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Texas service center changing their address
New Address

Texas Service Center
6046 N Belt Line Rd.
Irving, TX 75038-0001
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I-751 journey so far...
SC: Potomac
Date filed: Mid Nov 2019

I'll fill in more details as they come....

<<< Supporting Documents >>>
(almost everything has my and wife's name on it)

* House deed
* Child's Birth Cert
* Joint Credit card statement since it was opened ~ 1.5 years
* Joint Checking account statements showing activity
* Joint taxes for last 3 years
* Bills (some in my name, some in wife's with address being the same)
* Checks
* Airline tickets/trips
* IDs (Costco membership, Health Insurance, state IDs)
* House insurance/flood insurance
* Car insurance
* Various letters from county / other people/ entities
* Pictures ( 100 Pages in ascending time order- 4 Pictures each page with captions) of self, with child, with family relatives, with friends, colleagues, etc
* 2 Affidavits (Notarized) from each's family members
* Greeting cards\gifts to each other/ from other people
* .. and some other things that I am now forgetting

Our full package was PRETTY defty (about 5 inches thick of supporting documents)

<<< Experience >>>

* Filed in Mid Nov 2019
* Got GC extension about 3 weeks later
* Got fingerprint notice in mid feb
* Took fingerprints two weeks after that
* (awaiting input)

<<< Issues >>>

* So mine is a bit strange. While I know the case is in process, the website status hasn't updated a bit....It still to date says "Case was Received"...
  I'm not worried but concerned as to why the system updates and notifications are not kept up.

<<< Questions >>>

* Anyone in the same boat or knows about the website case status issue?

Thanks and stay safe.
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Trump suspends H-1B visas, green cards till year-end
US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order on Monday restricting H-1B, L-1, and other temporary work permits, which he said is aimed at protecting local workers who are facing unemployment. "We have a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs of our citizens", said Trump in a statement. The decision will be effective until December 31.
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Hi everyone
I-751 sep 2020 marriage based
Biometric 11/2020
Request for additional evidence
Can you share your experience what evidence they usually ask for
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i751 Feb 2019 Texas
Is there anyone one with Feb 2019 or before filing date? My case is still showing recieved since Feb 2019. It was transferred to local office on Jan 2020 and since then no updates whatsoever! Is there anyone with the same issue or something which similar filing dates, but recieved their GC. I do not understand how USCIS's reasoning work. Your replies are highly appreciated.
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Current processing time for removal of conditions CA
I submitted my I751 application for removal of conditions (joint application with my wife who is a US citizen) to the CA center in January 2020. It is now over 6 months and I have heard absolutely nothing. The case status on the site just says application received as of January 17th. Does anyone have any information to share on current process and timelines at all? Would be super helpful if you can :)
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Escalation to a Senator
Has anyone filed an inquiry to a Senator asking for help with the pending USCIS case? How did it go and what was the situation?

I sent an inquiry to the Senator of my state because my I751 case has been processed for over 18 months now, and we're not given any clear information on why it's been taking so long. We're just asked to keep waiting every time we call the 800 number. I'm not even sure if the 800 number people are actually entitled to do anything besides giving you the information that's already publicly available on the USCIS official website... This wait is exhausting!

Appreciate you guys sharing your experience and help!
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I751 Card Being Produced!
Do not give up my wonderful people awaiting this process...
Of course this forum helped me throughout my i751 process (from start to today 06/22/20).

I751 application submitted Feb, 2019 (filed jointly with my husband). California Office.

Biometrics November, 2019.
Case transferred from California to
Potomac December, 2019.

RFE February, 2020.
RFE updated April, 2020.

Card Being Produced 06/22/2020.
Again, do not give up....
Thanks for this forum, and for everyone that contributed with their updates to give HOPE to those awaiting.
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USCIS card production delays

Is there anybody else with an approved case from about June 9/10 that’s still waiting on their card to be delivered. Are the USCIS furloughs affecting card production too? I figured I should ask the community before calling USCIS.
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My experience - waiting for interview/divorce waiver
Hi everyone,
my application was received 5/24/19, did my fingerprints 7/1/19, and got RFE 3/31/20. Vermont SC.
The app got transferred 5/4/20 to NBC and on 6/2/20 I got a notification that the case is ready for interview.

Did anyone have an interview since offices reopened ?
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