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kchai     12/08/2019 23:44 PM

Hi all
I am having appointment in ottawa for h1b extension on dec 17, is anyone having same date, i live in NJ, who is travelling?

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jsad     12/08/2019 00:03 AM


I just booked an H1&H4 appointment in Toronto for April 30 2020.

We really need an earlier appointment as we need to be in India by May 6.

Can we realistically hope to get a date before April 30? Please help with rescheduling info and chances

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aravindbuddha     12/06/2019 13:11 PM

Step 1) Canadian Visitor Visa.
 - Applied For Canadian visa on Nov15
 - Nov 16 got letter for Fingerprint scanning.(you need to book appointment)
 - If you live in NewYork go to https://www.vfsglobal.ca/Canada/USA/ (You will save on application process fee if you did both Bio-metric and visa processing in same location.)
- Nov 22 Bio-metric
- Approved and received it Nov 26.

Step 2)
- Fill DS-160(Make sure you upload your picture) & https://ais.usvisa-info.com apply.
- Nov 28 with Some luck got nearest available date is on Dec 5.
- Dec 3 book flight and hostel(https://theplanettraveler.com/) It cost $22USD per night including breakfast. Amazing.
- Dec 4 Night 10PM Reached YYZ Airport. You need to customs answer few question an a machine scan your passport take picture on the same machine.
   Immigration officer
    Officer: Why are you in Canada?
    Me: For my H1B stamping at US consulate.
    Officer: Do you have any friends here?
    Me: Yes
    Officer: Enjoy your stay.
    In Canada there not date stamping on your passport.
- Dec 5 8.15AM interview walkable distance(20mins) from hostel. Reach there by 8.00. If you stay in that hostel you don't need phone for direction. I print out map just in-case.
    - Security Check you can ware any kind of dress I had winter jackets and snow boots.
    - If you forgot to upload or bring pictures there is photo-boot inside. It cost $10
    - Counter 1 Document check (I-797, LCA(For H1B they are asking for this), Employment Letter, If you didn't upload picture in DS-160 then a 2x2 inch passport sized photo )
    - Counter 2 Finger prints
    - Counter 3
       VO: Hi How are you?
       ME: I'm good thanks for asking. How are you?(Hand over my docs)
       VO: Where do you work?
       ME: Told
       VO: Which city?
       ME: Told
       VO: What's your Salary?
       ME: told
       VO: What's your highest Education Qualification?
       ME: Master's in Computer Science at Chicago State University.
       VO: Ho! good you did your masters in US.
       VO: Visa Approved you will get update in 2-3 days. Enjoy your stay.
       ME: Thanks.
5) Dec 6 morning Status(https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV) updated to Issued.

Few note:
Most of the shops in Toronto accepts credit cards. But If you want to by anything in china town you should carry candida dollars they don't accept USD.

Don't carry any kind of electric devices. Keys are fine. Plastic is fine. wallet is fine.

Print out google map just in case if you forgot the street names.

For dates keep check.

Have fun too.

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nafismas     12/04/2019 13:53 PM

Hello all,

I am here to ask for your help /experience.

My mother, an Iranian citizen, went to the US embassy in Montreal (Canad status: visitor) on September 18th. The officer took her passport and said her visa (J1 Category) is approved. However, the next day we received an email asking for more documents (regarding extreme vetting, 221g form). I knew then that the process may take longer and my mother can't stay that long in Canada. So, I asked the embassy and they called me to come and pick up the passport.

On OCT 21st they sent an email that "the office has reviewed her case and asked for "Valid Passport"". My impression was that her visa is approved. She traveled back to Canada and submitted her passport on Nov 20th. Since then it is under the process with two updates on the dates but no status change (in the USCIS system).

W have contacted the embassy several times while keep hearing that they cannot predict the processing time. It has been 14 days that the passport is in the embassy. They are not confirming if the visa was approved nor returning the document.

Has anyone experienced a long wait time, processing time (for visa approval issuance) after they asked for a passport? Has anyone been asked for a passport while still under AP?
Living out of a suitcase with my mom in Montreal waiting for any updates. Any suggestion is very much appreciated.

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pmgent     12/03/2019 00:18 AM

hi - how is the experience of visa stamping in toronto for indian national?

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must_wanderer     12/02/2019 17:01 PM

Hi All,
Thank you to this forum . This helped me a lot !
Now my turn to share the experience:
US Canada border :
BO: Which visa are you in USA?
Me : F1
BO: why are you going to Canada?
Me: I have a visa interview in Quebec
BO: where are you staying
Me : Montreal today and will leave for Quebec on Monday .
BO : which visa ? canada visa?
Me: no , i am changing from f1- h1.
BO: stamps my visa and says welcome to canada !

 Quebec City : Date of I/v : 26 Nov 2019 10 :00 AM

It is a very small consulate. There was a small line outside the consulate. I entered the consulate after security screening. Maximum people that could sit there were 12.
3 /v windows. They give you a token number and randomly can be called at any window. They first verify your DS 160 application confirmation page. Ask you reason for your type of visa. Confirm your previous visa if you have one for US and if you haven't uploaded your photo while submitting the ds 160. Thats where the trick part is. They will ask you for a photo with date stamp at the back of photo. This is not the process in US to get a photo. CVS, Walgreens , Walmart.... no body puts a date stamp in US even if you ask them to... as they dont have the date stamp. They can give you a receipt.

Also , the consulate doesnt have any photo booth. There is a photo booth at primaprix in downtown quebec . They do follow the norms date stamp at the back , however they click some of the most ugly pics of yourself ! So be prepared to give $ 20 CAD for that.

Although , I did upload my passport photograph while submitting , i still carried a photo with me (as there were no clear instructions on that). They didnt ask me for the photo , however they were grilling a few candidates as their submitted photo online was not valdated by the system and those people had to go out and get their photo clicked again by searching a new place which could get their clear photo as per the guidelines in US visa section.

Once my i 797 and reason, and previous visa, photograph all were verified they gave me a guidelines for non immigrant booklet and asked me to take a seat and would be called by someone for interview.
within 5 minutes, I was called to the 3rd window for i/v.
Simple, straight forward questions :
VO: Good morning ? how are you?
Me: Hi, I am good? thanks for asking ! how are you ?
VO: I am good ! Please press your right hand 4 fingers in the machine (finger print machine)
Me: ok Sure!
VO:Ok done ! so , Tell me about yourself, your backgroud? -
Me: i did my ms in boston , be in india...all comouter science...
VO:Did you study anything apart from computer science -?
Me: no, i didnt
VO: When do you want to go to US ?
Me: this weekend, if possible , if i get my visa.
VO : hmm... so here is a thing, your profile is showing a red flag , as your sevis is not updated bythe dso in your university. They should have done it. NO fault of yours (ofcourse i am tensed)
So, I have already requested that change, but that is going to add 1 more day in your visa processing and thursday is american thanksgiving so we are closed.
Me: um.. ok.. I have a flight to India from US next week ,If I could get it before that , It would be really great !
VO : handed me a white sheet : this explains your visa is approved , I just have to wait for your records to update in sevis. Where are you staying ?
Me:-- Quebec
VO : Ok, I am going to try and process it by friday afternoon to end of day and we are going to get in touch with you !I am keeping this passport right here (he kept it separate from the other stack, there was 1 more passport in my queue)
Me: Thank you , thank you so much !

29th Nov : 11:30 AM Issued
11:50 AM I get a call from UNKNOWN number and its the VO.
VO: Hi, How are you ?
me: I am good, thank you
VO: this is from the US Consulate , your visa is ready. You can come pick it up from the consulate. wea re here till 4:30.
Me: Oh great ! thank you , thank you so much . I ll be there in an hour .

at 1:30 : I tell the guards why I have come here, they confirm and let me in . The same VO that took my i/v greets me and hands me my visa and asks me to confirm all the details like name, dob, job etc.. on the visa stamp and once i do and thank him a lot . He wishes me have a safe trip to US

Vermont Land Border : an extremely nice border officer explains Land issued I-94 and stamps my passport. You have to pay $6 USD for same.
And I am back to US.

The people in Quebec are one of the most warm and happy people. Quebec is a winter wonderland. It is so magnificent and amazing!Its a beautiful place with beautiful people !
I stayed in airbnb saint-fye near the aquarium 20 min drive to US Consulate (located at one of the most epic views in Quebec).

Things to note :
1. get your sevis record updated once your status changes bu emailing to your dso.
2. apply for canada visitor visa? My reason was travel and tourism (takes about 1 month in all to get the visa)
3. in your ds 160 : make sure you select the same consulate as you mention , if you change that : email the consulate about that way before your scheduled interview. It helps smoothen the process
4. try uploading digital photo in ds 160 , just for back up get a photo with date stamp.
5. Only carry a clear plastic bag with documents, they do not allow back packs or laptop bag cases
6. you can carry your cell phone, they will ask you to switch off and keep it with themselves, when you come back they will give it to you (they have a token for that).
7. There is plenty of street paid parking near the chateau and its literally 1 block from the consulate.
8. Maximum time it would take is an hr for all the process.

These VO and guards are very nice people , if you answer honestly, that helps your visa getting issued faster !

Thank you to this forum !

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H1bstamped     12/01/2019 00:30 AM

Thanks to all this forum help me a lot .Finally my turn

Interview date Oct 22 ,Quebec morning 10:00
It’s a small consulate and they are particular about photo and they will look for date stamp on photo .Mine wasn’t have a date stamp but finally they accepted my photo
3rd counter is interview normal questions asked About company,employer,role,salary and said visa is approved
Got my passport back on 26

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sravi93     12/01/2019 02:36 AM

I went to H4 in calgary after 2 F1 rejections in vancouver earlier this month and on october 30th.
Slot 9:20 AM
VO: Good Morning!
Me: Good Morning Mam!

VO: Can i see your passport Please?
Me: gave my passport.

VO: Applying for H4?
Me: Yes Mam!

VO: I see that you are rejected twice in vancouver May i know why?
Me: Yes Mam. I got rejected twice i am not sure about the reason the VO didnt exactly told me the reason for rejection. I also think that i Did'nt convince the VO on that day.

VO: When did you get married and where?
Me: Told

VO: Please wait for sometime i will get back to you. Go and have a seat.
ME: Sure. Thank you.

I was waiting in the wait area for almost 30 minutes.

VO 2: Please come to counter 7
Me: Sure

VO2: Asked so many questions about the wedding and the university i have attended.
Me: Told.

VO2: Please wait for sometime the VO who initially interviewd you will call you in sometime.
Me: Thank you.

VO1: We got all your documents and we need to verify few things under administrative process. We will get back to you in few days via phone or email. Please give me the copy of your husbands I797,LCA and the DS-160 I will make a copy. Also took a copy of my Wedding certificate.
Me: Sure, Here you go.

VO 1: You have a nice day look out for an email or a phone call from us.
Me: Sure Thank you.

I did not receive any slip. Got the passport back.

Case created: Nov 22nd 2019
Case last updated: Nov 26th 2019 Admin Processing..

Please let me know if any one has the same situation and how long does it takes for the administrative processing.

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kondalu     11/30/2019 20:07 PM

Thanks a lot for this immihelp forum which helped me a lot to prepare well and to get my L1B extension.

Interview Questions:
VO: Good Morning
Me: good Morning, How are you doing today?

VO: Thanks you, how are you?
ME: Thank you and I am good.

VO: Asked my documents
Me: passed my documents (Fee, I129S, I797, DS160, petion letter – which are bundled already at earlier counters)
VO: Checked documents and asked to pay Fee (Fraud detection Fee $500) at Cash counter and asked my wife and kid to wait at side.
Me: I paid $500 at Cash counter (paid through credit card)

Meanwhile she was taking interview to other people.

Once I came back with payment receipt, VO called us again.
VO: Give me documents
Me: Given the documents with Fee paid slip

VO: Company name
Me: I told about the company which I am working in USA & told the company which I was working in India
VO: How long you have been working
Me: Answered.
VO: did you apply specialized knowledge VISA
Me: Yes, I am in L1B Specialized Knowledge
VO: did you work for same VISA earlier
Me: Yes (Mine in L1 B Extension that’s why she might have asked this question)

VO: What work you do?
Me: I explained in few short points
VO: Take your rights to stay in USA
(VO gave USA stay rights and went inside for some time)
and VO came back after some time with stamps
She came back and wrote the dates of validity (2 Yrs validity of extension) on my I129S and stamped on I129S
VO: Your VISA approved and gave me one green paper to check the status and told to wait for 3 to 5 days to receive passports
Me: Thanks & have a good day

VO did not ask any questions to my wife and kid.

Date of Interview: 25th Nov 2019 time 8.15am
25th Nov 2019: (afternoon): Administrative Processing: Case created 21-Nov-2019
                                                                                        Case last updated 25-Nov-2019
26th Nov 2019: Administrative processing (morning)
• Application received (evening)
• Administrative processing (late evening again changed)
27th Nov 2019: around 10.30 am Changed to "ISSUED"
           11.00 am Received an email with courier tracking number
28th Nov 2019: Received passports around 12 pm at post office.

Hotel stay: Stayed near by US Consulate walkable to US consulate)
After 2 days I moved to Hotels around North Vancouver
If you want see tourist places in Vancouver, then do not forget to ask discount coupons for visiting places. Hotel people have discount coupons.

Let me know if anyone needs info from me.

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Ottawa-27     11/30/2019 10:55 AM

Thank you all for sharing your experience in this form. Now it's my turn to share my visa interview experience.

Visa Slot: 7:45 AM

Regular security checkup and documentation verification (DS-160 Confirmation, I797A, Passport, latest photograph) after verification called for fingerprints at counter -4.

The Counter-5 Visa officer called for an interview.

VO asked the below question and gave a yellow 221g form and marked on wait for our call-in 221. Not sure how much time it will take to get my passport back. Anyone in the same boat or experienced the same situation in the past. Please share your experience.

1. Who is the employer?
2. how long you are working with this employer.
3. previously what you used to do?
4. what is your highest level of education.
5. which university?
6. Have you ever been out of status?

VO said , For some reason, your profile is indicating that you had been out of status we need to verify your profile and will call you in 2 - 3 days.

The VISA tracker is not updated to any status.

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