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Very good Travel agency for Indians

Recently, I baught three tickets from They were very helpful in suggesting the best air route and fare. Me and my husband strongly recommend this travel site to all.

Their contact telephone numbers are:
1-800-936-3690 or 301-869-4505

We thought that we will post our experience with your memebers. We had several problems in the past with other travel agents in DC and Maryland
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Best Travel Agency
I have recently bought air tickets from TravelWorldServices in Gaithersburg, MD. Their ticket fare is very low and the customer service is excellent! Their website is

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Don't buy tickets from AP Travels
AP Travels is the worst Travel agency. They are very rude and will do anything to take your money.
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DO NOT Travel with
After paying $4100 for a biz class ticket I discovered I did not have a ticket only when I was trying to board the flight. Sent back from the airport.


I booked my ticket for 4th July

Requested a date change to 11th July ( for which I was told, that in case there is a date change penalty I would have to pay at the airport if I don’t pay to MMT another version at Make My Trip was that the first date change is Free)

I requested the date change from 11th to 12th July, A MMT associate send me the confirmation regarding the same and said I was ready to fly on the 12th

Before my flight on the 12th I call the airline and am informed that I DO NOT HAVE a ticket, the ticket has to be reissued, I asked if there was any penalty that I would have to pay to fly and the airline responded back saying ONLY my travel agent would have to do so (i.e MMT). I called up MMT informing them of the same I am told they cannot help and that I should keep proceed to the Airport and insists with the Airline that I have to be able to board. The Airline was very clear about just MMT being able to re issuing/releasing the ticket before the departure, again talking to MMT I was informed that they would not be able to help. I show up at the Airport before the departure and am sent back without being able to board the flight. I have gone through tremendous pain and harassment from MMT, where MMT it seems was fully aware that the ticket was not re issued and that I could not travel on the 12th or even the 11th of August as the ticket was re issued.
It has been a traumatic experience already and now I am being told that I am going to have money deducted for cancellation of the ticket, keep in mind that I am not canceling the ticket, I have been denied boarding because the ticket has not been re issued and the airline has confirmed that nobody else could do that but MMT before departure. What am I being penalized for, is it for believing MMT all along that I have a ticket and that I could fly on the given date.

Frustrated Customer
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M and K travels
Today I got a response from Better business bureu regarding my complaint against M and Travels. It is more than 40 days since he cashed my check for $2800 and sent fake ticket and reservation numbers. Not returned my money nor gave me the tickets. He is very adament and did not respond to Better Business Bureaus query inspite of their best efforts. Please be your own judge before you approach this fradulent agency. Cheating people at their will and decieving the system and public with the help of their lawyer.
I donot know how long this will continue? Hope authorities will act soon before many people get victimized.
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BAD Experience
PLEASE DON'T BOOK ANY tickets thru AP Travels in Maryland. They will do anything to get your money. I would look for other travel agencies.

Best Wishes,
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I urge everyone not to do business with M & K travek, The day before my scheduled depaeture date, M & K switched airlines. The new route was awful, 6 hr. layover, 6:30 AM flight, and they did not order my vegetarian meal. 15 hr. of flight with no food. I had contracted for my original flight because schedule is important to me, and I am willing to pay a little more, otherwise you choose a service that does not guarantee flights.
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Finding out...
I was reading so much bad stuff about M & K...People in Fairfield, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA, STOCKTON, CA. Should go to there office there, and check what is really happening there! After that...Bring some Cops there and get them arrested, and you have all the prove from this here (people experience with M&K).
I wish i was in CA, i would kick there **** and bring them on street! These kind of people should feel shame of themself, and i dont understand how they can sleep.
Thank God, i had no problems like that, Thats why i will pay little more, and meet face to face and buy tickets!
So please people whoever live in CA, go to there office(take some time out)! there website is...
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I wonder....
I am sorry to hear about so many people being cheated out of their hard earned money by unscrupulous travel agents like M& is a shame that such businesses are allowed to operate inspite of all this.
I was trying to make bookings to India recently and somebody suggested M&K saying they give the best rates. Well, I looked at their website and sure enough they had the cheapest fares in all the good airlines; but I have read so many bad reviews about them (just google M&K and you'll only get bad stuff about how they've ripped off people) that the thought of buying from them never once crossed my mind.
Which makes me wonder....why do people still want to go out and buy tickets from them??? Don't they believe what they read on the internet??? Or is getting burnt first hand a very valuable lesson to them???
I mean, people have been writing about getting cheated by them since 2003 and yet we have people in 2005 still going out and re-inventing the wheel (so to speak) with this agency??!!
People need to be more careful who they give their money to and who they buy from. One good thumb rule I follow is not to buy from agents who do not take credit cards;
also, always research the credibility of the agent; even if you find one instance of a complaint, please regard it as one too many.

I am truly sorry for the people who've been cheated and hope you are able to make these businesses pay.
All the very best to you all.
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M and K travels
This is to let everyone know that M and K travels has cheated more than 100 people (mainly indians). The owner of this company is a fraud.
He takes money, does not get a ticket nor does he refund money.

And if at all he refunds (which he did in my case after 5 months of my travel date)he will deduct 200 dollars as fine for cancellation.
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