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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa Experience
Lived in US 7 years on previous F1 Student Visa..

First B1 Visa Denied in March 2013.

Second Attempt: B1 Visa Interview 6th July, 2018

Me: Good Morning

VO: No response..

VO: Why you want to go to US?

ME: My Company makes ****** ****(product), I have 2 objectives on this trip, First I have to attend a trade show where I have to setup my company’s stand in Las Vegas, Second I have a meeting with our existing client in USA in ......, GA, My father is also coming along on this trip.

VO: what is your clients name?

Me: ***** Inc.

VO: what does your client do?

Me: They are wholesalers of *****(product) in USA

VO: Is this a family Business?

Me: Yes it’s a family business, my father is the owner.

VO: checks the computer for 30 seconds

You had an arrest in US, what was it for?

Me: it was for a traffic ticket, I had an unpaid traffic ticket for which I got issued a warrant which I was unaware of, was arrested a month later, I have the documents from the court.

VO: what do you have?

Me: it’s a disposition from court.

VO: show me whatever you have.

Me: handed over the file...

VO: Checking the documents.... about a minute passes..

ME: it was a Misdemeaner

VO: yea yea i can see

VO: checks the system again, did you say you have no other tickets?

Me: yea I told you it was for an expired insurance, i got another ticket after a month, that’s when I learned that I had a warrant in my name.

VO: starts typing something in the system for a minute....

VO: did you say your father is going along?

ME: yes my father is going along with me, his Visa was issued 3 days ago.

VO: Ok.

Starts typing again for about 2 minutes....

This is the moment I feel my Visa will not be approved.

VO: Golden words “Your Visa is approved”

Me: Thank You Mam

I walk away without wasting a single second..

My 2 cents: They are not looking for your confidence, they want the truth. So don't lie, say what's the truth and repeat if you fail.
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B1/B2 Visa Got Approved - Chennai
Myself and my wife attended the B1/B2 visa today (5th July 2018) at Chennai. Below are the questions.

VO: Good Morning. Please give me your passports.
ME: Good Morning Sir. Sure.

VO: Why are you travelling to US?
ME: For tourism purpose and visit my *****

VO: Where will you stay in US?
ME: New Jersey

VO: What are you doing here?
ME: I am working in *** company

VO: How much you earn here?
ME: **** Indian rupees

VO: How long will you stay in US?
ME: 2 weeks

VO: Have you ever visited US before?
ME: No

VO: Have you ever visited any other country?
ME: No

VO: How long you have been married?
ME: XX years

VO: When was your L1 visa got rejected?
ME: I said year and month.

He said your visa is approved. Please collect your passport in a week.

Be confident and give true answers. Hope for the best.

Good Luck. All the best.
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B1 Visa Approved - Chennai
Last Year may month my B1 visa got rejected and again i have applied for this year and its got approved.

VO : Hello, GM, how are you?
Me : GM, doing great, how about you
VO : Good.

Purpose of the visit? I would like to visit the client office in RI to attend business meeting and to understand the future business requirement, so I can come back and make necessary arrangement to provide better service. This meeting will help us to build better relationship with them.

What is your company name : XXXXX

what is your designation : XXXX

what is about new business requirement : We are supporting this client for more than 4 years and now we are planning to expand our business.

explain about new business : I have explained about new projects

How long you have been working with current company – 10 years 9 months

Where are you traveling : xxxx

Why you have chosen to travel – I smiled and said - since I have very good knowledge in the health domain, we strongly believe I can help them out in the future business requirement.

Are you married : yes and i have one princess and she just started her schooling.

VO : smiled and typed something in the system

Then she said the Golden word - "Your visa is approved."

I said thank you and left the counter.

Note : They are looking at your eyes when you are explaining about purpose of visit and explaining about the project. So please be very confident while explaining about purpose and project.

Don't be afraid looking at them, Just do your best


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B1 visa reapplication
My B1 visa was rejected last year in July. I am re-applying and need inputs on what could have gone wrong.

VO: Hello, Pass your passport please.
Me: Hello, Gave the passport.

VO: Why are you traveling to US
Me: I want to attend meetings with XXXX clients and the product's architect in US for the new upcoming project. The meetings are to discuss the road-map and technical details related to the project.

VO: What's your designation
Me: Software engineer.

VO: Are you having managerial role in this organization ?
Me: No.

VO: How long have you been with current organization
Me: 1 year

VO: Sorry, cannot approve this time. You may re-apply later and details are in the letter.
        Handed a letter with 214(B)
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Need Help
Hi Guys,

I am going to attend conference in Vegas in August. Kindly help me regarding B1 visa interview. Kindly response to the questions given below with their best answers.

1, Why you are traveling? Like Why You ?

2, What is the purpose of your travel?
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Need help for my B1 interview
Hi All,

I see this site has great value to understand how the overall interview process.

I have an interview appointment 2nd week of July. I need inputs for couple of points below.

I need to travel on B1 visa and this is a genuine case. I work for a MNC and while filling DS-160, my company mobility team asked me to fill my company address location in Texas office. But actually i need to goto Washington MD. I have a client invitation letter to attend these meeting in Washington. I informed the same to my company mobility team, but they still insisted me to fill Texas office.

They also asked me to opt 3 weeks, though i told them it will be for 2 weeks.

My question is, can i tell the VO that, for 1st week i need to meet my Glogal Head and Sales team in Texas and have meetings to define strategy and we all going to client in MD and having meeting for 2 weeks? can someone please tell me, what is the better approach?

More over, while filling DS-160, we need to provide the from US return date. I filled it as July 20. But after finishing the DS-160 and while paying the application only i came to know that there are no slots till 2nd week of July. Considering the 3 weeks of my plan, will there be any -ve scope?

Can anyone please help me in above cases and what i need to respond?

Thanks in advance,
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B1 Visa Approved
He asked me about Purpose, i told him i am attending my company's annual conference in NJ in our corporate headquarter, he asked invite for the conference, asked about my work ex, if i have been out anywhere before, my highest qualification and said the golden words..
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US COnsular Interview
Consular officer asked below:-
1. VO- Good Morning !
2. Me- Good morning Mam !
3. VO- WHat is purpose of Visit
4. Me- To be part of series of Business Meeting with company top management
5. VO-How long will you stay ?
6. Me- For 2 weeks mam
7.VO-What is your profession?
8-Me- I am a CA & CS

9-VO-Golden words- Your VISA has been approved and have a safe Journey
10- Me- Thanks Mam and have a very good day.

Guys one advice to all--please be very normal and don't try to act smart as they easily find out everytime and try be real in what your puspose is...Honesty brings real confidence in face and be a gentle look not over attractive being over formal or such.

Good luck guys
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Visa Officer asked me below questions:

1. Why are you going to US?
2. Are you working for company name?
3. What is company name?
4. What do you do?
5. Who is your client?
6.Do you have company's invitation letter?
7. Why you go for 4 weeks?
8. Do you have scheduled meetings agenda?
9. Will you do programming there?
10. Do you any relatives in USA?
11. Have you ever been abroad?
12. Will you not stay more than 1 month there?

And finally golden words: I am approving your visa sir.
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Why are you going to USA?
To attend business meetings and discussions
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