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Visa Stamping from Canada/Mexico

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H1 to H4 stamping (First time)
I had my H4 Visa appointment in Vancouver on 03/03/2020 @07:45 AM. Drove from Seattle the day before and stayed in an Airbnb.

On 03/03/2020 (Tuesday) (Reached 15mins early)
(not very crowded, may be coz of the early morning slot)

-Security check
-Documents (spouses i797, passport and photo) verified
-Finger Prints
Waited for 20 mins for the interview

Greeted and handed over the Passport.

VO (lady) : Is it H4 renewal?
Me: No, first time.

VO: How long are you married?
Me:Its been 2 years

VO: What is your status?
Me: H1B

VO: Do you no longer wish to work?
Me: No

Asked my spouse i797 document and passport copy, I handed over the original i797 and passport copy.

VO: I see that your husband got stamped in Sept, 2017, why did you not get stamped at that time?
Me: I was not married to him at that point, and I was on my own status, F1-OPT then.

VO: What is your residence address?
Me: Answered

VO: When did you come to Vancouver?
Me: Yesterday

VO: Where is your spouse now?
Me: In Vancouver

VO put a white paper in front of me. (221g)

VO: Since it's a conversion of status, we need to further verify. Can i keep your passport and your spouse i797?
Me: Yes.

03/04/2020 (Wed): Admin Processing
03/05/2020 (Thu): Admin Processing
03/06/2020 (Fri) : Issued (around 12ish)
Waited for the tracking number on Friday. But, did not receive.
Sat & Sun --> PO close
So, had to wait until Monday.
03/09/2020 (Mon): Received a mail to pick up around 11.45 AM.
We drove back to Seattle the same day.

Tip: Be prepared for an extra 2 or 3 days of stay.
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H1B stamping Toronto 3/13/20
This was my first experience for stamping in Toronto. I had a stamp 3 years ago in my home country.

Was trying to get the date for 3 months. Something opened up a week before 3/13. Took that date and drove to Toronto on 3/12 from DE. At the Canada border told the officer I was here for visa stamping in US Consulate.

3/13 Got in line for 30 mins before for an 8:15 am appointment.

VO: Where do you work?
Me: Company Name.

VO: What do you do?
Me: Job responsibilities short description

VO: Did you do your Masters in US?
Me: Yes! Uni name and Major

VO: Typed something for 45 seconds and said “you are done sir”. Took the passport and returned the I-797.
Me: Thanks you!

I assumed the visa is approved as he did not give me any slip. Left the building.

Online my visa status changed to “Administrative Processing”. On 3/16 at 11 am it changed to issues. On 3/17 I collected the passport from 26 Hale Rd, Brampton ON Canada Post location. I think the passport reaches all the locations at the same time, doesn't matter what you pick. Make sure your ID has the same address what you have in the application. Mine was different so I had to show a bank statement with the current address.

On my drive back at the US border, I was asked to park the car and get my I-94 updated and get an entry stamp on my passport at the DHS office next door. The Officer from the booth took my passport and walked me in the building. He gave me a white slip which had my car license plate number and the word “Document Control” circled on it.

He asked me to go to 2nd floor and take a seat. Another officer called my last name. At the window he asked few question. In particular he wanted to know when do I plan to go back to my home country. I said when my visa expires. He stamped the passport and said I am good to go. I was lucky to get back in time before the US/Canada border was closed due to corona virus.

Thanks to the people in this forum my trip was very smooth and informed. I knew what to expect. I hope more people post their experience so it is beneficial to everyone.
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Status change from refused to administrative processing

Does anyone had a status change from refused to administrative processing?
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H1 stamping in Vancouver
I had my H1 stamping on 3/13 at the Vancouver location.
3/16 administrative processing
3/17 Visa issued

Its been 3 days there is no change in the status, have not received any update on passport pick up.

Is anyone else facing the same issue?
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221G toronto FEB 13-March 19

Toronto Feb 13 interview> 221G yellow for chemical engineering probably
19 March> email to submit passport for visa issuance
19 March> submitted

lets see...
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H1b stamping in Vancouver 3/13
This was my second H1b stamping, and first one outside of India.

Pre Interview:

Drove to Canada (first visit ever) from Seattle on Thur 3/12, stayed at an airbnb. Standard questions asked at Canada border. Interview was next morning at 8:15.

Interview Day:

Reached at 7:45 in the building. Parked opposite the consulate at Bentall center parking center ($15). Outside the consulate building. they do a quick document check. Things to carry: documents folder, keys, phone, wallet. Phone/wallet will need to stored with the security. DO NOT CARRY - bag packs or pretty much any other item, people had to scramble outside the premises to store bags and such. Next you go to the 2nd floor - security, documents scanning, finger printing and bathroom (use it here if needed, no option after this). The Visa Officers are all on the 20th floor. There were 2 VOs working that day, had 11 windows in total. 5 people ahead of me, I believe all were approved. I was asked standard questions, which was not a surprise since I work in big-tech and have MS from a top-50 school. I could hear one candidate who had a vendor/client type situation, and his interview was slightly longer than others. It too was approved.

VO: Which company?
VO: What do you do for them? (I explained in 2-3 sentences, he didn't ask for more)
VO: Salary?
VO: University?
VO: Approved. You will get your passport in 3-5 business days.
Left the building at 9 am.

Post Interview:

Fri 3/13 11 am status "Administrative Processing" (standard message what others have described)
Mon 3/16 9 am "Issued" on CEAC portal
Tue 3/17 10 am: Got tracking number in email
Wed 3/18 9:30 am: Got "Ready for pickup" email. Picked it up from Canada Post (2405 Pine St).

Drove back immediately to Seattle since the US Canada border was announced to be shut down due to the corona virus. Thankfully border was still open, no lines, and only 2-3 basic questions asked at Immigration.

Thanks to all the posts here that gave me a lot of valuable info. Hope my experience info helps others!

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US Canada close borders because of corona virus
Those planning to travel to Canada for stamping how would you manage this out?
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H1B Toronto 221g and got rquest to submit passport

         Does anyone got 221g in toronto consulate and received passport.I attended my interview on Feb 10th and got 221g green slip. Week later got email from consulate requesting additional documents.After submitting the documents i received an email to submit passport for visa issuance.I submitted my Passport on 03/09 and still the status shows as admin processing and haven't received any mail with tracking info.If anyone else in the same situation please comment.
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F1 Visa
Hi, is there anyone attended the F1 Visa interview on 16th March in Vancouver. Kindly reply.
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passport return Vancouver
Interview on 03/11, visa issued on 03/13, still waiting for passport.
Any one in same boat? AS embassy are closed from 03/17, hopefully we will get our passports.
 I want to go back to US before they lock down.
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