221(g) Refusal – Pink Form at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai

221(g) Refusal - Pink Form at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai

If you received a pink form at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai, under 221(g) visa refusal for the U.S., you can check the status of your case online. You will be given a reference ID to track the details of the case online.

SAO is another branch of 221(g) where the applicant is issued a pink form mentioning the case number and the reason for the case being kept on hold for administrative processing.

The case status report is updated regularly. Even though the consulate indicates that it is updated daily, it is not updated on some days.

You have been requested to wait until the consulate contacts you. Please don’t make an appointment. Your case requires further administrative processing, and the consulate will contact you once this has been completed.

Sample 221(g) Pink Form

Interpreting the Case Status Report

Find your BATCH ID in the case status report and note the case STATUS. Your case status will be one of the following: PENDING PROCESS, CONTACT EMBASSY, and SEND PPT. Please follow the appropriate instructions. These are general guidelines. Please note that you need to submit your passports and all other additional documents as specified or necessary.


The U.S. Consulate in Chennai is awaiting your response to the questionnaire that you were given at the interview. Processing can’t begin until the Consulate receives your response as requested. 

221(g) questionnaire (Same as the pink form at the time of interview.)


Your case is still pending administrative processing. The Consulate cannot issue the visa prior to completing the administrative processing. The Consulate cannot waive the administrative processing for any applicant. This is not a matter of missing documents and is in no way related to the number of times an individual has been able to obtain visas or enter the U.S. in the past. If your case is “pending process,” please do not contact the Consulate, or you may risk delaying the administrative processing of your visa.


You are required to submit the documents listed on the case status report against your batch ID. Some cases will have simple directions, such as “send passport” and “demand draft”. Others may require additional documents. 

Please mark the package “Attention: CHENNAI SAO” and submit it through VFS Services

If you are asked to send a travel itinerary with your passport, please attach proof that your travel plans are still valid and necessary.

Students & Scholars – Further Instructions

  • If you are a student applying for an F-1 visa, submit a Form I-20 with a valid reporting date (at least one week in the future) or a letter from the school specifying the latest date that you can report for the same program. 

  • If you are an exchange visitor applying for a J-1 visa, submit a Form DS-2019 with a valid start date (at least one week in the future) or a letter from the sponsoring organization specifying the latest date you can report for the same program. 

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