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Interview de-scheduled on 2/22/21 then crickets
Hi, I've already shared my timeline and how my N-400 interview got scheduled and then de-scheduled. It was descheduled on Feb 22, 2021 and I haven't gotten anything new after that.

My I-751 is pending, I applied in October 2019 in California, moved to Florida in 2020, and my case has been sitting in NBC since 12/16/2020.

Anyone here had interview de-scheduled? How long did you wait for the second date?

Thanks for sharing!
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I am going to renew my green card for 10 years, in June. Can someone tell me if I can travel after a receive the extension paper for 18 months? I wanna visit my country and I don’t know how this works. Thank you!
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New York City/Manhattan fillers (past or present)
Hey there guys

I was wondering if everyone filling with a Manhattan NYC address gets assigned Vermont (EAC) to their case? Has there ever been someone from NYC who was sent to Texas (SRC) or any other office? I'm filling my I-751 on Monday morning and I'm praying that it will go to Texas because their cases are being processed so quickly. Is that impossible?
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Texas Service Center (SRC)
My I-751 took less than 4 months to process without an Interview. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. Below is my timeline.

Good Luck to you all!

Conditional GC Expiration Date: March 20th 2021

12/18/2020 - Submitted Package for I-751 Remove Conditions on Residence
12/21/2020 - Notification that Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence was received

1/14/2021 - USCIS returned a photobook I sent. They stated the document is not in a format which they can utilize hence it was returned. * I forgot I should have just printed the photos and placed them in a folder, as opposed to making an actual photobook on Shutterfly*

Around Mid February I noticed around six weeks have passed since my last update. I never received a notice to confirm whether the case was accepted. I proceeded to call the office and spoke with a representative. The rep told me a receipt notice was sent out to me a few days prior. He stated there was a backlog in processing and notifications have been delayed as a result. I then went to my mailbox and collected the receipt notice. The case was accepted and I received the 18 month extension letter.

03/08/2021 - Received a notice that my existing prints on file will be used for biometrics

4/13/2021 - We ordered your new card

4/14/2021 - We approved your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.

04/15/2021 - Card was mailed to me
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YSC Potomac Approval
Finally some good news after getting worried that other cases in the same batch as mine with the same filing dates were getting approved from about 3 weeks ago, even some batches after mine got approved last week but my case status remained the same until yesterday when I received the 'Card in Production' email. I received another update today saying 'Case Approved'.
Almost 20 months of waiting

Potomac Processing Center aka the slowest
Application received August 23 2019
Biometrics Appointment January 29 2020
Case No - YSC*******

Good luck to everyone
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are sworn affidavits mandatory?
are you guys submitting sworn affidavits?I didn't want to trouble anyone as I feel like its weird to ask friends for such things. what did you guys do?
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Travel out of country
I got a condition two year green card and I want to travel out of the country can I use it to return to the US with out problem??
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When you’re sending the package to USCIS, do you guys write a letter together with all documentation, form and money?
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I-751 with Waiver (California)
I filed my case in California.

GC was getting expired on - Jan 30th, 2021
Filed for my renewal - Jan 15ht, 2021
Got renewal notice - Feb 16th, 2021

Do you know how long is it taking for biometrics for people who applied in 2021 ?
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No online updates on my case status

I applied to naturalization in December while my I-751 is still pending (since January 2020). My I751 was transferred to NBC after I submitted the N-400, which is showing online on my case status website. However, one day I received biometric reuse letter for the N-400 but there was no message on my case status , didn't know it was happening until I received it in the mail. I am wondering if it's common to have no updates online while you cases are actually moving forward, it makes me a little stressed (in case mail gets lost).
My Service center is WAC and my timeline is below in case it helps anyone:

Jan 2020 - I-751 submitted
Sept 2020 - Biometric reuse for I-751
December 22, 2020- N-400 submitted (online)
December 27-28, 2020 - I751 transferred to NBC (it showed it was transferred twice but only received one piece of email)
February 2021 - Biometric reuse in the mail N-400
April 2021- N-400 still showing "you submitted your N-400 on december 2020..." does not show they are reusing my old fingerprints
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