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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa (Business) Approved in 2nd Attempt
Earlier my B1 Visa was rejected under 214 (B) in Feb and then I appeared again in August
(The reason for rejection was, I came from USA and joined the same company I worked as contractor. And I applied for Visa immediately after I joined)
Interviewer : Hi
Me : Hi Good morning
and then the interview continued ...
1. what is the purpose of your visit? : I explained the purpose exactly as mentioned in the invitation letter
2. what changed between your last rejection and now ? : When I applied in past I had just completed my 1.5 months in XX and as on today I am with XX from 8 months
3. why you left previous company XXXXXX when you were working in USA on L1B Visa?
: I wanted to come back to India and I got good opportunity in India
4. why did you came back from USA to India : My wife wanted to work in India as she was not getting job
6. Is your wife working in India now: No
7. Not working then why you came back: We just had a baby
8. What is your annual income : I have 14 years experience in IT and my current company paying good (including RSU)

You VISA is approved

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B1 visa rejected, New Delhi

I'd like to know the visa rejection rate at US Embassy, New Delhi. I applied for B1 visa which got rejected; VO asked the purpose of the visit, what do you do, are you single or married, annual salary and rejected!!!

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B1(mine) and B2(wife) refused under 214b
Tier 1 college,MNC,9 years IT experince,B1 mine,B2 wife(same slot)


Q:Purpose of visit ?
A:Attending training workshops and internal meetings for upcoming release.

Q:Can you explain why do you need 3 weeks ?
A:Multiple Training Sessions I need to attend and Internal meetings will be need analysed for
implementation to finally come to some conclusion.

Q: Experience in MNC

4 years

Q: Salary


Q:(To wife)Duration of marriage ?
A: One and half year.

Q:(To wife)Working or not ?
A: No.

Q:(To wife)Having Kid or not ?
A: No.
Rejected both B1 and B2 ....with 214b .I dont know the reason yet..
Can you guys please help ?
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Need Help - Urgently
Hi All,

I'm going to attend my B1 visa interview in 2days.
By mistake I mentioned intention to stay in 14days where as my actual intention in only 7days. Idk how I did it, realized after my form submission.

Now I cannot edit it :(
is it fine if I tell my actual intention at the time of interview ?
How serious is this?
am I reject for this kind of mistake?

Please suggest

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My US b1/b2 applications rejected twice in 10 days under sections 214 [ b] inspite of its genuine

Good morning .

my 2nd visa appointment is at Kolkata on 2nd August 2018 . My interview went along well today as i was asked the following questions: me your passport; Shown

2. Which company you are working : US MNC [ company full name ] for their BPO office in Bhopal , India

.3. What is the company's business : spend management , _____ solutions and ______ management
4. What is your designation : Operations Manager
5. What type of training is scheduled and what is the topic and purpose : Analytical tools and solutions [ I briefed her about all the solutions and tools ]

6. Have you been to any other country earlier , when and for how many days : Yes UK, in ____

She said that you just joined this company recently in JUNE so how the company is calling you for three weeks training ( Is this specifically for you or they have a practice of calling all the new employees )..

So here there was doubt of intent as was in first interview in Delhi .

Like in Delhi , I tried here also to show hard copies of all my documents i.e. offer letter, mails from my Employer , my proof of income and property, my previous company letter of experience and Form 16, but already she made up her mind . She said that though you have a job but you are not qualifying .

Again the lady consular gave me letter of 214 ( b) stating , that you have just joined recently in June and how they can call you for three weeks training there, so they doubt the intent .

So please advice now what to do next as I have tried my best and did well in the interview too but their criterion for qualification for a new employee in a MNC is complex and its hard for them to believe that the company is calling this new employee for training .

Instead If I would have applied for normal tourist visa for sight seeing etc, ,they would have easily passed me as they are doing for most of the applications who visit USA just as a tourist for sight seeing . Or should I have applied for only B1 visa or only B2 visa or only H3 visa
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Administrative processing 221g Green Mumbai

My interview was held on 30th April 2018 in Mumbai... No questions asked and the interviewier told me after 5 mints that my case will go for administrative processing and we will get back to you in 2 days time by email.

Now 3 months I. e 90 days have passed and the status still remains the same I. e. Your case is undergoing administrative processing..

Is anyone else facing the same issue ???
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B1B2 VISA Chennai consular approved
Thanks a lot to the forum, it helped me prepare well for the interview.

Day-1 biometric [ do not go there before time, just 5-10 mins before]. Carry with you DS160 confirmation letter and appointment letter along with your passport.
They will ask for your name and DOB for confirmation and then click photograph and scan finger prints.

Day-2: be there before 30 mins. My interview was at 8:00 AM and i reached the center at 7:30 AM. There will queues for everything and the system is managed well. Carry supporting documents and day-1 documents. Do NOT carry MOBILE phone and electronic gadgets, smart watch etc.

My interview details:
• what is the purpose of your visit?
I will be visiting our head office in YYY to attend customer and internal meetings. Will have technical discussion for the issues faced in the current release, and analyze requests to develop a road-map which I could start working on after my return.
• What is your designation and salary?
I am working as a YYY with and annual salary of YY.YY LPA [ quite good for a person with 2 years experience as per Indian avg package]
• How many years have you been working?
For an year and 2 months. Also have been intern with same company for year 2016-17.
• What is your plan for the week?
[I listened to it as weekend]. No sir, I am not there for weekend. Just for 5 days.
• Yes, for the week.
Will be reaching YYY on YYY and will have meeting till XXX noon time. Post lunch will have internal road-map discussion and then on ZZZ will meet my engineering team and will return to India on same day.
• How big is your team?
Sir, we are a team of many people each working on specific domain. I work with ZZZ and we are a team of 5 people.
• Have you traveled to US before?
NO, I have been to YYY. [European country which also a VISA process and details on your financial status.]
• How often do you plan to travel to US?
Once in 3 year, when a new project kicks in. Like this time also I was invited on YYY when the project started but did not got VISA date.
… he was continuously typing…
Sir, we have been discussing over webex/mails. Since it is time consuming we cannot risk delay.

And then the golden words…”it’s okay your VISA IS APPROVED”.

Left with a big smile. Thank you sir, have a good day :)

** prepare well be confident.
** focus on the question. Do not keep speaking.
** dress well
** carry documents [in case needed]

Although my experience was just 1yr and 2 months but got approved, it all depends on how well you answer and sometimes on the company too. Mine is one of the top companies of US so that was a plus point.
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Non immigrant
Good day Sir/ma
Please While filling the application form 160 for non immigrant visa, pls can i use my brother's bank account information because of insufficient fund in my bank account?
Hope to read from you soonest, thanks...

My regards...
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I attended my interview yesterday in kampala uganda and my visa got rejected and this is how it went
VO : good morning
me: good morning sir
he guided me on how to take finger prints.
after that.
VO: why are you travelling
ME: i was invited to attend aconference to represent my company since ts one of the sponsors.
VO: whats your role in the company.
ME: business development officer
VO: have ever travelled to any country for business development

MY question is this guy dint look at any document . and where did i go wrong
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B1 Visa rejected
Attended visa interview in Hyderabad

VO: Passport
Me: Gave Passport and said good morning
VO: You are from which company?
VO: what is annual package?
Me: XYZ lacs per annum
VO: what is your designation?
VO: How long you will stay in US?
Me: 3 weeks
VO: Have you ever travelled to US before?
Me: No
VO: Have you Married? And when
Me: Yes am Married 2 years ago.
VO: What is the purpose of the visit?
Me: To attend the training/KT sessions.
VO: Sorry, Cannot approve this time. You may re-apply later. Thank you with smile.
Me: May I know the reason please why it’s been rejected
VO: She handed a letter (214-B) & said all the details are present please check.

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