Indian Passport Application in USA - Application Form
Application Form:
  • Complete an online application.

    Please look at the online application guide to get help to complete an online application.

    Effective April 1, 2008, applications for all passport services must be filled out online. The Consulate is obligated to issue a Machine Readable Passport. Therefore, the download application form can not be used and the consulate can not send you the passport application form by fax or email.

  • Print the online application. It has a total of four (4) pages. Page one and columns 5, 6, 8 and 10 on page 2 are already completed by an online application form. You will have to fill rest of the form (several columns on page 2, 3 and 4) by hand. Complete rest of the form in BLOCK letters and with black or blue ballpoint pen.

    Sample Application Form

  • Web file number generated on the application is NOT valid for tracking purpose. The appointment date printed on the form is NOT valid either.

  • Signature/ Thumb Impression:
    • Sign in the box provided for signature on the first page to the left of the photograph.

    • Sign below column 26 (DECLARATION).

    • Sign in the boxes in Column 29 on page 4.

    • If you are applying for 'Passport for Children up to 15 years of age (minors)', both parents should complete entries in 'column 28 on page 3' and sign or affix thumb impression on page 4. Then get your signatures notarized.

    • If you cannot sign, you should affix your thumb impression (right thumb for female applicants and left thumb for male applicants) in the boxes provided for signature. You should either sign or affix thumb impression, but not both. If you are applying for a passport for your child and he/she can not sign, you should affix his/her thumb impression as you can not sign on behalf of your child.

Application Tips
  • Application forms should be completed in all aspects before submitting. Misrepresentation or suppression of facts may result in denial of Passport or other Consular services.

  • Make sure that no column is left blank or unfilled/unresponded to or vaguely filled with a dash, tick-mark etc.

  • All signatures in the application form should be with ballpoint pen as signatures in ink or feather tip pen are likely to smudge while laminating. Please ensure that the specimen signature are within the box provided in the application form.

  • Information in the application form must match the information on your old passport, unless specific changes are requested along with the supporting documents.

  • The data filed in online form is used while printing the passport. Therefore, please check the application form for accuracy before submitting your application.

    In case you realize that you have filled the online application forms incorrectly and/or can not keep the original appointment date for any reason, you don't have to cancel the appointment date. Just complete the online form again and come on the date generated on the new form.