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EB2 september visa bulletin
Hi every one,
today the visa availability for EB2 for the month of September jump to 1jan2016
so my priority date is September 2015 which makes me kind of hopeful to hear back from USCIS pretty soon before October.
am i right guys?
any idea would be appreciated.
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Does the EAD/AP processing time depend on whether the filing was done with EB2 or EB3?
And also, anyone knows how long it's taking these days for the combo card to get approved under EB2?

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Green Card Interview - San Antonio!
Hi guys! First off, I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and shedding some light on what I can expect. This website has been incredibly helpful in helping me navigate the often stressful (and sometimes confusing!) world of Adjustment of Status.


PD - Dec 2nd
Biometrics - January 5th at Las Vegas field office
RFE - Sent to us on February 17th, our post office mixed up our address and listed our apartment as vacant, notice was returned to USCIS. It took several months to get this resolved, unfortunately, which is why the AOS process took longer for us. It was just an RFE asking for more proof for the Affidavit of Support, not a big deal to gather the extra documentation.
RFE Evidence sent - May 14th
"Case is being scheduled for an interview" - around mid-June
Got interview notice - July 2nd
Interview - coming up on August 29th at the San Antonio field office (right before my birthday!)

We also moved to San Antonio during that time and it took a little while for the address change to go through. I'm also not sure if this has been anyone else's experience, but I never got the EAD as I had no plans to work, since I was in college and we had to move for my husband's work soon, and I hugely regret it. It made things like getting a new driver's license much more difficult, if - God forbid- I had to go through the process again I would probably get one even if I might not actually use it.

 Now, here's some stuff I wanted to talk/ask about for my upcoming interview.

From what I've read online the San Antonio office has a good reputation and my marriage is legitimate, so I'm not too worried. It's just that I overthink and have a tendency to be a perfectionist, but I want to run my list of things I'm bringing to my interview by you all anyway.

- ~ 100 photos of us together taken at different locations. Wedding photos, us with friends, both my family and his, just us together at certain places: California beach, Las Vegas New Year's, husband's graduation, etc.
- Utility bills: we both pay for separate things, but the bills are addressed to the same address (our apartment)
- Husband's family phone plan & car insurance policy with me on it
- Husband's health insurance with my name on it
- Husband's dental insurance with my name on it
- Current lease agreement with both our names
- (I can also ask our old apartment to send over old lease with our names if that's recommended, I just hate dealing with them)
- Bank statements showing us both paying rent, since it doesn't show this on the apartment website I hope bank statements will do
- Several plane tickets with both our names
- Receipts for hotel rooms booked for us both
- Invoices from our veterinarian showing us both as joint owners of our cats
- Log of emails sent between us over the years
- Cards from family members addressing us both

I know that bringing more stuff is never a bad thing and it makes a good impression. Should this be enough?

Thanks so much!
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Hello everybody,
Just wanting to share my timeline and wondering if everyone is in a similar situation that I am.
Filed for I 485/ I765 and advanced parole on April 18th-2017. At Nebraska Service Center.
Biometrics appointment : July 14th
EAD still not here after 109 days waiting. Raised a SR on July 20th they told Me they would get back to me within five days. Nothing yet so I called again this week and they said that was just an estimate. That I should wait 30 days for a response. Has anyone who filed in April have received their EAD? If yes, what have you done to speed up the process? Or is everyone just on the same waiting game as me? I don't know what else I could do.
Thank you.
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GC Approved - PD Dec,5 2016 TSC ROW
Since this forum has been really helpful in getting updates, I wanted to share with my experience so it might help others.

EB1, Rest of the World (ROW), TSC, Filing concurrently, currently on L1A visa

Priority Date: Dec 05, 2016
Biometric Notice: Dec 25, 2016
Biometric Appointment: Jan 1, 2017
I-765 EAD (Combo Card) Notice: Feb 21, 2017
EAD Cards Received: Feb 24, 2017
I-140 Petition for Alien Worker Approval: Apr 27, 2017
I-485 Adjustment of Status Approval: Aug 3, 2017

*Still waiting on GC to be delivered and expect that to happen in a few days.

Thank you, hope this is helpful and best of luck to all!
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Any Jan 2017 eb1 India 140 approval?

Anyone from Jan 2017 eb1 India 140 approval?
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HI All,

I would firstly like to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of knowledge and information shared in this forum. I would also like to share my time line


I - 140 approved on Jan 4, 2017 (Premium Processing)
I485 application received by TSC on Feb 07, 2017
Biometrics Appointment March 06, 2017
Received EAD Card on April 7, 2017,
8/3/2017 - New Card being produced.

Thanks everyone and goodluck!

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July 2016 NSC Applicants
Any of the extremely patient July 2016 NSC people hear any good news?
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EB2 applicants
@EB2 Applicants - either at TSC or NSC : [Assume we need to go for hibernating mode until Oct 1)

I assume we will not hear from USCIS until the EB2 visa become current again on October 1. However, you never know and cant predict USCIS precisely, in the meantime, if you hear back from USCIS on your I-485 please share with us.

If you have any other insights or different viewpoints - please feel free to share.


Prolong waiting is killing :)
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Any one received their combo card with filing date May, 2017?
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