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Travel Parole
Is it safe to use the combo card to come back to the US when my green card was left behind in the US. I have been stuck In the PH since January. Can I just use my combo card to come back? Been trying to get my green card ship to me but no luck due to this COVID.
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AP expiring, but cant entry US due to COVID19 restriction
I have an i485 interview scheduled with local office in Mar but i can not come back to US due to COVID19 travel restriction. My AP expired in Jun 25th. I wondered if I can renew i131? i called USCIS contact center, they are so rude and told me i have to apply for renewal while i am in US and there is nothing they can do on my case....
Also I couldnt find i131 renewal form on wedsite, is it the same one as 1st time application? Do i need to pay for the filing fee?
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Advance parole
Please I need some advice to file for advance parole, I got my Ead card already, pending I485 married to US Citizen, do I need to pay the filing fees before I apply or just my I485 receipt notice and my Ead copy. Thanks
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AP leave during pandemic

Due to family emergency (death), my parents wish to leave US temporarily.

I am worried if there is any trouble of re entry to US once they leave temporarily to South Korea for family emergency.

Currently, we do have our combo card with approved advanced paroled on our EAD card. We do not have any criminal activity (drug, etc,) on our record. However, we were once denied I-485 and we are now overstaying after our visa is expired.

I apologize for the urgency but please help us as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading and please share me your experience if you have any advice.
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Traveling to Europe with Advance Parole

I am Austrian citizen and my husband US citizen. I got my EAD card with Advance Parole in January 2020, so it's still valid.

My grandma passed away a few days ago and I a still trying to figure out if it's safe to fly to Europe for a few days so I can go to her funeral. My lawyer advised against it, because he said it's the immgration officers decision at the airport if they decide to let me in or not.

I read on so many official websites that spouses are allowed..and also the US embassy in Vienna said I should not have a problem. although I would travel without my husband. I have a color copy of his passport and a color copy of my marriage certificate.

Do you think these documents are enough, and do you think it's safe to leave the country for a few days? I just don't want to be refused to enter the US and have it affect my green card application.

I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I would leave tomorrow night. (6/12)

Thank you!
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Using Combo card in these times
Does anyone know how safe it is to travel during these times with a combo card? I know the news changes regular not sure if i may have missed anything but the country I'm planning to go visit is not on the ban list.
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Going back home with AP in France for family visit and mental health
Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate some advice on a using my EAD/AP combo card to go back to my country (France), to visit my family.

I came here on a K1 visa last October. I applied for AOS on December 23rd, 2019. My EAD/AP was approved a couple days ago (May 27th), and I should receive my combo card anytime now.

I have been struggling a lot mentally for a few months now, even before the whole COVID-19 thing. Our « big » wedding was supposed to be celebrated with my family coming from France on April 5th, but was cancelled. My grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago, and I wasn’t able to go back to my country for the funeral. And in general, I have been struggling here as a foreigner, with big relationship issues with my mother in law and feeling very very homesick. I am very close to my family and leaving them to come here was a huge sacrifice for me, but I did it for love. I now have severe anxiety and panic attacks and have had to see a therapist. Thanks to this therapist, we got a letter explaining our situation and my husband is going to get special/emergency unpaid time off so that him and I can go visit my family for 6 weeks, from July 10th to August 23rd. We already booked plane tickets a while ago, knowing that we could cancel if I didn’t get my AP in time, but now I will get it soon (if there’s no issue with postal service).

Those 6 weeks are not just important to me, I need this time with my family for my mental health, and that will always come first.

I am very well aware that there is no guarantee that I will be let back in the US. My husband will be with me and we would make sure we have a copy of the letter from our therapist as well as a copy of my husband’s employer explaining our situation.

This forum/topic is the only place I have found positive things about using AP for « non emergency » reasons. I have asked for advice on so many different Facebook groups and people just tell me it’s too risky and that they won’t let me back in. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Thank you for reading me and thank you in advance for your help and advice.
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Renewal of Combo Card
Hi Everyone,

I filed for AOS (through marriage) and my interview has been completed last Sept 2019 and I haven’t received any new information, but online, it says pending for review.

My combo card is expiring on Sept 2020.

Can someone help me or tell me the steps on how to renew it? Do I need to have a cover letter? Which forms shall I need to fill up?

I read a lot while researching but I want to know it from someone who did it.

I want to do it myself since I have no extra funds to pay for a lawyer.

Thank you so much for your help and may God bless us all.
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I have received this letter regarding my I-765/I-131 applications. This letter also makes reference of my current status and want to know if someone has received a letter like that.

April 7, 2020
My name
My Address
RE:My Name
I-131/I-765, Application for Travel Document and Advance Parole
Combination Employment Authorization
And Advance Parole Request
Now that you have become a Permanent Resident of the United States we would like to welcome you and congratulate you. You should have received, or will soon receive, your approval notice followed by either your permanent resident card, form I-551, or instructions on when and where to go to have your biometrics (photograph, fingerprint and signature) taken so that we can produce your I-551.
As a permanent resident, you can travel to a foreign country and freely reenter the united states. All that you will normally need is a permanent resident card and passport from your country of citizenship. You don’t need and Advanced Parole travel document to reenter the united states. Also, as a permanent resident, you may be used to prove employment eligibility when you start new employment. You do not an employment authorization document to prove employment eligibility in the united states. Consequently, the application for travel document and the application for employment authorization that you had filed no longer serve a purpose and, as such, have been denied.
There is no appeal from this decision. You may file a motion to reopen or reconsider. Your motion to reopen or reconsider must be filed on form I-290B, notice of appeal or motion, within 30 days of the date of this notice (33 days if this notice is received by mail). For the latest information on filing location, fee, and other requirements, please review the form I-290B instructions provided at http://www.uscis/gov.forms, call our USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283, or visit your local USCIS Office. If USCIS doesn’t receive a properly filed motion, this decision will become final.
This decision does not prevent you from filing any petition or application in the future. Again, congratulations on your accomplishment of becoming a permanent resident of the united states.

Gregory A Richardson
Director, Texas Service Center
Office: XM1533
my I-485 is pending and hasn’t updated since feb, 4th or at least This is what the online case status shows.

My I-140 has been approved in Jan, biometrics were done by Jan as well, I’m pretty much waiting on the 485 interview which makes me think it has been waived due to COVID-19 and what this letter says.

my attorneys haven’t received anything yet just me.

Please, if someone has received a decision letter like that, let me know.
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Travel with EAD combo to Russia/Kazakhstan
Hello everyone!
I got my EAD combo recently and planning to go see my family... but I’m from Kazakhstan and I don’t know if kazak or Russian airlines accept this EAD combo, scared to travel there therefore..
If there’re anyone who traveled to Russia or Kazakhstan recently on AP, please share experience with me, so I know what to expect..???
Thank you and be safe!!!
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