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Appeal to people cheated by M & K Travels
To whoever been cheated by M & K Travel services, Please contact me at my email [email protected]. M & K Travel thinks they can get away with all these fradulent activities on several innocent bay area community. They are causing so much pain and agony to their customers. I am preparing to spend some time to go to the court and bring such agencies to the attention of justice. Please email at your earliest.
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bad experience with
First they overcharged me by about $750 on four tickets to India. They listed all kind of false taxes and surcharges which ailine never charged and pocketed that money for themselves. Quoted me an unreasonable amount of $350 for changing the departure date whereas the airline charges only about $100 for that.
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M & K Travels a big liar victim to his lies
I purchased two tickets on Lufthansa with M&K travels services, they have branches in SFO and San jose and other places. They asked me to pay close to $3000 dollars for travel in december. After encashing my chashier's check they sent me an itenary after 2 days with fake ticket numbers and expired reservation. Confirmed this by calling Lufthansa. The president of this M & K sent upon insisting for long time. He is hesitant to talk to me about the reservation and finally sent me another link with false ticket numbers and expired reservation numbers. This is going on for a almost two weeks and he refuses to give me paper tickets with the pretext that Lufthansa doesnot allow paper tickets. It is completely false statement and said, I can confirm the reservation 72 hrs before my departure in December. Which is fabricated statement and dodging when I called him or doesnot want to speak to me anymore. Asked me to cancel my reservation and loose 200 dollars for cancelling. This guy is a big cheat. I have no choice now wait till I recieve my rest of the money or go to court. He is not afraid of courts or police.
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This was my 6th email to Akbar Travels, Mumbai, India. The previous 5 went unanswered. The following is the entire text :

Hello AKBAR TRAVELS (Special Attention : Ms.Seema),

Today, due to your mistake I have to pay an extra Rs.11,830/- to Singapore Airlines for my Mumbai-LA-Mumbai ticket extension.

I originally paid Rs.41,970/- for a 4 month ticket and to extend it further to 2 months I have to pay an extra Rs.11,830/- .

So effectively "BECAUSE OF YOUR GREAT AND WONDERFUL SERVICE" I shall be paying a total of Rs.53,800 for a 6 month ticket on Singapore Airlines : Mum - LAX - MUM.

And in normal circumstances, Mumbai - LA - Mumbai sector costs approximately Rs.47,000 on Singapore Airlines (6 month ticket). So thank you for making me lose all the extra money. This was my first and last deal with you.

You people have shown a complete irresponsible behaviour and a bad customer service. This is my 6th email. The previous 5 were unanswered. I did all the follow up with Singapore Airlines in Mumbai. AND FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION - I DID THAT ALL FROM U.S.A. And all this cost me money. Your understand?

If you people have litle "courtesy" or "shame or "business etiquettes" then do reply back with a valid explanation for this. "

You are in this business since years and your client had to do all follow up from U.S.A. to India. For 5 days I waited for an act from your side but no one responded to my requests. Is no one bothered about maintaining client relationships?

I hope, (you.....Ms. Seema and your colleagues in Akbar Travels) learn from this. Put yourself in my place and feel how difficult it becomes to do all this from here - a place that is so costly. You people made me so helpless here. And why not - you all are concerned with money. You were already paid for your tickets. But does it end there?


Do business on ethical terms.

Dont cheat people. You can cheat people once, not always.

Hope you understand and dont put anyone else in trouble, as you put me.

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This is good website to buy ticket to India from. Usually I will not buy my ticket from web as it is too costly and I will buy from travel agent. but this is good site with cheap prices and I was able to purchase ticket at good rate from them. They tell you tax also along with cost when you look at rates and you can pay either by credit card or by check which you can fax to them, no need to put in post and mail to them.
They have 24hrs phone which is toll free and also you can do live chat with their people.

I am very happy buying ticket from them. I had no problem of making many phone calls; rather everything was dealt with online and no calls to any persons were needed as I am poor in english and did not want to make phone calls.
Within couple of days I had tickets in my mail box and I am ready to fly to India!
They also tell you if you need any visa on the way.

My friend who suggested me this said that if you do not want to buy from them atleast they are good to give you an idea of what ticket should cost.
It is better to deal with them which is big professional company rather than small shop, one person, travel agency who only wants to take your money and steal from you and spoil your all plans.
Try it out!
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M & K travel
I had horrible experience with M & K Travel.
They cashed my check to buy a ticket to go to India on 28th to see my husbands 92 years old mother. We told him that too. He never gave the money nor ticket. His wife talks nice as though you will get the ticket today, but nothing happens. They do not honor the court decision.
They think that even after one year after taking the money, we should not get it even through the court orders it. We bought new ticket for more money and stayed home three days wasting the vacation time, since he did not give the ticket and it it took a while to get another ticket. They think that we have to give them money, suffer a lot to buy another ticket and waste our vacation time due to their fradualant activities. What a joke.
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Fraud by Taj Tours and travels
I am an Indian student studying in one of the university in USA.I had bought a ticket from a travel agent in india and his website is
I am not sure of his actual name is Sunder Krishna but this is what shows in his email id.
I started communicating him on Aug 25th but never recieved the ticket after making payment through Cheque which was deposited in his bank.I sent the cheque to HDFC bank in US and from there it was transferred to his a HDFC account in india.There are several other indian students who have made the payment to him but didnt recieve the ticket and nor the refund.
He gave me the following bank account Nos and I chose the HDFC bank account and sent the cheque to the USA branch.
HDFC BANK LTD. P O BOX 8500-- 53383
transfer to.
swift code CHASUS33
routing no. 021 000021

Beware of him.
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M and K travels
This message is posted in response to recent correspondance that i have been having with the Mr.Paul Randhawa (Managing director M and k travels).Its only recently that i have been in touch with Mr.Paul and he seems to be very understanding,cooperative and professional. He understood the problems that i encountered, and he said that he would send my check by monday (4/18/05). I would further like to add that Mr.Paul will be the person to contact, incase you need to make your travels arrangements as he holds the authority. I will keep the forum updated once i receive the check.
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Let us put an end to M and K travels
I booked a flight ticket to india thro M and K travels in july 2004. My travel date was on dec 10th. 2 weeks before my travel, i found out from Lufthansa that my travel agent had messed up with my ticket. M and K was not able to get me another flight ticket even two days before my travel. When i spoke to Mr. Manny, he said that he would refund my money within two months. Its been 4 months(april 2005)and he still has not refunded my money (1566 US$).Both Mr. Paul (owner)and Mr Manny (his son) have been trying to dodge me when ever i ask for the money. I have been talking to people who have been cheated before by Mr .Paul and his family. All of us want o put an end to this business. I also want to alert other fellow indian students and citizens not to fall into his trap ( Beware, he will quote low prices just to get your money).
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please do not buy hotel accommodations through We booked for a family of four a room at days inn, miami airport. We were provided one room with a small bed for four of us. To add insult to injury expedia clearly states that it does not gurantee adequate sleeping facilites just the room
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