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I 751 receipt for Vermont center
Any one who recently applied for I 751 but didn’t receive extension letter or receipt?
I applied apr 20 , 2020 online it says they received but it’s been more than month no extension letter or receipt received.
Any idea or experience?
Please share
Thank you
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California Service Center
Any news for the California center fillers?
Wanna share timelines?

I see a lot of Texas Service Center approvals but nothing from CA. :/
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Maimi - pending I751
Hey guys,
I submitted my my I751 application in Dec 2018, so it's been 17 months now since the documents were mailed and the receipt notice was received.

My case has been transferred back and forth between four USCIS offices, and now it's back in their Texas office. I've done my biometrics twice already, USCIS never asked for any additional evidences (we provided a lot of documents initially) , and yet my case is still pending and because the processing time keeps extending, my can never make it to the point when I can submit the inquiry "Outside the processing time".

In Dec 2019, I submitted my N400 application and did the biometrics in Jan 2020. In fact, I had my citizenship interview already scheduled for end April, but it got cancelled because of the covid19 lockdown.

Does anyone know if there's any connection / correlation between these two cases (I751 and N400) , and if my I751 might be pending because I already filed for citizenship? Or these are completely standalone cases, and my I751 is pending due to its own (unknown) reasons.

Thanks for everyone's help!
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Finally get I-751 Approved ^_^ extra hope for Nebraska filler
Finally, my i-751 waiver (with Divorce) status changed to New Card Is Being Produced. After all the waiting finally I can move on with my life. I pray for everyone who in this process the patience and all the strength to endure this. I know it is long but dont lose hope and keep your mentality strong.
my center is NEBRASKA, no interview no ref
My timeline:
7/17/2019 - Case received
7/22/2019 - Extension Letter received
12/2/2019 - Biometric scheduled and done
5/21/2020 - New Card Is Being Produced
seriously I Cann't believe my eyes, thank god and good luck every body pleaseeee don't loss hope.
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Is it advisable to get divorce this period ?Does anybody know if the courthouse is open for divorce? Its urgent thank you.
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I751 Nov 2018- Feb 2019
Hello everyone,
Are there any Texas fillers (Nov 2018- Feb 2019) who got an interview or got their CG approved?
I am following this Website closely and I am not seeing any updates from those who applied during the stated dates. I filed my I751 on Feb / 28/2019 , my case was transferred to local office on Jan 2020, but since then there were no updates!
I've seen Jun-Jul-Aug even Oct and Nov fillers getting approved. What is the situation here? I' kinda getting frustrated with the whole thing right now and do not know what to think about this or what actions should I take.
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I-751 SRC JAN 2019 - Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken since 11/2019"
Hi, my dates are:
I-751 Case Received on 1/28/2019
No N-400 application (In Dallas is taking up to 39 months)
Receipt SRC, never transferred, no RFE
Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken since 11/2019
Filed jointly
We are a normal couple, both worked in the last 3 Inc Taxes, but No Kids, I'm female and the beneficiary, my husband is 10 years younger
I see that a lot of cases after mine have been approved.
And there are just a few in my Status "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken since 11/2019" around my Num SRC199018...
And what is worst I see some from around Sept and October 2018 still in that status... waiting :(

I lost my job 2 months ago and now that the Stay at home is over in the State of Texas, I'm applying for a job every day, but with my extension letter expiring soon, it makes me nervous, and wonder, why some cases are stocked in this status?
Does someone know?
I will be out of time in 2 months
What worries me now, is that apparently USCIS is running out of money for normal operations and that, besides the additional measurements taken for COVID-19,
Current applications will be ... what? lost in time?
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Uscis news
On the website it says they may open on or after June 4th but I heard they will extend it so guys most of interview will be waived
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I-751 Approval
Originally Texas SC but moved to local office:

May 20, 2020 Case Was Approved
May 20, 2020 New Card Is Being Produced
May 20, 2020 Name Was Updated
April 22, 2020 Case Was Received At My Local Office
December 17, 2019 Fingerprint Review Was Completed
June 13, 2019 Case Was Received

Car insurance, joint account details, Medical Insurance as proof.
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Hello Guys,

Does anyone filed i751 in Nebraska got and update recently?

I just want to make sure it’s not only me. Please share your experience with Nebraska

Thank you
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