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sachinpilot     08/21/2019 05:28 AM

H1b Stamping in Ottawa and Passport Delivery in Toronto. Will be there be a difference when i recieve the passport? or is it all the same (meaning will recieve the passport same date as in Ottawa/ Toronto)

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narinc     08/20/2019 21:02 PM

Hi ,

Can someone guide us the better passport pickup location in Ottawa.

Thanks in advance

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Torontovisa_Aug2019     08/20/2019 13:59 PM

Thank you for all the help! Find below my experience:

Aug 13th: Visa interview at Toronto consulate, got a 221g (green slip). Visa officer asked for a specific document proving my H1b status from 2016-2019 and returned my passport. I emailed the document on the same day.
Aug 14th: Email acknowledgement that my document has been received and application is under process.
Aug 15th: Email regarding issuance of visa and details to send passport to consulate. Send the passport along with other documents on the same day.
Aug 19th: Visa status is Issued
Aug 20th: Tracking no. of Canada Post courier (with passport) sent via email

Hopefully will get the passport by tomorrow.

Thank you!

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popat     08/20/2019 13:08 PM

I had my interview on 8/12
Visa Issued on 8/15
Item picked up by Canada post 8/16
Item processed at facility 8/16.

There is no further update after that. Is anyone facing similar issue with Canada post in Toronto area?

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Ben015     08/19/2019 18:18 PM

I have an interview scheduled and I want to take my 3 year old with me. She does not an applicant, would they allow us to take her in with us? both myself and my wife need to go in for the interview.

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[email protected]_Masters     08/19/2019 14:17 PM

Hi Anyone travelling to Vancouver for visa interview in last week of August 2019 ?
I have my interview on Wednesday. I want to join someone if you already have plans. Please reply if you are travelling.


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aahmed002c     08/18/2019 16:41 PM


I’m looking for an appointment in the month of September or October or early November at Ottawa or Vancover, plzzzz let me know if anyone is canceling during these days as my current petition is expiring on Dec 15 2019 and I’m residing in US

Thanks in advance
[email protected]

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perfectionisillusion     08/17/2019 18:35 PM

This forum has been very helpful for my preparation. Wanted to thus share my experience to this forum as well.

Steps 1: Entering the consulate
- Only your DS-160 and passport is checked
- Do NOT take any back-pack or any mobile device, including mobile phone

Step 2: Basic documentation check
- Will be asked for DS-160, passport, photograph (and any other document specific to your case, e.g. PR card)

Step 3: Security check
- Regular procedure, they would keep anything like smart watch, pen, etc., if you have

Step 4: Payment of fees
- You will be asked to go to a specific counter only (unlike other visa types)
- S/he will ask for your DS-160, PP, photo, I-797 and I-129S
- She will ask for required payment

Step 5: Fingerprinting
- All 10 fingers are finger-printed
- You'll be redirected to a queue for interview (there was only one counter open when I appeared)

Step 6: Visa interview [here are the questions asked]
** Initial greetings **
Where do you live and for how long?
When did you come to Canada?
Which company you are working with and for how long?
What is your job title?
How many direct reports do you have?
Do you think you have authority to promote your direct reports?
What is your highest qualification?
Are you working from client or your company's location?
Who is your client?
What is your client's business?

Then she said your visa is approved and it would take 3 to 5 business days to get your passport back. It was possibly 2-3 minutes of interview in total. She then handed me back one copy of I-129s and told me that it would be needed at the POE. I thanked her and that was it.

I got the passport back in 2 days time (excluding the date of interview).

It was a great experience and very smooth and professional approach to everything.

a. Do NOT carry any electronic devices, back-packs etc. You'd be asked to return and not let enter the building.
b. Be prepared for 1-1/2 to 2 hours altogether - although it might take less depending on the rush, I guess.
c. Your photograph should be of good quality. Mine was in the borderline and there was some issue in scanning it initially. It worked eventually.
d. Be patient and answer to the point, as most questions asked are close-ended. Do not speak more than what is asked.

Ottawa is a beautiful city. Enjoy the city when you are there.


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maven101287     08/17/2019 01:24 AM

Hi All,

I am not getting any dates prior to Jan 2020 for my L1B visa interview in any of the US consulates located in Canada. Please inform me, if anyone sees dates for Sep/Oct this year in any of them. Is there a preferability of location based on rejection ratio? Does any location hold better chances of visa approval as compared to others based on people's reviews?

Would really appreciate your help! My email ID: [email protected]

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kgopal01     08/16/2019 21:35 PM


I am Canada Work Permit and applied for B2 Visa. Since I had recent H1B Extension Denial VO asked for Denial details and I responded my employer do not share those details. But passport is with US Calgary Consulate. I am following up with my employer for denial notice. Do anyone has any prior experience with similar experience?

I am unable to proceed on anything with my passport since I am new to Canada

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