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EB2-NIW green Card
Here is my time line:
Visa Category: EB2 NIW:
Service Center: Nebraska

12/13/2016: I-140 Approved
12/22/2016: I-485, I-765,, I-131 filed for
01/03/2017: I-485, I765,, I-131 case received by USCIS
03/02/2017: Biometrics completed
03/07/2017: EAD combo card received
07/11/2017: I-485 update; Card in production
07/12/2017: I-485 approved
07/14/2017: Green card mailed
07/18/2017 Green Card received
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TSC - Received date April 25 and beyond
Hi , if any one who filed with Texas service center whose filing date is on or after 25th April 2017 got EAD approved. please let me know. Mine is April 25th 2017 - EB1
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Any chance of approval before August?
Here is my profile.

Visa category: EB-­2 ROW
Processed by: Nebraska Service Center

02/22/2017 Priority date
04/21/2017 PERM approved by DOL
05/15/2017 I­-140 & I­-485 filed concurrently with Premium Processing
06/05/2017 Case received by USCIS (I have no idea why delivery took so long)
06/07/2017 Check for filing fee cashed
06/14/2017 RFE on I­-140 issued
06/21/2017 RFE on I­-140 responded
06/23/2017 Biometrics appointment notice issued
06/26/2017 RFE on I-­140 received by USCIS
06/29/2017 ***I-­140 APPROVED***
07/13/2017 Biometrics completed

Now, final actions on the EB-­2 ROW visa category are going to be retrogressed according to the DOS Visa Bulletin for August 2017. This means my case will not be adjudicated from August 1 until at least October 1.

My question is: is there any remote chance my I­-485 will be approved before August 1?

I recognize it is a long shot (especially given the heavy caseload at the NSC), but I am still hopeful for the following reasons:
1. The I-­140 has already been approved and the biometrics completed. An interview will probably not be necessary (it is usually waived for employment-­based petitions), so I-­485 approval would be the last step in the long process.
2. I think my case is pretty uncomplicated (no criminal history, no dependents on the petition, no Class A medical condition on Form I-­693, which was filed concurrently), so I cannot imagine anything that could possibly trigger an RFE.
3. I did not apply for EAD/AP, given that I am already on H­-1B well within the expiration date.

Any thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated. I keep my fingers crossed for all my fellow prospective green­-card holders.
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EB1-A (Extraordinary Ability)
Filed concurrently I-485, I-131,I-765 on 05/03/17. Received by USCIS 05/08 (NSC)-Nebraska.
Biometrics done 06/07.

My case is still pending, I still haven't received the combo card or any other update from USCIS.

Anyone in EB1-A can comment on when they received their AP/EAD?

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Has any January or later 2017 filers in EB2-ROW received i-485 approvals recently?
Just wondering if EB2 visas are already over or they're still approving cases. I'm aware of the retrogression stuff, though (which applies from Aug-1).
I am seeing approvals in EB1/EB3 categories in the meantime, which is not surprising provided they're all "current" even next month.
My case is -- PD: 02/19/016, i-140 approved: 12/14/016, RD (485 etc.): 01/09/017. EB2-NIW-ROW.
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I-485 taking longer than processing date
Hello everyone,
Would really appreciate an advice.
I am EB2, applied together with my wife (H1B and H4).
Nebraska center.

08/31/16 I-140 and I-485 filled concurrently
09/14/2016 I-140 approved
9/19/16 EAD was mailed
Somewhere in September-October 2016 we got a request for fingerprints and went to USCIS to leave our fingerprints.

I-485 is still pending :(
USCIS website shows that Nebraska center is working on applications from 10/02/16 already.
07/10/17 - Company lawyer submitted inquiry about "why the case is taking longer than processing time". No progress there so far.

Any ideas why it's taking so long, does that mean that there is a problem with my case?
Should i just wait or is there something else i can do?
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Supplement J form for AOS
Guys please share your experience for supplement J form .
i am so in tense and nobody has clear info about it,
any suggestion and experience would be appreciated.
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Hi, I am EB2 ROW NSC. I filled 140 and 485 concurrently in Oct`16. My 140 was approved in May`16 and waiting for 485 approval, I received an RFE on 485 due to missing gonorrhea test, which I submitted and already received by USCIS. Due to retrogression next month, I was thinking to submit a Senator inquiry this week. Please recomend if it is a good idea to submit an inquiry or take an infosys appointment or just wait. I want my cases approval before retrogression. Any suggestions
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supplement J Form
Hi Guys,
I just heard about Supplement J form for pending I485 applications.
i filled after jan 2017 and did not submit any,
i am doing some research to see if i have to submit or not but could not conclude anything.
i have applied for I485 based on approved I140 concurrent EB2.
please advise as my attorney is on vacation and cant talk to her,
if i need to submit that i will do it before i get a REF.
thank you
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I-485 Nebraska, EB3 India
Hi All,

Below are my case details.

India EB3, Nebraska SC, PD 12/06/2004
12/06/04 --> Priority Date for India EB3
10/03/04 --> Attorney posted docs for I-140, I-485, EAD, AP
10/04/16 --> Received by NSC, USCIS
10/17/16 --> USCIS Notice Date
10/14/16 --> Accepted Finger Printing Fee
10/30/16 --> Finger Printing Notice Date
11/14/16 --> Finger Printing Done
12/14/16 --> EAD and AP Approved
04/18/17 --> I-140 was approved

xx/xx/17 --> Waiting for I-485

USCIS Processing timings for I-1485 @ NSC shows 10/2/16 as per their update date 5/31/2017.

I can see some Nov/Dec'16 filers are also getting updates/approvals, but there is no update on my Oct'16 case.
I have set up alerts on my cases on USCIS website, but no alerts received and I see no updates in my account on USCIS website as well.

Anybody else is waiting like me?

Any recommendations on the next steps?

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