Tatkal Passport - India
Tatkal Service is available for issue or re-issue of Indian passports. It is not available for Miscellaneous services, PIO Card or OCI card. Tatkal service is available on compassionate grounds of a genuine emergency like death or serious illness of a blood relative. Tatkal passport service is not available for cases where references have to be initiated; lost and damaged passport cases; in cases of schedule travel plans, in case of expired visa status, and in cases where the passport has not been renewed for more than six months after the date of expiry.

Processing time for Tatkal cases is between one to three working days. In such a case, a short validity passport can be issued to the applicant.

The procedure for applying for Tatkal passport is the same as regular procedure. In addition to the regular documents required by the particular procedure, you require following additional documents.

Application for TATKAL service can not be sent by mail and is available only for passport re-issue cases.

Advance Procedure
You should contact the India Passport Application Center in advance and seek clearance before you apply so that you can be sure that you are eligible for the service. Please provide the following details:
Name of the Applicant:
Date of Birth:
Passport Number:
Place of Issue:
Date of Issue:
Date of Expiry:
Reason for Applying for Tatkal Service:

Contact information for India Passport Application Center.

As tatkal passport facility is not available at the Indian consulate in Atlanta, GA, such applicants must apply at the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC.