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After Greencard

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Green card and n400
I had my interview for green card and n400 I received the letter that I past my exam and everything but without a decision the same time the past 3 days And this morning I received a call that I will need to have another interview and my wife needs to be with me since I got my green card through her. I’m kind of worried...
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CASE APPROVED!!!!!!!! i'm so excited
So this Forum has been extremely helpful

We filled from NJ and our application was processed in TX
Form i751 filed 11/21/2019
Biometrics 01/03/2020
Extention letter 12/10/2019

CASE APPROVED 09/10/2020
total wait time approx 10 months

Docs submitted.........
2 years of joint taxes
2 Years joint credit card bills
2 years of joint gas and electric bills
2 years joint bank statement
Lots and lots of pictures and vacation reservations
2 joint Vehicle insurance

Copy of our driver's license
Copy of my wife's international passport data page showing we have the same last name.
* No interview
* No Lawyer
*I didn't call USCIS
*18 months the green card extension will expire MAY 2021

I will proceed with N400 in about 30 days

I wish everyone waiting for Goodluck
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USCIS customer service
Did anyone call USCIS number laterly? I called 1-800-375-5283 number and it is not the same as before. It give me 2 options. The first is privacy bla bla and the second is " I can understand complete sentences, how can I help you today...." I said customer service representative, Then clarified why customer service. Anyways all I get is " I can send you a text. Link...." On my 4th trial it transferred me to customer service rep, a silent wait of 47 mins ended up with me hanging up 😔😡. I have been waiting for 18 months and 12 days so far. Texas. Please tell me how to speak to CS with the new menu.
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Vermont to Potomac - New Card being Produced
Greetings all:

This forum has been extremely helpful to me. Here is my experience:
I applied for ROS from Boston on May 6, 2019.
Bio June 2019
Case transferred from Vermont to Potomac on Feb 20, 2020
Card being Produced Sept 9, 2020
Filed jointly
Ext. letter to expire in two months

Package included:
Utilities bills - 2 years
Joint bank statements- 2 years
Joint tax returns - 2 years
Joint credit card statements - 2 years
Both DLs showing same address
Copy of Health Ins cards
Copy of my IRA plan showing spouse as beneficiary
Random correspondences directed to us ( wedding invitation, advertisements, etc)
3 affidavits from friends
About 20 photos
Receipts from trips taken together

After the transfer I really thought an interview request was coming up next. Then Covid hit and case got stuck for a while.
Be hopeful! Got approved without RFE or Interview.
Long 16 month wait and another few weeks until I receive my GC, but definitely a great feeling!
Good luck to all of those on the same boat!
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N400 application question
It has been 18 months since I applied to Remove Conditions and I am eligible to apply for Naturalization.

My question is will I include my tax returns with the N-400 submission or just bring them to my interview?
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Vermont to Potomac 9/8/2020 card production
Just received an email that new card has beed peoduced. Case transfered from Vermont to Potomac on Feb 20th 2019.

16 months waiting for this fucking day.

Good luck to all of you guys.
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397 days since filling with nebrasca
This is my 397 day of filling ROC with Nebrasca SC
Biometrics was early January 2020 and case still says " Case was Received "
Anyone from Nebrasca please share your timeline.
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i751 Jan2020?
Someone filed a i751 on JAN 2020?
My case is National Benefits Center.
Biometrics on Feb 2020.

241 days waiting.
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I751 after interview
What happens after receiving RFE after an interview?
I received one and sent more evidence mostly updated files and still there hasn’t been any reply yet but my USPS tracker says it has been delivered and signed for. Has anyone been in this situation? Please share what you did.

Thank you
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Biometrics/Fingerprints appointment
Any April 2020 filers who have received their Biometrics appointment?

I haven’t received any update since I got the i-767 approval notice.

I know things have slowed because of Covid but is it normal to wait 5 months?
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