Online Application Guide for Indian Passport Services

Online Application Guide for Indian Passport Services

You must use the online application as the paper forms will not be accepted. For each Consulate, the system accepts a designated number of applications a day. When a designated number of applications have been reached for a given day, the appointment date rolls over to the next available date. Please try to complete the application in one attempt as doing it more than once affects the others. Do not try to bypass the system as any deviation will not allow you to print the form.

Any fields denoted with * are mandatory fields. While filling the form, if you don’t enter all the mandatory fields, you will be prompted to complete them. Until the information in all the mandatory fields is completed, you will not be able to print the form. Most of the details you enter in the form appear in your new passport. Therefore, it is very important to enter all the information correctly.

While completing the online application, please do not enter any special characters such as ‘,’, ‘.’, ‘/’ or symbols such as ‘@’, ‘$’ etc.

Use the following guide to fill the form:

  • Indian Mission:
    Choose the embassy/consulate as per your jurisdiction.

  • Service Desired:
    Choose one of the following as appropriate:
    • Passport for Children up to 15 Years of Age

    • Fresh Passport

    • Re-issue of Passport

    • New Passport in Lieu of Damaged/Lost Passport

      For further clarification, refer to the web page for each passport service in this section on this web site.

  • Surname:
    Surname is normally the last name. Therefore, enter your last name such as Patel, Shah, Gupta, Reddy, etc.

  • Given name:
    All of your names other than your surname. Enter the names as they appear in your passport.

    • The names must be entered in the same order with the same spelling as they appear in your most recent passport.

    • Initials, if any, should be expanded.

    • As your name will appear on the passport as entered here, make sure to enter it correctly, avoiding any mistakes.

    • If you have changed your name from the one displayed in your old passport, you should follow the procedure of Change of Name service.
  • Previous Name:
    If you have ever changed your name, enter the full name as you were known as earlier. Otherwise, leave it blank. A married female applicant should enter her full name as it existed before marriage, commonly known as ‘maiden name’.

  • Date of Birth:
    Enter in the format of DD/MM/YYYY, that is, first date, then month, then the year. Note that this is different than the US date format.

  • Place of Birth:
    If you were born in India, write the name of Village/Town/City and State in India.
    If you were born outside India, mention the name of the place, state/province, and the country.

  • Address to be Printed in Passport:
    Your current address that will be printed on the passport.

  • Other Address:
    Your other current address. This would be your Indian address if the address printed on your passport is in the U.S., or your U.S. address if your passport printed address is in India.

  • Spouse/Father/Mother Names:
    Enter each person’s full name with the first given name followed by surname.

  • Contact Information:
    Make sure to fill the fields ‘Phone No’, ‘Mobile No’, ‘Email Address’. This is even more important for the applicants who apply by mail.

  • Most Recent Passport:
    If you have held a passport or currently hold a passport, check the box and enter the previous passport details. File Number, if any, is generally on the last page of the most recent passport.

After completing the online registration, click ‘Save’. You will see the dialog box pop up.

Click on ‘Confirm The Appointment’ to proceed further. You will be presented with the completed application form. Print it out. It has a total of four (4) pages.

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