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Exp on L1 Blamket with spouse

I have my interniew on may04 it was a blanket case with spouse for l2.

The interview was very simple and smmoth -
My self- Hi , Good Afternoon
Vo-how long have u worked with XYZ company
Myself- 16 months
VO-how long has it been that u have got married
myself-1 year
Vo- Give me ur marriage cert
myself-Showed it
VO-what are doing these 16 months for this XYZ company
myself- i work for xyz client...lah blah blah
Vo- Ur visa has been approved

There were no question asked for spouse
My interview was really cool and somple i hough it would be though but remember ot keep a good smile on ur face and talk confidently
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Fuss about B1 VISA
Last year, myself along with 2 other couligues appeared for B1 VISAs.
Everything went fine and all of us got VISA stamped by evening.
At the time of interview, we told embessay that we are going for 7 weeks (as guided by our office staff who deals in VISA processing for employees). The same was also mentioned in the invitation letter presented at the time of interview.
Later on the requirement changed and all of us were supposed to stay for 80 days. Our client sent updated invitation letter.
When one of our couligue started before us, he was questioned at port of entry about the number days he will be spending in US. He showed updated invitation letter. On this, they became doubtful about the purpose of his visit. They were about to deport him, but some how he managed to convince them and finally he got stamping for 45 days only.
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My Exp on LI-Blanket visa interview
  This site is really good one. I prepared for my interview using this site and got visa approved in the first attempt. So thought could share my exp on this.
Try to go earlier than your slot.

Some of the question i was asked are,

1. What type of Visa (L1/B or L1/A) - Specialised Knowledge Proff or manager?

2. Explanation abt Client and Business.

3. Explain abt Project.

4. The role in the project in Offshore and Onsite.

5. Duration of the Project.

Be relaxed. All of them in the US counslate are very helpful. Jus be prepared for the above qtns and the visa is yours...

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L1B Blanket visa got stamped

First i have to say thanks to this site. this site gave me a lot of confidence.

My PAI was on 24th April on chennai. and the interview was for around 10 minutes.

The questions were simple only.

1. about client
2. about project,
3. then why u are going why cant people in onsite cant do.
4. what are ur specialized skills
5. hw long are u with the company,
6. hw long u are working in this project
7. what u will do in onsite
8. why cant do the work in offshore, why need to go for onsite.
9. what is your educational qualification.
10. who is your onsite supervisor and he is working for which company?
11. whether u will work in client place.
12. which place you are going.

wish you good luck to all.

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I had PA for L1 B blanket and turned down with 221g.
I would like to know whether the visa officer would ask for 221 g next time when i go for PA??
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L1B -After 2 B-1 rejections and a 221g

Thanks all for sharing your experience .....this has been a great deal and an useful link...i am sure you all agree this...

My Business visasa were rejected during November 2005 and March 2006 .....i then appeared on a L1-B last november as i had to stay and work for about a year in US...this time also i was given 221g ...Additional administrative processing...i didn't loose my hope...looks they have done a back ground on me and my company...records were neat and clean ...and i got my L1-B for 2 yrs in March 2007...i am in US now...sometimes the consulate deals cases very strigently that can lead to frustration and disturbs all our plans long as you are clear and confident no one can stop you ..just learn to be patient...everything is for good of luck...
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is experience ceritificate required from previous employer for L1B

Can any one telll me whether L1B processing requires previous employer ceritificates. If you dont have the previous employmnet certificate is there any alternative..whether the present employer can do any thing to help on this matter?
pls reply me..

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L1-B: Successfull stamping at Chennai consulate
Hi Guys,
       First I would like to say many many thanks for the moderator of this site. This site gave me lot of confidence.

In my case, my B1 was rejected 4 months back and this time i went for L1-B.

there was a young american lady at the counter:
After we greeted each other, she started questions:

1.Is ur B1-VISA got rejected last year? (I was totally upset since this was my very first question.)I said yes and kept quiet.

2. Wt is the purpose of ur trip?
going to work for project named 'ZZZ'
3. wt is the special skills do u have?
Told my spl skills
4.explain the project?
blah ... blah... blah...
5.tell abt ur client?
blah ... blah... blah...

after that the golden words 'Your VISA has been approved. You will be getting your passport in coupla of days'.

I thanked her and left the place.

Some important things i noticed:
1. Be well prepared
2. Listen the question first and then start answering.
3. Be specific and smart on your answers.
4. Dont get nervous.

Wish you all the best guys!!!
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L1 individual visa successful delhi consulate
Hi guys!!
   i went for a L1 b individual visa.The interview lasted for less than 3 minutes.After all the security process i was asked to stand in a priority line(its for BEP)then when my turn came long are you working for this comany? this an internal transfer?
3.what is your salary abroad?
4.have you ever visited USA?
thats it and done........

relax guys i felt nerves during the whole process...its quite natural so enjoy the tension.......just be confident
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L1 got approved; waiting for the passports
I went for L1B (Indiavidual)on 12th Feb along with my wife and daughter. Surprisingly no rush at Chennai. We were allowed to go before 30 minutes. As we had kid with us we were given priority at each counter.

Questions were simple only. He asked about
- My current role and what I will be doing in US
- About the client and project

This site is very helpful and gave me good confidence. My B1 was rejected 2 years back but I went thru this website when I was going for B2 second time and it helped me a lot. This time too I prepared all the question/answers from this website.

My only fear was we don't have marriage photographs and marriage registration. But luckly no questions on that front.

Wish you good luck to all.

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