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akhi0703     01/19/2019 13:11 PM

Hi All, I have H4 stamping at OTTAWA consulate on Feb 1st.

 I am planning to drive from Virginia to Ottawa on Jan 31st and would like to know anyone having the interview on the same day,

To pick up the passport is the below CANADA post address is the fastest and nearest location or would you suggest any other location.


ThankYou !!

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manojkk     01/18/2019 10:40 AM

My interview was scheduled for Jan-18 8:00 AM. Arrived at 7:45 and was let in by 8:10. Interview completed by 9:20.
Questions from VO:
How long are you on H1B?
Do you have an approved I140?
What is your Job title and what is your work?
What is your highest education?
Have you read the Know your rights? Can you explain what those are?
Are you married? Kids?
Visa Approved. You will receive an email in 2-3 days.

Fyi, at the fingerprint counter you will be given a know your rights pamphlet. While waiting for the interview, reviewed the first page. The VO was just testing to see if you read that.
Btw, this is my 11th year on H1 and renewal with the same employer.

Some additional info: It was snowing since morning, better to use Uber. Cell phones are allowed, but are put away in a locker at the security check.

Since Monday is a federal holiday, I might not get passport soon. Will wait and see.


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MehulC     01/17/2019 13:59 PM

Hello All,

It is time to give back to the community.
I had H1B visa renewal (3rd Renewal) stamping interview today at 8:30

Reached consulate at 8:15
Waited outside in line for 30 min (Extremely cold today -21 C tempreture)

Let in first counter checked DS-160, passport, Photo, and I797 (30 + minutes wait)
Asked to go second counter where again she will check all the above document and enter into system and asked to go for fingerprints (20 + minutes wait)
Actual interview line (1 + hour waiting)

Questioned asked

How on you been in the US?
Do you work for employer xxxxx?
what is your highest education?
do you have approved I-140?
Married or single?
do you have kids?
Explain about know your rights in US?
What is your salary?
what are your title and responsibilities?

Finally golden words your visa has been approved and you will get your passport in 2-3 days

Overall it is a good experience almost took 3 hours to get in and get out from the interview process

Hopefully, this will helps to community

Thank you

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VJ1129     01/17/2019 09:26 AM


I am planning to go to Canada for H1-B stamping and no earlier dates for couple of months.

We have option Are you travelling from another country to apply for a U.S visa in Canada?. Can we select NO and go for interview ? this way I see early appointments available.

Did any one choose NO and went for interview and successfully has stamping ? Please share experiences.

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rajakaali     01/16/2019 09:37 AM

I have scheduled my H-1B stamping at Ottawa and will be travelling with my 3 yr old who is a US citizen. Can someone tell me if they let minor children to accompany their parents for the consular appointment? I tried calling the US consulate phone number but could not get through to a person. Any info would be helpful.
Thanks !

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nikky23     01/15/2019 00:48 AM

I attended the visa interview on 14th Jan and approved successfully. Below are the notes from my experience.
1. What do you work as?
2. Whom do you work for?
3. Do you work at the end client location?
4. Where is your client located?
5. What is your highest education? (Masters in my case)

Your visa is approved !! Took my passport and I 797. This is my second time visit to Vancouver and i am staying in the downtown near by hotel. Just exploring the city till i get my passport.

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special26     01/15/2019 10:28 AM

I am planning to take visa stamping appointment in Tronto this May.
I will be traveling with my spouse(H4) and is US citizen toddler.
Also, will be completing two DS-160 forms one for myself and spouse (H1b/H4).
Is there an option to take visa appointment for both of us together? Will they allow child to come with us during interview?
Once visa is approved, do I have option to pick up passport instead of getting it shipped to someone’s address in Canada?
Thanks in advance.

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Jayraj7481     01/14/2019 23:45 PM

Thank you all who had contributed to this site, it was really helpful for me.

- Booked the flights to YVR airport and reached 13th evening to Vancouver downtown
- Had booked hotel Vancouver downtown - Days inn ( although hotel is not a great place to stay, but it’s walkable distance to US consulate)
o Days Inn by Wyndham Vancouver Downtown
o 921 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1M2, Canada
- Interviewed scheduled at 11:45 am
- Reached US consulate location by 11:00 am
- Completed initial screening in 10 mins ( please feel free to carry your mobile phones as they are keeping phones with dedicated lockers at no cost)
- Took us to first floor for security check ( as similar to Airport security check)
- Then wait for finger prints ( two steps)
o First step where they verify our documents – DS-160, H1b petition copy and photo..etc ( strangely ..he asked me few questions..
? Where did you come from? – in my case USA
? Is it your first H1b stamping? in my case not – this is 5th time
? Did you come from India for this stamping? No, I came from USA to meet my friend in Canada, then it became mandatory for me to attend visa interview as my previous visa was expired. I see his intention…..he wants to make sure that I didn’t come from India for my H1b stamping.
o Second step would take us for finger printings
- Then security took us to 20th floor ( not remember exact floor)
- There are 4 visa officers that they are interviewing today.
- Very simple questions ( wait time and visa interview is completed in 20 mins)
o What do you do? – explained to him that I am working for <<my company name >>
o How long have you been working for your current company? – 6+ years in my case
o What is your highest level of educations? – Masters in my case
o What is the specialization in masters? – Computer Science in my Case
o Is your family in USA? – Yes in my case
Then…here..i approve your visa and will receive your passport in 3-4 business days..max by this weekend.
- Please remember they are taking our I-797 petition document along with our passport (when I asked him when would I get back my I-797, he said..you would receive along with passport)
- I will update my passport collection experience and other details in my next post.

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nycboy     01/14/2019 17:07 PM

Time to return the favor. Had an interview today morning at Ottawa.

(Important : Best to keep DS160 confirmation / photo / H1b approval / Passport handy - those are pretty much the only things that were checked)

Reached. DS 160 Confirmation was checked before entering the embassy.
(Important : You can take phone/purse etc. and keep with security. In spite of the email from them stating clearly that you should not bring phones !!)

First counter - Photo was checked - Passport was checked - Send to queue 2/3
Long queue (30+ minutes) : FingerPrinting done : H1b approvals checked. Send to second queue.
Short queue (30 minutes) : Interview .

Basic questions :

Are you with the same company ?
New H1b / renewal ?
Title ? Job duties ? She was looking for Job title + some details (Important : would advice applicants to read up their cover letter submitted for H1b application)
Do you have I1140 approved ?
Countries visited in last 5 years?

Thats about it - Told you will hear back in 3-4 days. By the way, I saw a lady in a counter give away many denials. I think most of them were for B1/B2 visitors.

Around 30 minutes after the interview, I got an email asking for a specific document. Send it across.

Now the big wait. Hope I hear back soon !

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summerpeng508     01/14/2019 17:00 PM

Hi, I did my H1B visa interview on Jan 9h at Toronto Embassy. It is my 7th visa stamping. The process went smooth and I was only asked for the company name, how long I worked for the company, salary and if I have ever worked in any other country. I was told visa is approved and I should receive a tracking in 3 three days. The visa status showed 'issued' since the 10th, but I have not received any tracking number. I am wondering if anyone had similar experiences or if anyone did interview on Jan 9th have already received a tracking or passport. Thanks a lot!

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