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I have a complain against CTS Travel, the owner name is Massoud Hassan. In september 2004 I purchased a ticket, and gave Mr. Hassan 1065.00 check. The same day a cancelled my ticket and was promissed that he will return my check. He did go ahead and cashed it. I am looking for him badly. If some one knows about his where about please contact me. [email protected]
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M&K Travels Horror story
me and a friend had the worst experience in our life with M&K travels. We booked our tickets to India thru M&K travels in SJC(downtown). The lady told us to pay for the tickets and come & collect the tickets a couple of days later. We made the payment and went to collect our tickets. She said the tickets were not issued. I went back the next day. Same story. This repeated for several days and finally she put me in touch with a total arrogant individual by name Paul ! He spoke with me as if he is Saddam Hussain and I am one of his minions. Finally I threatened to report this to FBI small business fraud prevention unit and he then told me he would bring the ticket to the airport. When I didnt agree with that, he asked me to come and collect the ticket from SFO. Remember it was 5:15 the night before my departure and I am in San Jose !!! I told him to ask his employee to be there even if I am late. He laughed and said he cant do that and come here before 6 if you want the ticket.
I and my friend rushed to SFO and managed to reach there in time. But we found the office closed. So we called this paul guy. he shouted at us and said " I asked u to come at 6!!!!"
"I dont want you to lurk around in front of my office - Go and come back at 6" !!!
I paid for the ticket and wanted to leave the next evening. So I supressed my anger and waited.. Around 6:30 a lady showed up with my ticket. And she said you are leaving at 11:30 tomorrow morning and you have a stop over at Singapore for 16 hrs !!
That was not what I had paid for. I had paid for the more expensive night flight which has a shorter stop over.
My friend's ticket was still not issued. Finally he couldnt travel the next day and he decided to cancel the ticket.
After I came back from India I heard that Paul charged him 250 bucks each for the cancelled tickets!!!!!
I just want everybody out there to know that this guy is a fraud and never ever deal with him.
People like him will spoil the good name of Indians. Any way he has a fake name after all !!!
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I have a complaint on Caraven Travel Services(C.T.S)
I was booking a round-trip ticket for my mother-in-law from Hyderabad, India
to Orlando, US on Emirates Air Lines for 10th August. I got Masud Hasan's
travel agency's number from a friend of mine who purchesed a ticket from him
not long ago and had no complaints. I spoke to Masud and he said he will get
the tickets for the flight's I was looking for and told us to send the check
to pay for the tickets. He didnot accept Credit Card. Since we didnot have
much time (we have to mail the tickets back to India), I sent the check for
$1598 on 07/26/2004 thinking it will be cashed only after sending us the
tickets. He cashed the check on 08/04/2004. All the while he told us that he
is still talking to Emirates and we will get the tickets. He lied to us
until 08/08/2004 when I told him not to try for the tickets anymore (because
we didnot have enough time to send the tickets to India) and to send my
check back. I was calling him many times every day all this time but got his
answering machine most of the times. Left several messages on his cell and
also left messages with an other travel agent at his office number. He never
called me back. Finally, on 08/14/2004, I got hold of him on his cell and he
noted down my mailing address and told me that he is going to mail me the
check for $1598. I waited for 5 days for the mail which I didnot receive and
starting calling him again and left messages every day. I have not received
any reply till now.

I filed a Case on AUG harris county(HOUSTON)district attorney office, They said they will file a case if there are atleast some group of people.if u want complain....their number is
Harris County Consumer Fraud 713 755 5836

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Refund for Ticket Cancellation
In Oct. 2002, I reserved tickets for my sister through Supersonic Tours & Travels (NYC). I had to cancel, as they could nto deliver the tickets 2 weeks before the flight date. They said that I would have to bear only $50 for cancellation, which was fine for me. But, till date they have not refunded my money. I continuously persuaded but they always disconnect. I also filed the complaint through Better Business Bureau, but in vain.
Its been more than 2 yrs. now, would anybody suggest me a better alternative.
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Comapnies like M&K giving bad name to Indians
I am so shocked and hurt to read about Paul Randhawa and his fraud company M&K Travels. I agree with one of the user of this site that Indians try to cheat their fellow countrymen. My experirnce in calling cards sold by Indian companies is also very bad. People and companies like these should be brought to justice. They say second generation Indians Kids are not attatched to their culture very much but they have such lousy examples of business ethics in front of them. These kind of dishonest people put a bad examples on new generation of Indian origin kids and give Indian culture also bad name.
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M&K Travels
M&K Travel has refunded my money through San Francisco DA's office, finally.
That was after a six months of continuous struggle.
If you are a M&K victim, California Attorney General's office is interested in hearing your story.
Please contact Shirley Edwards at California Attorney General's office.
E-mail: [email protected]
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beware of silver wings travel
Hi Everybody,

Just want to share my bad experience with silver wings travel located in Sherman Oaks CA. I paid on time, they took weeks to give my ticket and badly screwed up the ticket and when I called to complain they were the most rude people in the world. Infact my experience with most indian businesses have been the same. Telling you the truth I hate to go to any indian business cause they are the only race in the whole world that screws their fellow country men so badly. Where the heck are the values and culture that we indians sing songs about ? I think whole indian business in USA is based upon exploiting other indians.
All Replies (0) is excellent....rather than dealing with the ridiculous travelagents
I had been calling the travel agents in Houston for the past 1 - 2 months for deals to fly to India(hyd) in Dec 04. But they speak as though its a big crime to travel in Dec which is a peak season and also they dont even make an effort to search the database. They give all sorts of lame excuses or say that it would be atleast $1700 to $2200. Its highly ridiculous of them..and when they finally send a iterinary the connections are unbelievable. There are atleast 5-6 connections from IAH - HYD.
This is an iterinary one of the agents sent:
Return: Hyderabad-Mumbai-Muscat-Frankfurt(via Bahrain)-Chicago-Houston and it was priced at $1700 + $150 of taxes.

I was so vexed up by the travel agents sick attitude and money minting business.

I then started checking online on the airline travel sites at,,, etc.
ANd LOOK what i found in The price for the same dates in Dec to travel from IAH-HYD is $1575(inclusive of all taxes) And also the connections were the best part IAH-Amsterdam-Bombay-HYD and the same route while coming back too.
It was really an awesome deal..and I dint have to deal with the cheating travel agents anymore.

Its my honest request to all of you out there to search online and buy tickets online ...rather than dealing with the sick travel agents.

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CTS ran-away with my $3900
Hi All,

I am also a victim of Carvan Travel Services Houston. I bought 4 tickets for India thru Mr Masud Hasan on July 13th 2004. No Ticket no refund and no CONTACT al all. All of his phones have been disconnected and he is not even receiving cell phone call. I file a police complaint against him. My One of friend also is one of the victim, who lost $2600.00

I don't know what gonna happen.

Better everyone should file a police complaint againt him.

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Beware of Caravan Travel Services (CTS) , Houston
PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM CTS Caravan Travel Services, in Houston.

I contacted Caravan Travels early in June for an air ticket to India traveling on aug 13th, 2004. The travel agent i talked to was Mr. Masud Hassan (cell: 281-701-5670; off:(713) 789-1391). I had approved of him and asked him to process my travel tickets, to that he said it was company policy that i pay them advance of $1000 (payment to be made only by check). The check was deposited on 6/25/04. After that, i had contacted Mr. masud regarding the status for more than a month, and he just made excuses each time. Most of time, it looked like he was avoiding me, never answered the phone. I did leave a lot of messages, but to no avail. The times i reach him he would promise me a date that i will have my tickets inhand, but it never happened. I didnt have my tickets even until Aug first week. I also contacted some other agents in the company, and they said i need to contact only Masud, and they knew nothing about the status of my tickets. On Aug 9th, when i called the company they told me they cannot get me my tickets, and Masud has asked them to refund my money. I had to travel on 13th; and with just a few days left they bailed on me. I agreed for refund, and told them to mail a check back immediately. To this day (9/10/04) i havent got my refund. I have tried calling them on several occasions after i came back on 29th to no avail. No one ever answers the phone anymore.
I am at a complete loss here. Me staying in Collierville, TN makes it even harder to personally go their office or do some enquiry. Please contact me if you need any additional information.

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