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L1 Blanket after denial of Extension
Hi Team,

I have completed 3 years on my L1B and then got denial for extension (In August). Now I am in India and applying for L1 blanket again. I have couple of questions.

1- Is VO going to ask me anything related to my extension denial? or he won't have any clue about my recent extension denial?
2- If he could see that I got denied 3 months back would that raise any concern (looking for experience from someone who faced this situation)?
3- As my client is desperate that i should be back ASAP. If i get any letter from client that shows gravity of situation. would it help?
4- What are my chances here? and what kind of preparation I should do?

Thanks to all in advance :)

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L1B Extension: Question regarding Job title change
Hi Team,

I need your expert advise on following concern.

I am appearing for L1B individual extension interview next week. My job title has recently (few months back) changed from X to Y, with no impact to work location, pay, compensation, or job responsibilities. My I-129S (which i am taking to interview) shows Job title as X but my current Job title is Y. What should i mention to VO when asked for the title?

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L1A Blanket Visa Approved
I would like to share my experience as this forum helped me prepare well in advance. Kind of late post.

Will begin with thanks to this forum and everyone who has shared their experience.

I will skip all other details about documentations as its being already shared here.

Biometrics - 11Oct 2019 - We can schedule Biometrics on nearest consulate even if it is for Blanket petition. Mine was in Mumbai. My appointment was at 11:45 AM, I reached at 10:30 AM, I just went to the gate and they allowed me to enter and I was out by 11 AM. So you can go inside even if you are early, there is no such rush in morning for Biometrics.

Visa Interview - 17th Oct 2019 , 8:45 AM. Be on time, Dont go early as entry will be allowed on 15 minutes before. I reached at 8:40 and went straight into the building. Be sure to take all Photo Copies/Prints of documents. There are hardly any PhotoCopy shops nearby.

VIsa Interview Questions

Who is your petitioner ?
What they do ?
Whats your salary in US ?
Whats your office location ?
Whats your current Title ?
How many reportee currently ?
Whats yous current roles and responsibilities?
How you are involved in taking business decisions ?

It was really nervous till the time we heard " YOUR VISA IS APPROVED". Be calm and focus on your answers.

Thanks again and All The Best for everyone.
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L1b individual stamping interview
My L1b individual petition was recently approved.

Original filing: Aug 5
RFE received: Aug 16
RFE responded: Oct 16
Petition Approved: Oct 28

1. By when I can expect the I-797 hard copy to be mailed to my lawyers?
2. Do I need a physical original copy of the I-797 or a scanned color copy of the same will work for the interview at the Mumbai consulate?

Thanks for the inputs in advance.
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L1b extension approved in ottawa
Appointment: Oct 23.

Interview: 7.30 appointment, reached by 7.10, how ever securities will allow inside sharp 7.30 by verifying your DS160 and appointment.

inside again they will verify your DS 160, appointment and passport Canada visitor visa.

Next Airport style check but no need to remove shoes :). No electronic items, you can keep mobile but need to switched off. they will keep watch, hotel key like small items. but don't carry many things.

Next Fee counter, they collect all the 3 sets of petitions, checks and will provide receipts.

also validated the petition with passports and scanned photos asked few qns.

Next Interview, Started with cancelling existing visa (heart beat went heavy). then qns.


You are working with this YYYY XX company?
How long you are working with this company?
You came here for extension?
This is whole family?
All you are in visitor visa?
whats your specialization?
day to day activity?
how differ than existing one availble?
So you work the client?

qns to wife

Mam, you are working now?

your Visa is approved, you can collect passport in five working days, you can track the status using this sheet.
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L1A Individual Petition Fee
Hi All,

I see that a fee has to be paid at counsellor office before interview and many termed it Fraud Prevention fee.

Is this something to be paid twice?

I mean we pay following fee at the time of application which includes the Fraud Prevention fee.

1. $460 I129 filing fee;
2. $500 Fraud Prevention and Detection fee;

Thanks for inputs in advance.

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L1A Individual Docs
For a consular interview, I understand I need to carry standard certificates, bank statement, DS 160, appointment confirmations, etc

Do I need to carry whole I 129? Its 1000 pages :)

Do I need to carry original 797 or a printed scanned copy will be ok? (My original is in the mail and may not arrive before the interview).
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L1B Visa Chennai (and L2 Visa) Approved
Thank you everyone here for posting the experiences. They were very helpful. Sharing my experience:

A day before the interview: After reading the experiences here, I took the tip and decided to write down the answers on a paper and it actually helped. I would recommend doing this activity atleast a week early, although I did it a day before.

IMPORTANT POINT: During interview, keep your points short and know when to stop. The VOs maintain straight face the entire time and my VO did not even nod. Hence, for one of the questions, I spoke more than what I should have (that's what my wife told me :D). So stick to the important points only and stop as soon as you have stated 2-3 points (if the VO has not interrupted). The more you explain, the more difficult it gets for you to stick to the points and you may end up saying things you have not prepared for and the VO can grill you on that.

Read all the L1B experiences on this forum to understand the process. Nothing different for biometric and the visa processing fee than the other experiences. Sorting the documents before going for appointment can save some time, but at that point, time is the least of your concern. You would be down with nervousness anyway and won't mind people going ahead of you!

I paid by cash since I did not want to take a chance of the card blocking the transaction(since it is in USD). I had already informed my bank of the upcoming transaction, but chose to pay by cash anyway. One less thing to worry about.

While in the queue for actual intervew, we observed some people getting rejected and others getting accepted. Don't think too much about it. You can't choose the counter you can go to, so just accept the fate and stay calm.

About me: I work for a product company. Salary is north of 140K. I have B1 visa already but have not travelled.

Me: Good morning, Officer!
VO: Good morning, can you handover the docs?

**handed over the docs**
VO: Where do you work?
Me: Told

VO: Where will you be working?
Me: **, ** (city and state)

VO: What is your salary in USD?
Me: "xyz dollars. <pause>This is the offered salary". (She did not mention current or offered. I had a confusion for a split second and hence I told "Offered salary" after a small pause)

VO: How long have you be working with you current company?
Me: 2 Years 3 Months

VO: What is your specializatoin?
Me: (At this point of time, i forgot everything I had prepared due to nervousness. And I started giving an impromptu answer). My answer included the term "Distributed systems"

VO: What is distributed systems?
Me: Told
(Note: Frankly, although I can explain what distributed systems is, my immediate worry was to keep it as simple as possible. I started explaining making sure I don't fumble. One trick is to slow down your pace of talking and take time to think and at the same time ensuring that there are no long pauses. Also, don't repeat your sentences. When you think you have spoken enough, stop! On this answer, I kept on going because I thought I had to explain the entire concept of Distributed Systems :D They just want to know you are not bull **** , so stay concise and again, STOP WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE EXPLAINED ENOUGH.

VO: What do you do with distributed systems?
Me: (I was slightly confused at this point. I thought I did a good job on the last answer) This time, I picked an example to explain. As I said about 1-2 lines, she interrupted.

VO: What do YOU do with distributed systems? (This time she emphaized on "YOU")
ME:(That's when it stuck me) Explained my role with distributed systems. This answer was also impromptu since I had prepared for "what is your role?" but not for "What is your role with distributed systems?"

After this, there was a long long pause. She was typing something. And then she goes ahead and stamps the forms. and she says "Your visa is approved...."

She did not ask my wife a single question!

1) Prepare the bullet points for your current role, specialization and future role and make sure you are not faking anything. Had I not been working on Distributed Systems and had I just faked it, I would have been **** bricks when she grilled me on that topic.

2) When you don't understand the question, say sorry and ask again. Don't assume the question and end up giving wrong answer.

3) Look for follow up questions when you write down the bullet points during your preparation and prepare for those questions as well.

4) Your DS-160(and support letter) is like a resume and they can ask you anything on that. So you need to be well aware of the things you have mentioned, even if you have not prepared for them before hand. In my case, although I had not formally prepared for question on Distributed Systems, i could answer everything since i actually work on it. So put only those things you are specialized in

5) Don't fumble and don't complicate things. Speak slow when you are giving an impromptu answer. This buys you some time to think about what you are saying.

Again, a lot of it depends on luck. All you can do is prepare well. There are good chances that you might forget or you might not be abe to state things correctly. As long as you have stated the truth on your documents, you should be able to give convincing answers.

All the best!

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L1B Blanket Approved
I have learnt from the experiences shared here and would like to share mine hoping that somebody will benefit from this.


Do not overdo while preparing.
Treat it as a job interview and keep your answers ready.
You get a few minutes to present your case, make sure to practice well before appearing for the interview.
Keep it simple.

Visa Day:

Do not reach too early as you will not be allowed to enter before the scheduled time.
> I reached about 45 minutes before my scheduled time. It was quite hot and I had to listen to some unnecessary conversations around rejections.

Make sure to carry a DD with correct details.
> The guy next to me in the queue had missed an important detail in his DD and he was allowed to submit the same after hundreds of requests. Another guy was sent back as his CC did not work. Opt for DD instead of CC as it is safer/easier.

Try not to listen to others’ interviews.
> I overheard a lot of rejections which made me nervous while waiting for my turn. It’s better to concentrate on your pitch while waiting for your turn.


VO: How long have you been working with xyz?
Me: I have been working with xyz for X yrs Y months. (It’s a top product company)

VO: What do you do and what will you be doing?
Me. Started with my pitch however the VO intervened after 3-4 sentences.

VO: Salary in US?
Me: $abc and pq % Variable

VO: Designation and Location in US?
Me: Told the designation and location.

VO: Will you be working at a client location?
Me: Said that I’ll be working at a company branch in qwe state.

VO: Your Visa is clearly approved! You will get the passport back in 3-5 days.
Me: That’s a great news. Thank you.
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L1A Blanket approved Chennai
Hi Everyone,
Thanks a lot to everyone who shared their experience in this forum. It is very helpful. Even I got benefited from this forum. And want to share my experience too so that it can be helpful to others.

I went with my wife and 1 kid at 10:00 AM on 24th Oct. 2019. I will directly jump on the questions which was asked.

VO: How long have you been working with your petitioner?
ME: XX years and YY months

VO: What your petitioner does?
ME: Explained briefly about my company in 2 to 3 lines.

VO: Officer saw my wife and asked, are you working?
My Wife: No, I am not working.

VO: Where is your petitioner based out of in US?
ME: ABC City in XYZ state

VO: What would be your expected salary?
ME: YYYY thousand dollar per annum plus YY bonus

VO: What's your designation in US?
ME: Told my designation

VO: What are you going to do there?
ME: I had prepared 6 to 7 lines which I updated in my DS 160 form but after completing 3 lines, VO said OK and moved on to another question.

VO: How many direct employees in US?
ME: XX direct in US (I did not mention anything about indirect, then VO asked about Indirect)

VO: How many Indirect?
ME: XX indirect spread across globally.

VO: What are their designations?
ME: Explained the different designations as per my org chart team.

VO: Do you have hire and fire authority?
ME: Yes

After this, VO officer started stamping on my 3 sets of I-129S forms and then told that my visa is approved.
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