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Employment Based Greencard

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When to expect the final interview?
EB1-A (French)

I-140 Priority date: 04/22/2019
(RFE in between)

I-140 Notice date (accepted): 07/31/2019

Medical exam report expedited: 10/10/2019

Fingerprint appointment:  November 13, 2019
I-765 (EAD): Received date: 10/11/2019

I-765 (EAD): Notice date (EAD card delivered): 01/03/2020

Waiting for the final interview in San Francisco, California.

Any guess on when I could get the final interview?
The actual delivery of the green card?
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3 years after filling and 400+ days after interview still waiting

I-485 filled in Jan 2017
interview done in Nov 2018 , Got white paper stating case need to be reviewed.
No update yet.
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I just the text/email notification saying my GC is being produced but I havent even gone to my interview yet. ID is next Monday.

has anyone experienced this?
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EB3 & ROW - New York, NY

Posted my timeline two weeks ago but there’s been some update so wanted to share:

Visa & nationality: EB3 & ROW
Location: New York, NY

Jul 9, 2019 – priority date
Oct 09, 2019 – mailed I-140 (premium), EAD combo card, and I-485 applications to USCIS
Oct 10, 2010 – receipt date for I-140 (premium), EAD combo card, and I-485 applications
Oct 21, 2019 – I-140 approved
Nov 08, 2019 – received biometrics appointment letter
Nov 19, 2019 – biometrics completed
Jan 8, 2020 - EAD combo card being ordered
Jan 10, 2020 – received letter re I-693 (medical form) not summited, my lawyer recommends to only get this done after an interview date is scheduled
Jan 14, 2020 – EAD combo card delivered
Jan 14, 2020 – your case is ready to be schedule for an interview
Jan 31, 2020 – received interview letter
Mar 4, 2020 – interview scheduled on this date in NYC field office

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Case Stuck at NVC
Its been over 3 months i have sent documents to nvc . But still there is no progress. My visa category is Employment 5th category (Regional) . I am from India. My priorty date is 8 December 2017 and according to visa bulletin it is current for me. Can someone Guide me on this ?? Plz help. I am unable to understand what should I do Next
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My Journey is over
Hi All - The forum has helped me a lot and I hope my experience helps someone else as well. Below you will find my timeline.
I am EB3 in Northern Virginia- Syrian Citizen. I also had a pending asylum case which caused the delay that I had to face. My file was stuck at the asylum office rather than USCIS until I contacted a Congressman who asked for the file to be transferred back to USCIS for processing. Shortly after, I withdrew my asylum so it doesn't get in the way. I also had a TPS status which is why I was comfortable dropping my asylum case.

Oct 2016 Filed for Prevailing wage.
Jan 2017 DOL came back with the minimum wage required.
Fab 2017 - Apr 2017 Did the Advertising part.
May 2017 filed for Labor Certificate.
Aug 2017 Labor Certificate Approved.
Oct 2017 filed for 1-485, I-140 Premium processing, I-130 and I765
Two weeks later I-140 was approved.
Jan 2018 received combo card.
Jan 2018 Case transferred to my local office.
**** ** This Status stayed like this until I contacted the Congressman in May 2019 **** *
June 20th 2019 Case Transferred to NBC.
June 21st 2019 RFE for Supplemental J (I had changed my company during the process and had no issues.
Aug 1st 2019 RFE Received.
Dec 17th 2019 Ready for interview to be scheduled.
Dec 19th 2019 Interview Scheduled.
Jan 23rd Interview Date (10 minutes. Went over i485 questions, Employment letter, Tax return, Asylum case withdrawal request copy)
A couple of hours after the interview status changed to New Card is being produced.
Jan 24th Case is Approved.
Jan 27th The card was mailed to me with USPS Tracking number and estimated Arrival on Jan 30th 2020.

I'm so happy this frustrating wait is over. Be patient, it will happen eventually.
Good luck to everyone.

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Hi all! I got an RFE for an employment based greencard requesting:
Medical exam 
University docs:
Transcripts sealed 
Pay stubs of University 
Enrollment Verification
Supplement J signed again by company as I currently am on another company on CPT
Has anyone experienced this? I have all paperwork with OK to not OK grades but still show I maintained status. Any advice?
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SF Interview June 2019 (Employment Based)
Hi guys,
I had my interview on June 7th, 2019. I still don't have any updates since then. Can you please advise if anyone from SF is going through the same situation? It's been 230 days since my interview. Also, can my U.S. Citizen wife petition me if I already have a I-485 case pending through an employer? Please let me know guys.
Thank you.
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EB3 ROW- What can be done?
Hello all,

We had our interview on Oct 24th 2019. It was standard interview and IO told that there wont be second interview and we will hear decision in mail within 2 weeks. Its already been three months and online status says Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed.

Already spoke to Tier 2 officers 3 times, raised one SR, contacted via congressman, contacted via senator and got back with same standard default reply as under review.

What can be done at this time from me other than wait?? Anybody else in similar situation or waiting decision???
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I485 - EB3 , Waiting for Decision
Hi All

My EB3 interview was completed on 15th November 2019. PD was 16th Jan 2019.

During my interview everything went well, but the IO could not able to locate my approved I140 in the file. My attorney was with me he showed her the approval copy of I140, but IO cordially replied that she need to request the whole file of I140 from USCIS. She also mentioned there is a possibility of delay for the decision. Its almost more than 70+ days, still the status showing "INTERVIEW WAS SCHEDULED".
My attorney already sent a letter to the IO, to the field office. Still now I am waiting, does not know when the wait will be over. Thank You
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