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siri11     11/20/2019 10:59 AM

Interview Date/ Time : Nov 5th, 2019/7:45 AM

Reached the Embassy around 7:30AM and was let inside right after the 7:00AM slot.

Checked in to a lady who verified all the documents for H1B and was sent through the security. After that I joined in a line for counter 1,2,3 for DS-160 verification. I went to the counter #2 where he verified the documents and asked me to join the counter #4 for finger prints.

After the Finger prints, I have joined a line for the interview which had not yet started by then. After 5 mins there were two counters which got opened. One you can sit down and one you have to stand for your interview. Both the counters where attended by two lady officers.

On my turn i went to the counter that you have stand.
VO:Good Morning
Me: Good Morning

VO: You work for XXXX Company?
Me: Yes, I work for XXX Company.

VO: did you initially book Vancover consulate?
Me: Yes

VO: Why did you change it?
Me: Ottawa has the nearest available date and is closer to the place I live in USA.

VO:Is this your first H1B?
Me: No Mam, it is a renewal for the same company.

VO:How long have you been on H1B
Me: This Sept 2019 completes my 3 years on H1B

VO:What does your company do?
Me: Explained

VO:What is your title?
Me: XXX Developer

VO: What does your job entail?
Me: Explained

VO: What is your salary?
Me: xxxx

VO: What Countries have you been to in the last 5 years?
Me: Canada, Germany and India (a couple of times)

VO:What is your highest level of education?
Me: Master of Science

VO: Which school did you graduate from?
Me: XXX Reputed college

VO:In which field?
Me: Electrical Engineering

VO:Do you have your transcript?
Me: Yes (handed over the transcript, she quickly skimed through the resume and kept it aside).

VO: Are you married?

VO: What is his status?
Me: H1B

VO: How long id he working on H1B?
Me: He started working on H1B since Oct 2019

VO: Do you have any kids?
Me: No

VO: What is your spouse highest level of education?
Me: Master of Science

VO: Do you have the booklet for rights?
Me: Yes

VO: Explain briefly what is in that book?
Me: provided an outline of the right that I read while standing in the line.

VO:Do you have your CV?
Me: Yes, I had her over the same resume that my lawyer had filed for my H1B

The VO took out an yellow slip wrote down my name and stamped the date of the interview and checked "please wait for us to contact you" box and handed it to me along with my passport and I-797.

I am not sure why I have been issued 221g, my first H1B interview was also at the same location in Ottawa with same employer. I work as a Full-time employer who has around 5000 employees in which there might be 100 ppl employeed on H1B.
I have grown in my position in the past three years that is the only change that has happened on my profile.

I have stayed in Ottawa hoping airbnb's from Nov-5 to Nov-17. I flew back to India on Nov 17 waiting for a response back from them.
It has been has been 11 business days and no response from them yet. Given that next week is thanksgiving, if I do not hear back from them this week.
Then it might be delayed further into Dec 2019. It is surprising that after asking so many questions, I got a 221g issued for the same profile under the same consulate.

Interview Date: Nov 5th
Status : Administrative Processing
Case Created: 01-Nov-2019
Case Last Updated: 05-Nov-2019

Please share your experiences if some one had also been issued 221g around the same timeline. I will keep this post updated if I hear back/ if any change in my status.Thank you.

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ottawah1b     11/19/2019 15:00 PM

Hi Folks,

Just booked first H1b visa slot for Ottawa consulate on december 11, any one with similar dates can join me also please do share the experiences.

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Travel2020     11/19/2019 10:51 AM

Hello All,
Can some post a sample employment verification letter please. What details should be on an employment verification letter?

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Sandeepk66     11/18/2019 16:03 PM

I am planning to apply Canada visitors visa for my H1 stamping
However, current i 94 expired as my h1 under processing. so, can i eligible for Canada visitors visa
as the application says as I need to have a valid I94

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H1visaa     11/17/2019 16:31 PM

Hi All,

While going to Canada what should I mention in immigration at Canada airport.should I tell them I came for visa stamping?

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jagu92     11/15/2019 20:29 PM

Its been 1 month still waiting for my decision.

VO told that i will be getting my decision in 5 days. But my last status date has been changed 6 times.

Just worried what's gonna happen

Plz share me your thoughts


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Ottawa221g     11/15/2019 10:07 AM

Has anyone recently received 221g blue slip from Ottawa Consulate at Canada.

Its been 2 weeks (13 business days) so far, and there is no update yet.

Any idea how long it usually take.

Any suggestions/experience greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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edgebrk     11/14/2019 15:17 PM

Would like to thank you all for posting Visa experiences, it really helped mine.

Posting mine,

I work fulltime for a big health care company.
This is my first time H1 stamping.
Appointment on 11/14 7:30 AM.

Stayed in a hotel near by and walked to the consulate. Make sure you only carry documents, no phones and smart watches.

After security check, went to window 1 and the person asked simple questions
1) what visa you are in Canada
2) Is this recent photo

After Window1 went to window2 to give the finger prints. Thank security took us to 20th floor.

There were 10-12 people before me, mostly visiting visa people and couple of H1. I did not see anyone getting rejected.

now my turn,

Officer: Wished
Me: Wished back

(I lost my passport containing my F1 visa, took new passport for interview)
Officer: So you lost your passport,
Me: Yes sir

Officer: Can you please fill this (gave me a piece of paper which asked some basic info like Name, place lost)

Officer: Where do you work
Me: XXX Company

Officer: What does your company do
Me: explained about our company

Officer: Who is your end client
Me: we are service providers, we don't have end clients

Your visa is approved, gave me a green paper and a booklet which explains about workers rights.

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12NovVancouer     11/13/2019 17:10 PM

Anyone attended interview of 12th Nov in Vancouer and got the email to collect passport ?

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gsabari17     11/13/2019 16:43 PM

I'm planning to go Toronto on December to change my status from H4 to F1 , Can someone share their experience pls

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