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pardeepbains     05/18/2019 14:25 PM

Any luck recently with Ottawa Visa appointment ? There are none available before end of September. Looking for early June.

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ak18     05/17/2019 21:33 PM

Has anyone received 221g blue slip today?

First time stamping F1 to H1B

Thanks in advance

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arupat     05/17/2019 14:56 PM


I see that all the Visa appointment starting from September 2019. if anyone cancelling , Can u please me know. I am desperately looking for May & June.


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chotaprasad     05/17/2019 14:42 PM

Hi All,

I would like to appreciate all forum members and Immihelp for sharing individual experiences w.r.t Cananda Visa stamping at LA, USA.

Here is the summary of my experience.

1) Please start the Canada Visa application as early as possible with Minimum of 45 days prior to your visa appointment in Canada.

2) Provide all relevant information and documents while submitting the application.
(better to share Payslip/Bank statement for Financial support/Flight ticket to Canada/Hotelbooking in Canda) you can block the tickets and hotel in advance and later you can change it if there is delay in your Canada visa.
3) It may take Min of one week for the Canada consulate to respond to your application
3) They ask to book for Biometric
For booking Bio metric, other than the Canada consulate, you may have to check for the waiting time, hence plan for Min of 1 week for booking Biometric appointment.
3) It takes Min of 2 to 3 weeks for the Biometric results to be shared to Canada consulate and also to review the same by Canada Consulate
4) After Biometric review, it takes Min of 3 to 5 days for the Canda Visa application officer to confirm on submitting the Passport.
5) My advise will be, better to submit the Passport in Person at VFS LA office and also collect it in person from VFS LA location.
6) Min of 5 days SLA for VFS office to get the visa stamped by Canda consulate on your passport and get it back to VFS office.
7) After the passport is received by VFS office, we get email notification to collect the same, if we opt for collecting it in person,
there is also option to get it delivered to home address but I heard they do not accept Fedex tracking and also other carriers may not update the tracking info accurately.

Hence to avoid risk plan to collect the passport unperson.

Hope this info helps others & good luck.


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santosh16     05/17/2019 00:24 AM

H1B approval i-797B.
Appointment date 5/13 at 8:30am
Ds-160 submitted 1 day before the interview.
Questions ;
Related to Master's degree?
First employer?
Second employer?
Present employer?
Present client, project name and duties?
Job title?

Then he gave me 221g white slip.
Status :5/14 administration process.
Status :5/15 administration process.
Status :5/16 administration process.
Status :5/17 administration process.

How many days they take to clear this?

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nbkp1hv     05/16/2019 23:18 PM

It's time to give back to this forum.

* Had interview at 9.30 AM and security folks allows to enter 15 minutes prior.

* Do not carry any backpack even though documents are there,I was not allowed to get in with it.Somehow I kept it in a store near by

Step 1 : At the entrance keep ur DS -160 ready security folks will check and open the door for you to enter and then you need to wait further a door clicks for you to open

Step 2 : Once entered security folks will ask for your passport and a photograph and she will la El ur passport with a sticker

Step 3 : Security check as we have in Airport

Step 4 : For L1B went to counter one for visa and fraud fee payment and VO will stamp the I129 mentioning fee is paid

Step 5 : Next counter VO will mark something in their system and scan the photographs and hand over back to you and some casual chat like ur status and all .

Step 6 : Finger printing and VO will direct to the interview counter

Step 7 : Only one counter was functioning so it will take sometime lady was spending 5 to 7 per candidates

Now the questions and conversation :

Usual greetings exchange

1. Where do you work?
2.Are you still working with Company ....
3.Who is your client?
4.Highest qualification ,had to explain a little on the degree system of India as she asked my specialization ,I have done b.tech in ETC
5.Have you travelled outside US in last 5 years? I had travelled to Dubai and VO saw on my passport so she asked about my Dubai travel
6. What are you going to do in US ? Then I explained about my roles which I play

VO asked general question to my spouse as well like her qualification and if she had travelled outside US in last fine years

After ,that she took a pause and said Approved.

Now I am waiting for my passport

Thanks folks this forum always helps me please contribute ur exp.

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aj26     05/16/2019 22:17 PM

Anyone in Toronto who had an appointment on 14th May and is still waiting for passports?
I got the tracking number today but no updates after that.

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krish007     05/16/2019 20:59 PM

Hello, the Earliest available date for H-1B visa renewal in Ottawa is September 20th. Are earlier dates opening up occasionally?

Thanks in advance.

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bambambigilo     05/15/2019 15:22 PM

HI All, I am in US on H1B visa. I am planning to go to Canada for US visa stamping. Could someone please guide me the step by step process on booking an appointment with US consulate in Canada?

Is this the correct site where you need to book an appointment for US visa in Canada?


I tried booking an appointment seeing the current wait time which says 32 days in the travel.state website. But this site says wait time is October is the next available appointment. I think I am doing something wrong in booking an appointment. Please guide me the correct path. Thanks in advance.

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mdwasea11     05/15/2019 14:32 PM

Appointment at 8:15am on 5/13
All done and approved by 9:15am
Consular said 3-5 days for passport
Questions asked:
Where do you work
Did you get masters in US?
What is your major
Where do you work
What is your designation
What do you do?
Status shows Administrative Processing as of Day 3.
I will let you all know when it changes.

Thanks to this community

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