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EB3 PD Jan 2019 RFE for Medicals requested
Hi everyone, just curious. How long is the waiting time to adjucate a case after you have submitted RFE for I-693 ? And do they tend to waive interview if they have sent RFE for medical instead of scheduling interview ? TSC
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EB1C; 485 status "New Card Produced"
Here is my timeline

Category - EB1C, India

PD - 12/11/2018
485/765/131 RD - 04/06/2021 (Non-concurrent)
Biometrics - 06/11/2021
485J receipt - 08/31/2021
485 New card Produced - 09/13/2021
FO - Hartford, CT
Series - MSC2191140***

This forum is very helpful & provided lot of insight. Wishing everyone good luck with your GC journey..!!!
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L1A to GC

I received my GC, and since this forum has been helpful to me I'd like to take the opportunity to share my timeline.

Arrived in the US on L1A visa - from ZA

Concurrent filing of I-140, I-485, I-131, I-765:
Texas Service Centre

Received date: 12-16-2019

RD: 12/16/2019
Biometrics taken: 01/31/2020
RFE: 04/29/2020
RFE Response: 05/18/2020
RFE Received: 09/22/2020
Service request: 12/01/2020 (outside normal processing time)
Approved: 12/11/2020

I-131 Travel Parole & I-765 EAD:
RD: 12/16/2019
Approved: 02/26/2020 (valid for 12 months)
Renewal application:
RD: 12/28/2020
Service Request: 06/07/2021 (outside normal processing time)
Response received: 06/08/2021 (will be processed when it comes up next in line)
Service Request: 08/02/2021 (outside normal processing time)
No response received, no approval received.

I485 AOS:
RD: 12/16/2019
Biometrics fee:12/20/2019 (We accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485)
Biometrics taken: 01/31/2020
Biometrics: 05/27/2021 (The fingerprints relating to your Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, were taken)
Approval: 08/31/2021 (We ordered your new card)
Approval: 09/02/2021 (We approved your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status)
GC in hand: 09/03/2021

Take care and good luck!
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Timing question
Hi, PD Aug 2020, I-485/I-131/I-765- Received on May 20th 2021, I-140 approved May 25th 2021, Biometrics Aug 11th 2021.

I am wondering when we are going to receive our EAD? Is someone here around these dates that can give me your experience?.

The portal is not even telling the biometrics have been taken/received.

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L1B to H1B to EB1C
My name was picked up under H1B lottery in the 29th July draw, I’m seeking your guidance on the if. how to proceed with the H1B application and clarity on the implications on the below:

Current situation:
- My visa status is L1B, which is currently valid from 19th June 2019 till 18th June 2022
- Filed under EB1 Green card applications(I-140, AOS etc…) on 14th August 2021
- My wife is currently on L2 EAD
- Per our earlier discussion, I’m scheduled for visa interview for change of status at the Canada USA Consulate on 18th January’22
- In addition, applied for change of status L1B to L1A under regular processing(online) on August’21, awaiting result

My Understanding of Implications if we decide to move to H1B as Change of Status are following:
- Makes GC case much stronger(takes managerial question out of equation)
- No risk of visa status until green card is approved, can be renewed multiple times
- Don’t need to go for L1A for change of status
- My wife loose the job and ability to work here in US for now..
- If green card application is rejected, I will loose L1 status through which myu wife would have been able to work for the time i have the L1 status valid
- very high emotional cost for my wife as she will have to quit the current job, await EAD and then again go through the process of finding new job

if we opt for Consular notification
- My wife can continue to work here in US till her EAD is valid and no break in work authorization as we'll likely get the EAD on green card AOS application
- Makes the green card application less stronger as I will be judged on L1B
- Risk of going out of work authorization and might need to move back to India for some time
- Will need to travel out of the country before L1B renewal to get the stamp. No option to renew it from here in US

Continue the current visa status L1B and hope to get the L1B to L1A visa interview approval
- L1B 1st renewal due in June'2022
- Still need to convert the visa to L1A which is risky
- Higher risk of rejection of green card

Looking for advice on what is the recommendation looking at the situation and facts
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Asked to lawyer interfilling i693 no rfe

I agree with Attorney Namita, You are best to wait until it is requested because an RFE will include a coded front page for sending in the medical. Without that coded page it may take longer for the medical to be joined to the file or the medical may be lost.


I also think best to wait for the RFE since as one of my colleagues has stated, the RFE would have a barcode which is how USCIS makes sure submissions are sent to the file. If you send in now with just the receipts it will probably get there, but, USCIS has been known to lose/misplace things in some instances even filing fees, perhaps more than you might think.
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Eb3 row Texas service center SRC or TSC
I'm wondering anybody still waiting for 2018. OR 2019
 i485 fillers waiting for get approval because processing
time Texas it says .
Employment-based adjustment applications
62 months almost 5 years ....
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Is there any experience with Postdoc apply ?
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I485 approval after i140
Hello everyone, I wonder how long you waited for your i485 approval after USCIS approved your I140.
My case is EB2 NIW, and my I140 was approved in June this year (TX office).
I haven't received an RFE for medicals yet.

My PD is 2021/4/6.

Should I expect it still takes many months?
Since I read some people said I485 is first come first serve basis, I am hoping my case will be approved relatively soon (within a few months).
Or if i140 is approved only recently, do I need to wait for a while even if i485 PD is many months ago?

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EB1a GC approved
Hi folks,

Received GC on Saturday july 31st and drove to Mexico from San Diego for a day trip and came back. Following is timeline. Dependent EB1a applicant
PD - June 2018 EB 1a
RD - October 1 2020
FP - Jan 5 2021
March 2021 - transferred to NBC
May 2021 - transferred to local office - San Diego
July 26 2021 - new card ordered( interview waived )
July - 29 - card shipped
July 31st - card received.

Good luck to all who are in waiting. Seems like the processing times have improved and are getting better.
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