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L1 got approved; waiting for the passports
I went for L1B (Indiavidual)on 12th Feb along with my wife and daughter. Surprisingly no rush at Chennai. We were allowed to go before 30 minutes. As we had kid with us we were given priority at each counter.

Questions were simple only. He asked about
- My current role and what I will be doing in US
- About the client and project

This site is very helpful and gave me good confidence. My B1 was rejected 2 years back but I went thru this website when I was going for B2 second time and it helped me a lot. This time too I prepared all the question/answers from this website.

My only fear was we don't have marriage photographs and marriage registration. But luckly no questions on that front.

Wish you good luck to all.

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H1B on Jan 18 - 2007
I have attended the interview on Jan 18th.

They asked me:
1. US company employee wages report.
2. US Employee List
3. r u going to work in client place or company itself.
3. Client Acceptance Letter and
4. Degree Certificates

Subba Rao.
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January 18th - L1 Blanket
First i need to thank this site, which provides me immense input and to prepare for my PAI.
Mine is L1 Blanket visa type. My visa appointment date was January 18th at 12:00.
I was well in advance and stand in queue at 11:00. But i came to know that there no need to be so early because they allow candidates based only on their time slots. If you come 15 minutes in advance that is more than enough.

It was overcrowded and environment was so tense. After scrutinising my BEP document i was asked to another block where the interview takes.

Since for the L1B class all the verification takes place only on PAI date, it took more time to get our documents back.

I was guided to stand in one long queue to take my finger prints. I was clearly instructed from my company to take care of my both finger until the interview, because if a small peel in the finger they will reschedule our interview date.

Once i gave my finger prints i was asked to stand in another queue where the interview takes place.

In my case VO is very cool person. He asks me few questions like

1. How long your working in the current company?
2. What is a tenure of a project
3. What is your project? Why your company selected you to travel?
(He was very specific in this question, It took long time for me to convince him for this. For candidates appearing in blanket class need to possess some specific skill. It is always better to show some certification on what ever you have)

Finally he told that golden word 'Your visa has been approved, We will courier your passport to your office'

This is a quiete different experience in my professional life, Only technique to get through is Be cool, be smart on your answers.

All the very best!!!!!!!!!!
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Regd. L1B Interview

This is Shravan from Hyderabad. I am planning to go to Chennai Consulate in February for L1B stamping.

I was previously rejected student visa to UK in 2004 and my passport has a stamp (which has date and signature) in the second last page of my passport...

Will that effect in getting my L1B??? Please help...

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L1 Visa appointment on Jan11th
My appointment was at 2pm and joined the queue at 1.30pm.

After the finger prints has been taken,i was asked to stand in one Q for interview.Later they asked me to proceed to counter No:7.

The VO in this counter is in very serious mood and even don't have a smile in his face.

After the initial greetings,he has asked me the below questions.

1)What is ur role in present organization and US?
2)How long you have been with present organization?
3)What is the Onsite project description?
4)Asked for my offer letter/exp letter in present company?
5)He has verified my petition,covering letter...etc

So don't forget to take all the documents that supporting and relating you to the present organization.

All the best for future applicants.
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L1-B Visa
Hai all ….

First of all I would like to thank this website for all the valuable information it has provided.

I faced very few simple questions.

VO: What is your highest educational qualification?
Me: Bachellor of Computer Applications
VO: How long you are working with your current company?
Me: 2 years 4 months as Oracle DBA
VO: How long as Oracle DBA?
Me: 19 Months
VO: Where are u going to work in USA?
Me: In our Vienna office as Oracle DBA.
VO: Your visa has been approvied. You can go home.
Me: Thank you and Have a nice day.

All the Best.
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L1A approval
I had a very pleasant experience at Chennai U.S. Consulate this month (on 14 dec) when I went for my L1 stamping.

A brief history about me.. i have a 221(g) for b1 two years back and two 221(g) for h1 in last year from a different company.
this time it was for l1 so it was very crucial for me.

I reached there 45 mins before the appointment but they didnt allow to stand in the queue till 15 mins before the time.. it was a big line and took 45 mins to reach inside . once inside (after passport verification).

After all the formalities, I got my chance at the glass clounter.
The interviewer was very much into her work.

Me - Hi
VO- How long you have been with *** Company.
Me- one and half year.
VO- Which skills you are working
Me - No skills i am working in sales team as manager
VO- since when in this role.
Me - from day one
VO- who are the client.
Me - abc, xyz, rattled around 10 names in quick succession who i have been working on.
VO did a lot of typing and searching on her pc.. did some scribble on the sheet and gave me my docs back; i was terrified.
VO- Your visa has been approved your passport will be mailed to your office.
Me a bit surprised and shocked
Me - Thanks and have a nice day.

That was all!! It took just 2 mins at the counter.

In all, from reaching the consulate and coming out of the consulate, it took me around 2 hours max

To summarize, it was a very pleasant experience for me.
Thanks immihelp and all posters.
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L1/L2 Visa Interview - Chennai
Hi All,
I had a very pleassant at Chennai U.S. Consulate last month (Nov'2006) when I went with family for L1 & L2 visas.

I reached there 10 mins before the appointment and did not have to stand in the queue. Went straight inside (after passport verification). I had a baby & they allowed baby food & water (asked me take a gulp of water).

After all the formalities, I got my chance at the glass clounter (actually its' bad - they should have box counters like in Kolkata). The interviewer was very friendly and just asked me "why are you going to U.S." which I replied suitably giving special focus on my specialized skills - software (L1B main parameter is 'specialized skills').
Then he asked for the marraige certificate & my kid's birth certificate. That was all!! It took just 3-5 mins at the counter.

In all, from reaching the consulate and coming out of the consulate, it took exactly 1hr 5 mins. It was logging the time to see.

To summarize, it was a very pleasant experience for family & I.

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L1B interview exp of stammered guy

Mine is entirely different case. I have little bit stammering. It will become worst in front of new people. My B1 visa was refused last year with section 214(b).This time my company applied for L1B individual on premium basis.

This time I have decided at any cost I have to get visa.So I have listed down all my –ve points. First thing is to reduce stammering.I have purchased “Comprehensive stammering therapy” ebook.With help of this book I have reduced my stammering drastically.

Second thing is ..i have collected all questions from this wonderful site immihelp.and I have written answers which suites to my project.

I have just feed 3 points 2 my brain while I was in the consulate.I think this will be useful to all.
1)give always positive signals to brain.
2)Smile …(Keep on smiling).This will relax ur total body and ur that u can concentrate more on the anwers.
3)Listen to VO questions carefully .Once u understand question then only give the answer. If not ask him again
4)speak slowly and that people will follow U.
5)maintain eye contact.
All these are really helped while answering questions.

VO asked me all this q’s. which place u r going?
                        about client?
                        how many employess along with u r working in the onsite?
                         who is manager?
                         Where he sits?
                         What is the naure of the project?
Initially I had stammered for 2 ,3 words .After that I answered the clearly.He has approved my VISA.

I know L1B individual is easy to get. For a guy who has stammering and failed last year in getting VISA.. That is difficult task…

Thanks to CHENNAI USA CONSULATE .. Becaz of their first time rejection only I have overcome 20 years my stammering..
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I Would like to share my experience in the US consulate,chennai.L1-B blanket is no more a cake walk going by the nature of questions that are being asked. At one point of time I was skeptical about my visa getting stamped,this is my second pa ,earlier I had got my blanket petetion stamped very easily


1) since how long you are with this company
-- months
2)why did your company choose you ??
Iam a skilled proffessional and i have been trained in specific company tools,which I would be using at my clients place.

3) what do you do there?
4)how would you use these tools and what are the tools
5)why cant you train clients with these tools
im have been trained by company and iam not authorized to do so ...
5)when did you come back from US?
6)are you going to the same project
no ,different project

your visa got approved,,

basically you need to convince him that you are a
skilled proffesional you need to be confident,cool while answering hIS questions,
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