New User Registration and Login for USA Visa Appointment in India

You need to register and create a profile in order to either a schedule U.S. non-immigrant or immigrant visa interview.

If you are already registered, sign in

If you have not registered earlier, click on New User? to create your profile. 

New User Registration

In order to register for India, please enter the following information: 

This must be your email address. Please enter the email address that you can readily access. 

First Name:
Last Name:

First name (given name) and last name (surname) must be entered as per the passport. Enter the name of the person who is going to attend the visa interview. If you are doing this on behalf of someone else, please do not enter your information here. 

More details

Password must be at least 8 characters long and must have a mix of letters and numbers. 

This step is to avoid spam and automated registration. This information must be entered exactly as shown. Please type two words exactly as shown. Enter first word and then enter space and then enter the second word. It is possible that the words may not be visible properly. In that case, simply click the reload button to the right of the data entry field and you will see another set of words. You can repeat that process until you can find the words that you can properly see. Please note that the words are case sensitive.

Click “Submit”.


Enter the following information in order to login: 

Username: The email address you registered with. 
Password: Your password. If you have forgotten the password, please look at the section below. 

Forgot Password?

In case you have lost or forgotten your password for logging into the web site, you can click on Forgot Your Password? link, and enter your username, which is the email address you originally registered with. You will receive a temporary password in your email. If you are unable to access the website using the temporary password, please call the call center. 

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