Visa Fee Receipt for USA Visa Appointment in India

Overall Instructions for Appointment

On this screen, you will see the information something similar to below. Please note that the exact information displayed below will vary based on the number of applicants, the current U.S. visa fee for the visa class being applied for, and the current currency exchange rate.

Please enter your MRV receipt information below. 

Summary of Charges:

Number of Applicants: 2
Fee Per Applicant: USD 160.0
Current Exchange Rate: 74.00 INR to 1 USD

Total Fee (2 x 160.0 x 74.00): INR 23680.0 

To confirm payment please enter your receipt number. Please note that there could be a delay between the time of payment and the time that you can proceed to schedule your appointment. Please be patient and thanks for your cooperation. 

After that, it lists the names of each applicant and the space for entering the “Receipt Number”. Enter the 10-digit “Bank Reference Number” from your US Visa Fee Receipt

However, after your receipt is activated, your receipt number will automatically be populated here, and you don’t have to enter those numbers here. In that case, proceed to the next step by clicking “Continue”.

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