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Visa and Travel Agent
I just got Visa and Tickets done for my parents. For tickets he gave me better deal! I recommend below travel agent based out of Pune, if you are interested:

Hollyhockindia Tours & Travels
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All the best!
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There is an Agency with two names. They are expert at cheating passengers EXACTLY like M&K Travels...There is a guy named ABHINAV MADAN. He is one BIG Fraud. I bought NW flights tickets for $ X amount STL-BDQ...and then I had a date change due to family reasons. He did re-book it without ANY extra charge...told me that he booked in the way that was good for me....BUT...HERE GOES THAT CHEAT...he charged my credit card 2nd time for that return ticket amount and told that he will return that money he charged for 1st time booked tickets. I had to go through pains of contacting Northwest Airlines with all booking numbers..travelling dates and Citi Cards too. Citi cards was very helpful in getting my money back after almost 1 yr.!!!!
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Cheated by Air K travel, aka maharaja cruise
never buy on credit card. they asked me to send copy of my credit card,Thinking that hey would maintain confidentiality, I sent them the copy. I think this info was circulated to others. the card was used for almost $2000 and as usual they deny they have leaked my info. When i wanted to block the card they said they have not made payment for my tickets and it took 3- 4days for them to do it. maybe they were helping these crooks to use the card as much as possible.
complex payments, they try to use ur card directly to buy from airline, so if u r family of 4, then the card will be used 4 times, u dont know which airline they have used the card. instead they could have charged one wholesome amount to their account and use it from there.
amd again they will not contact u to inform of anything. u have to call them everyday to check the progress, most of the time they promise to call u back and u keep waiting for weeks for their call.
right now someone is having a good life in Pakistan.......
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RE: M&K Cheaters
Fellow M&K Travel Victims,

If you're a victim and didn't file a complaint so far, then do so immediately by contacting San Francisco DAs office as well as following offices:

File a complaint with Fairfield police detective Marty
Kauffman who is in chage of this case.

You can email fairfield police dept
[email protected]
You can say Attn: Marty Kauffman in the beginning. He
will get the mail.
You can also give him a call - 707-428-7600 or

Also, you could contact
Shirley Edwards, who is an investigator with the
California Attorney General's Office. Her email is
[email protected], telephone: 213-576-6981
and fax: 213-897-4951.

I encourage all the victims to join M&K victims Yahoo group at [email protected].

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M&K cheaters
I have a similar story as you all you guys have. I booked a ticket from kansas city to hyderabad in the month of Dec 2005. 2 days before my travel date these fellows called me and told me that they cannot give me the ticket and asked me to make an alternate arrangement. These cheaters sent me mail telling me that they are going to refund my money with in one month, it had been 3 months so far I didnt receive any information. After checking these forums I realized it is a big scam. Now I dont have any hope that these people will ever refund my money.
I dont know how to get this money back, I need to take care of my family expenses back home in India, am completey cheated.
I think this information about this fraud travel services and about this dirty rat paul need to be circulated all among your friends, atleast we can save some people from not getting into this trap.
Iam not going leave these fellows, am going to consult a lawyer and I really want these guys pay the price for all their awful acts.
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Is this guy Paul out again on bail ??
I hear that Paul from M & K travel is again out on bail after the Jan 2006 arrest by paying a meagre bail amount. Did anyone of you hear it ?? How many more is he going to be cheating now!!!!!!!!.
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MandK Experience
I am reading the posts of the folks who got screwed by MandK travel and it's Deja Vu. I am typically a last minute kinda guy but this time I booked my ticket (or thought so)6 months prior to my travel. After reading other posts about M&K you can probably figure what would have happened. Now I am trying to get my money back. I am wondering if there is any advantage of going to Small Claims Vs TCRC. Ofcourse part of me is so pissed that I want to get a lawyer and sue the hell out of these guys. We have a small baby and what we had to go through with these guys is simply unpardonable. My empathy with all the victims
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M & K Travel update

Above is another report of their misery.

As the lawyer's fee is bit expensive for this kind of money, specially for those of you are outside the state of california, one can always try small claim court. If you search the web for it, you will see how to fillout online. For a small fee(s), one can always proceed to take lawful action. There is a catch though, about the maximum amount one can claim, which is infact not too far off.

Even if it is 1K or 2K that might not be recoverable, it is worth proceeding this way.

Anyone belive in KARMA should not wait, and if you were cheated go for any avenue to bring these people to justice...

Finally I must say that SF justice is doing a terric job, just read the link above.

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M and K Travels
I did post an earlier message about the cheating done by M&K travels. We were supposed to flyout on 16th Dec. 2005. We paid for 4 tickets and they cashed out the check in the month of Sept.

I did ask to refund my money, but he did not. He said within 30 days they are supposed to send me a refund. After seeing this many complain, I knew they would not. Since I'm also outside the state of california, I would not get back the money from the consumer claims.

I did contact Carlos, and Sherly as some of the victims referred here. I'm still trying to find ways to get our money back.

If you happen to know any lawyer in california ( specially around SF ) and they handle these kind of consumer fraud please post the contact informations here.

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