H1B Sponsoring Companies Database

Q: What exactly is H1B sponsoring companies database application?
A: H1B sponsoring companies database application is a complete database of ALL the employers who have sponsored from the financial years 2008 to the current year. It has about 2.7 million records.

Q: How do I access H1 sponsors employers database?
A: Right here.

Q: How can this H1 sponsors database application help me?
A: This application can help anyone who is looking for a job on an H1B visa. That includes, but not limited to:

  • You are currently located outside the United States, and you would like to work and live in the U.S.
  • You already have an H1B visa and you would like to transfer it to another employer for better opportunities.
  • You are currently in the U.S. on other non-immigrant visa such as H4 (dependent of H1), L1 (intra company transfer), L2 (dependent of L1), F1 (student) or any other person who is looking for an employer for H1B visa sponsorship.

Q: What is the source of this database?
A: The database itself is made up of the government records for LCA (Labor Condition Application) filings. However, the complete application around it was developed by immihelp®.com team.

Q: What kind of employers are included in this application?
A: It includes all sorts of employers for all the fields for whom an H-1B petition can be filed. However, please note that this database is made up of the employers who have PREVIOUSLY filed for an H1B petition. There is no guarantee that they would ever file for more H-1B petitions in the future, and neither does it imply that any of these employers are CURRENTLY looking for H-1B employees.

Q: If this application does not specify whether the employers are currently looking for H-1B candidates, how useful is this application?
A: This application is really not meant to be the available job searching engine. There are many other job search engines available on the internet. However, you can use this application in conjunction with other job search engines to filter the specific employers who may be potentially willing to take H-1B candidates.

Q: Who can use H1B sponsors application?
A: H1B sponsors application can be used by the potential candidates, recruiters and employers for their personal use. However, you are strictly prohibited from copying this information or duplicating it for any commercial purposes.

Q: Do I have to pay to access H1B visa sponsors application?
A: Subject to the restrictions in the previous answer, H1B visa sponsors application is completely free. There is no subscription and there is no charge.

Q: What kind of information is included in this application?
A: It includes lots of information provided with the LCA petition, such as employer name, address, job code and title, wage rate, work location and the status of the application.

You can even look at the details of the work location either by zip code or city/state that would specify many things like average household income, average house value, mix of population by race, map of the area and lots of other useful information. This information can really help in finding out many things like cost of living, affordability etc., before you decide to take that job and move there.

Q: There are so many employers in a particular area for a given type of job. How do I decide which is better among many of them?
A: H1B sponsoring employers application also allows the users to post reviews/comments/experiences about the employers. Please note that immihelp®.com does not endorse any of the views posted by the reviews/comments/experiences by the users. This data is completely posted by the users just like you and immihelp®.com is NOT responsible for any of the contents in the reviews/comments/experiences. We have no way to know the authenticy of the comments. And we don’t have any way to identify any of the details about the users as they could provide non-working email or provide inaccurate details about their location.

Q: I am an employer and I have objections to the comments posted about our company. What should I do?
A: Please research Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act.

Please note that we are not in software consulting or any similar business and obviously not in competition with your business. We do not directly benefit from any kind of comments about any employer, and we have no incentive to post such comments ourselves. Neither do we have any incentives in removing such comments. Don’t waste your time and money sending us any legal notices as they will be ignored. We would take any action only if there is an actual court order asking us to do so. And don’t waste your time contacting our ISP regarding this because they are not required to take down any content that is not posted by ourselves.

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