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Business Visa - B1

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B1/B2 rejected (mostly due to discrepancy in DS-160)
Attended visa interview in Chennai.

VO: Your place of birth is "XXX"?
Me: Yes
VO: Because its mentioned "YYY".
Me: I have been living here for 8 years, completed my graduation and came here for work.
VO: Ok, So you need to go to California for 3 weeks?
Me: Yes.
VO: One or two more questions related to work and all.

VO: You are ineligible. Handed over 214-B.

Later on, I discovered I accidentally mentioned my place of birth as "YYY" on DS-160 whereas it was "XXX" on the passport. Can this be the only reason? Will reapplying immediately help in this case with correct information?
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B1 Visa Interview Experience - Hyderabad ( Approved)
Hello Guys,

Thanks to each one of you who have put all the questions on this forum. It was really helpful for my preparation. Mental preparation for this interview is very important as it will build confidence in you during the time of interview.

Day 1 : Finger Prints.

It will hardly take 5 mins. Don't carry unnecessary documents. All you need is passport, DS 160 and appointment letter. Just go to the center 5-10 min before the scheduled time. Don't waste your time by going early.

Day 2 : Interview

My interview was scheduled at 9.30. I reached the center at 9.Again don't carry unnecessary document, honestly passport,DS160 and appointment letter are more than enough. All the initial process of getting inside the interview room will take around 30-40 mins. Just be calm and be patient.

For B1, it is advisable to be in Formals. So dress up for the occasion. Once you receive the token, you need to stand in the queue of the token number. Most probably there will be 4 people in front of you who will be awaiting for the interview.

I have observed people will start to panic when they start observing other people interviews. There will be multiple counters and you will be observing /hearing all the interviews. Most of the time the final words of VO are sorry sir we cannot process your visa this time. These are quite common there as there will be different Visa applicants.

Interview for Four guys in front of me lasted for around 5 min, VO kind of literally bombarded them with various questions and rejected them.

Finally my turn came, with little butterflies inside my stomach I entered the Lion's Den

VO : Passport
Me : Gave Passport and said Good Morning, How are you doing today.
VO : Already Thrusday, waiting for the weekend ( with a smile )

This was exactly the start I was looking for as non of the other guys even bothered to ask her this question.

Me : True. Almost a Firday :)
VO : You are from XYZ company
ME : Yes

Trust me, coming from a reputed company makes your job half done. VO will have certain companies in mind where the approve rate is almost 90%.

VO : What is your annual Package

VO: How long is your stay

VO : How long have you been with the current Company

VO : What is your designation

VO : What are you going to do in US
ME: Going to participate in couple of my firm training programs.

VO : Is it a Client Training
ME: NO. It is internal.

VO : Your Visa is approved.
ME : Thank you. Have a good day.

Whole interview lasted for 40 sec. The questions will be fast and they expect genuine and quick response.

Just be honest and pray God. Everything will be fine.

Hope it was useful.


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About B1 VISA
Dear All,

I am applying for B1 VISA for attending one scientific conference. Previously I got USA VISA for 1 year in 2014. When I applied for this conference, I was working with a Government in contract now my contract is over and presently I am working as independent researcher. I got full funding (Hotel, Meal, Air Fair, Registration fees) from World Meteorological Organization fro attending this conference. Previously I travelled in USA, Nepal and Italy also. Means I have travel history also.

Is there any issue in getting VISA? Is present unemployment will be the issue for getting? Please suggest me if consulate ask me about present employer what should I say?

Please help me
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B1 Visa July19, 2018
Appearing for an American Visa Interview is a nightmare for many. In this answer I would detail my US Visa Interview Experience at the US Embassy in Doha, Qatar.
**Visa Category: Business (B1)**
**Nationality/Passport: India**
**Age: 23**
**Resident of Qatar, working as an Engineer with a leading employer. My scope of work is into Healthcare Robotics.**
I received my letter of invitation on 15th of July evening from our business associate in Los Angeles. The same evening itself I filled my DS-160 form and got my DS-160 Submission Confirmation. I began collecting my documents and preparing them for the next two days and on 17th July I opened their appointment portal to fetch a slot for my interview and fortunately the rush in US Embassy was a bit less so I got my appointment for 19th of July. This quick turnaround time may come as a big surprise for people living in India as I have seen the long lines outside Mumbai Consulate.
19th of July finally arrived and my appointment was scheduled for 09.45am. I was a bit nervous but my preparation was exhaustive as I had a strong itinerary and papers to prove my application. I arrived a bit early at the embassy, but they did let me in. They verified my documents and my fingerprints were captured and subsequent to that I was asked to move ahead to a big hall were around 100 people were sitting and waiting for their number to be called. I could see 3 Counters where VOs where calling in applicants and were interviewing them. I had to wait almost for an hour and by 10.30 am I could see my number being called on the display system. I rush ahead to the counter and the conversation starts as following:
**VO (A young American guy in his early 30s) : Hi, Can I have your passport please?**
**Me: Good Morning! Sure (Hands over my Passport)**
**VO: What is the purpose of your travel**
**Me: I go business meetings in America with our associate**
**VO: Okay, Which place you would be going to?**
**Me: Los Angeles**
**VO: Can I have the letter from your employer?**
**Me: Hands over the letter, in the meantime VO keeps typing**
**VO: Can you describe more about your meetings over there?**
**Me: I got a business review with our associate over there and later on I need to be at UCLA to see their Robotic System in Action. I also need to sit with them for clinical paper reviews.**
**VO: Who exactly you will be meeting there?**
**Me: I will be meeting their Commercial Head and Clinical Support Team**
**VO: Since how long you are here?**
**Me: 07 months**
**VO: Why your employer wants to send you?**
**Me: Since I spearhead the robotics business in my organisation, they find my presence to bring more value proposition for our growth in business. **
**VO: Where were you employed before this?**
**Me: In India**
**VO: Which other countries you have been to?**
**Me: I have been to UAE & Oman twice for business and around two months back I had been to Sweden and Denmark for business meetings.**
**VO: Have you been to the Netherlands?**
**Me: No! In Qatar, Netherlands is responsible for handling visa applications for Sweden and Denmark and that is why you can see a visa stamp in my passport from the Embassy of Netherlands in Doha.**
**VO: Were you working with the same employer in India?**
**Me: No, I was working with another employer but I was into the same business function of healthcare robotics.**
**VO: What kind of business is operated by your employer?**
**Me: Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Distribution & Supply to all healthcare institutions in Qatar and I look after New Innovation & Robotics Division in this.**
**VO: Can I have your bank statement?**
**Me: Yes, and hands over the statement ( He doesn't even takes a look on my statement)**
**VO: Are you married?**
**Me: Not yet, I am single**
**After all these questions, he keeps typing in his system for a while and I keep looking at him with confidence. A few moments later:**
**VO: Okay! Everything sounds great, Your visa has been approved for 10 years with multiple entry. You can collect your passport from ARAMEX Office once you receive an email.**
**Me: Thank you so much & God Bless these United States of America!**
I leave the counter with a big smile and rush back to office for work. The only tip I got to give is to be confident while answering, be honest and prepare your application with maximum details. You got one goal and this is to convince him that you would return back to your country of Residence and wont be a national threat to America.

**Good Luck!**
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B1 Approved - Hyderabad consulate
Thanks each and everyone in this forum who are posting their queries, experiences and answers.

This site is really helpful and must be referred for any type of visa interview so that each of us get a confidence on what to speak and what not to speak.

My Visa interview:
VO: On what visa you are going?
Me: Going on B1 to attend Business Meeting

VO: What is your experience and your salary
Me: 14 Years and told my package

VO: How long you stay?
Me: 3 weeks

VO: What is your role at offshore and onsite
Me: clearly told them what i am doing here and in onsite

Thats it. He took my passport and told me that i will get my passport after it is stamped.

What i observed in the whole interview process is that, you should be clear on why you are going(Co-relate everything with meetings / presentations) and you should tell them very confidently.
VO will monitor your eyes. So also maintain eye contact.
Dont reply them like you are giving an answer keeping long gaps in your reply. Make proper sentencing.
Every VO give max to 30 sec - 2 mins(max) for the entire interview process. So if you manage first 30 sec you are done.

I am also hoping experienced people have more chances of B1 approvals.
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B1 approved 19th July Mumbai consulate
My VO was talking very fast and he was expecting short answers in one sentence.
Location- US consulate, Mumbai
Me: Good morning Sir (Greeted with smile).
VO: Good morning ( No smile)
VO: So which location would you be travelling in US?
Me: Sorry sir, I could not hear you.
VO: So which location would you be travelling in US?
Me: XXX office at Boston.
VO: What is the reason for your travel?
Me: Sorry again sir, could not hear you…
VO: What is the reason?
Me: I represent YYY(my comapny name) and would be attending a global workshop in XXX office. I work as a CAD….
VO stopped me and asked: YYY is a big company with over 9 million employees. Why only you are selected? What is the purpose? Is there any specific reason?(This was the longest question from him. I patiently waited for him to finish off with his question).
Me: Yes sir, I have around 9 years of experience in this area and also I am an individual contributor. Currently YYY my unit uses machined based system and we are advancing towards cloud based system. XXX is a cloud based system and they are conducting a global workshop for our comapny. My colleagues from France, Shangai, Brno and Torrance will be attending…. It will be…. (I was about to mention duration and family tie-up but VO stopped me)
(That’s it. He looked convinced)
VO: How long?
Me: 2 weeks sir.
VO: Your visa is approved. You will receive passport in the address mentioned in appointment letter. (He smiled finally)
Me: Sure, thank you sir.
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B1 rejected.
questions asked, i add my comments too.
1. Why 3 weeks?
2. why cannot your manager travel?
3. how many employees are there in your company?
4. what is your current salary?
5. purpose?
6. what kind of project?
7. what you do?

can someone give me best answers???

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B1 Visa approved - Hyderabad
Today, My B1 visa got approved .. Here is my interview experience ..

VO : Hello Good morning!
VO : Where are going ?
VO : For how many days?
VO : You have H1B visa right? Where did stay there..
VO : Is the same company sponsoring the B1?
VO : Purpose the visit?
VO : Are you married ?
VO : Do you have kids?
VO : Do you have Owen house here?
VO : what is your designation ?
VO : Your role?
VO : What is your annual salary?
VO : Can you please describe me more details of your 2 weeks?
VO : Your visa got approved … Have a safe journey 
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 Today my b1 visa is rejected. i don't know the exact reason.
 My interview went as follows:
VO : Good Morning
ME: Good Morning.
VO : Give me your passport?
Me: Given
VO : what is the purpose of your visit?
ME : Explained the reason for visit.
VO: How long your going to stay in usa?
ME : 4 weeks.
VO: what is your job title?
ME : explained the about my job title.
VO: what is your designation?
ME : said i am working as lead.
VO: what is your annual package?

at last he waited for some time and gave me 214(B) form.
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B1 Visa Approved- Chennai
Interview was in chennai at 09/07/2018

VO(Lady): Passport Pls
ME:: Good Morning and handover the passport
VO: Where are you going to ?
ME: Sanjose, California
VO: What is the purpose of travel?
ME: To attend Business meeting
VO: Are you working in YYY Company ?
ME: yes , right
VO: Duration of visit ?
ME: 2 weeks
VO: What is the purpose ?
ME: To attend meeting
VO: Purpose of the meeting ?
ME: To discuss about the challenges faced in the current release and how to tackle in the upcoming project.
VO: Are you going to meet client ?
ME: No, we don’t have client as we are from product based company. I am going there to meet my peer team.
VO: You mean to say , no Client ?
ME: yes.
VO: why can’t you do it online ?
ME: Mine is hardware based project , right now 3 prototype is available, based on the discussion with Hardware team need to finalize the product and will come back to India to start working on it.
VO: What is your Designation?
ME: Software Engineer
VO: what is your Package ?
ME: yyy per month
VO: Annual package ?
ME : XXX (while filling online DS 160 I gave take home(after tax ,pf) as a my salary, hence there was some huge difference in monthly pack and annually pack))
VO: Why there is a difference in package?
ME: I had mentioned Take home in DS 160, my Gross salary per month. (Gross salary x12)+ PF deduction+ Bonus will come around XXX annually. I had payslip and started taking it to support my answer. She said, pay slip not required.
VO: How long you are in this Company ?
ME: 8 yrs
VO: How long you were in zzz(previous) company ?
ME : 4 yrs
VO: Ho you have 12 yrs of experience ?
ME: yes
VO: Okie, Your visa is approved .
Me: Thank you and Have a great day.

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