it approved in September 2019. I am going for my visa stamping to the US consulate. But the attorneys only received approved and endorsed I-129s and not i-797 from USCIS and my going for my visa interview only with this endorsed I-129s. Is this an issue?
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L1A for engineer designation
Hello Everyone,

Thanks to everyone for this really helpful forum.

My company is in process of applying my L1 blanket Visa. My current title is Staff SW Engineer and will be the same in US also. The job grade is actually Manager. Based my discussion with the assigned attorney, they are suggesting to go ahead with L1A visa as per the nature of my duties and the job description which actually suggests that I am going to essentially manage a function. I do have a team which I manage from technical delivery standpoint but they don't directly report to me.

Would my job title cause any problem in applying for L1A Visa?

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L1A Steps after petition approval
My L1A individual petition just got approved. I have checked on USCIS site however, my lawyer has yet to receive the mail (they have received the email confirmation).

May I know what are the next steps, I understand I need to fill the DS 160 form. But do I need to wait for physical mail that my lawyer will get or shall I submit DS 160 and set the appointment?

many thanks in advance.
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L1A Blanket Approved @ Chennai
Profile: 7.5 years of Work ex (1.5 years with current employer - Indian IT Services Company). Engg + MBA.
Background: B1 rejection in Jan 2019. Got married in Feb 2019. Spouse in US on H1B.

Interview on 15th Oct 2019 at Chennai. 8:30AM slot.

Me: Good Morning Officer!
VO: Give me the docs

VO: Which company do you work for?
Me: I am working for ZZZ

VO: Which client?
Me: xxx

VO: Do you have a client letter?
Me: No. I will be working on managerial role. I will be based out of our office

VO: Designation of your manager?
Me: Director

VO: Your manager's manager?

VO: Location?

VO: Salary?
Me: Total yyy with xx as based and yy as variable

VO: Your designation?
Me: Account Manager

VO: Direct & Indirect Reports?
Me: x direct and yy indirect spread across India and US

VO: Day-to-day activities?
Me: (lengthiest answer in the whole interview) she let me complete all the 6 points I had prepared

VO: Do you have dependents?
Me: Yes. My wife is in US on H1B

VO: Kids?
Me: No

She was typing something on computer for 2 mins. then she said you visa is approved. and handed over 2 copies of sealed I129S.

My 2 cents: going through experiences mentioned in the forum proved to be really helpful. there are probably 20-30 standard set of questions for L1A. Don't think VO will deviate from that. All the best!
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L1B Blanket approved
I went with my family . Below is the conversation :

Me: Good Morning officer
VO : A very good morning

VO: Are you working for xxx company ?
Me: Yes

VO: How long have you been working for this company ?
Me: 5 years

VO: Which state/city are you traveling to ?
Me : California

VO: What is you designation in the US ?
Me: Told my designation ( it's Software Developer )

VO: What is your offered salary in the US ?
Me: It's xxx$ base salary and y% annual bonus

VO: What's your specialization ?
Me: I have gained expertise in proprietary tools like yyy

VO: What's your proposed role in the US ?
Me: Told about the proposed role

VO: Visa is approved and gave me approved copies of I-129 and keeps the passports with her
Overall the experience was good and the officer was friendly

TIme line for passport:

Interview : 10th October
Status changed to 'Administrative Processing' on 10th October
Status changed to 'Issued' on 15th October
Passport ready for pickup on 16th October
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L1 extension - USCIS or India consulate?
Hi Everyone,

My husband's L1 visa expires in May 2020 and the lawyers are suggesting we apply for extension in India vs through USCIS. We anyways need to travel to India in February for my brother's wedding. I wanted to check with others if they've been through this before and found it was a good decision to apply in India?

- The initial stamping was done in Chennai. Do we need to apply to the same consulate or can apply to any other (Hyderabad/Delhi)?
- How long does it take from interview to get the passport back (assuming everything goes well) - trying to decide what should be the minimum duration of stay?
- We have 2 kids-5 and 2 on L2 which will also need to be updated. Should we take kids along for the interview?
- Worse case, if extension is denied there, would it still be ok for us to come back to US and appeal here?
- Are there any restrictions on which airlines we can use for traveling given the US visa would be valid for only 2 more months when we travel.

Any guidance you can provide will be great. Thanks!
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L1B Not Clearly Approvable - Chennai

Appreciate the efforts of all the contributes in this forum, this helps. I had a L1B interview this week.
Here is the conversation between self and VO, Please advice what could have lead to denial

Me : Good morning with smile.

VO : Good Morning, Documents please, L1A or B.
Me : It is for L1B.
VO: Have you visited US before ?
Me : No ???
VO: Which company are you working in?
Me : xyz

VO: How many years are you working in xyz?
Me : 16 years

VO : Who is going to be your Client ?
Me : abc
VO : How long are you working for this client abc?
Me: 6 years

VO : what will be your salary?
me : ???K$ per annum

VO: Which City will you be working?
Me : DEF city

VO :Why did they choose you?
Me : explained the tool that i developed and the niche why me(VO was typing as i was talking)

VO :Is this going to be used for only this client?
VO took out a blue slip, rounded the point “Not clearly approvable under Section 8 CFR 214.2 (I)(ii)(B),(C), or (D), or INA 101(a) (15)(L)”. Stamped “Not clearly approvable”

VO : Sorry your application is not clearly approvable. Please speak with your HR.
me : thanks
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L1B Blanket India, Issue in submitting DS-160
Hi ,

While filling up the information in the Security/Background Part 3 of the Form DS-160, running into a technical issue. The option selected in the security/background for the two questions shown below goes off automatically.
After selecting the option “NO”, I had saved it successfully. However, when I retrieve the application again the next time, I can see that the selection goes off automatically. Also, the two questions in the Security/Background Part 3 do not get reflected in the Preview.

I discussed with my attorney, she said submit as it is as it was not showing any error message but I don't want to furnish an incomplete form.

Has anyone ever encountered such issue, if yes how to resolve? Is there any support so that I can report my issue.

Please help.
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Mumbai consulate available visa interview date
We are Indian citizens living in Canada, looking for L1A visa appointment. Unfortunately, in Canada there is no opening till January 2020 for non-Canadian citizens; and we already paid fees. We will have to pay the entire fees again to see what is the date availability in Mumbai. If anyone is currently looking to take / have taken interview appointments in Mumbai, and can let us know the availability there; it is much appreciated! We can then decide if we need to pay again and travel to India to get an earlier date. Our son has already missed so many months school with petition process and now, another 3 months for lack of date - the school year is passing by :(
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