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roshansahatiya     09/16/2016 10:43 AM

Hi All,

It is time to give back to this forum. Cutting the whole story short

Documents that are really needed for L1 blanket

1. 3 copies of I-129S
2. 3 copies of I797
3. Original Passport(s)
4. DD

Questions asked

VO: Please come, Good morning
ME: Good morning, How are you?

VO: I am good Sir, Thank you, How are you?
ME: Very well, thank you

VO: Did you ever had a VISA with us?
ME: Yes, I have a valid B1 Visa.

VO: To my wife - Mam, did you ever had a VISA with us?
Wife: No

VO: So XXX company?
ME: Yes

VO: How long have you been working with Capgemini?
ME: Mentioned

VO: What is your specialization and why do you need to travel to the US?
ME: Answered in crisp and clear points.

VO: So your specialization is in the XXX solution?
ME: Yes Mam

VO: Is this solution specific for the client you are traveling for in the US or have you implemented this for other clients too?
ME: Implemented for 2 clients in Europe

VO: Can you please name them?
ME: Client A and Client B

VO: How long will you be staying in the US?
ME: Answered

VO: Will you be based out of Capgemini's location or client location?
ME: I will be based out of my company's location, however I will also travel sometimes to my client office as well.

VO: to my wife, how long have you been married?
Wife: X years

VO: Smiling, just a year more than he is employed with Capgemini (a light moment here). What is your anniversary date?
ME: X date

VO: Congratulations Sir, I am approving your VISA. She kept 1 copies of documents with her and stamped the other 2 and gave back.
ME: Thank you, have a great day


- Don't over prepare
- Act genuine, wear a smile
- Be confident, speak slowly and calmly

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srinia     09/15/2016 13:11 PM

Hi All,

As mentioned in earlier post, my case was kept under Administrative Processing because of the old I-129S that I have carried for my interview. I was asked by VO to submit my passport and 3 copies of new I-129S forms at the nearest VAC.

For the benefit of everyone, I am listing down the questions asked to me during the Visa Interview today.

VO : Which Company you work for?

VO : How long you have been working with XXXXXXX?
ME : X yrs Y Months

VO : Why are you going to US?
ME : Design and implementation of XXXX Product

VO : Can you explain about XXXX Product?
ME : I explained about the features of our Product

VO : would you spell the product name?
ME : Spelled the product Name

VO : Who is your Client?
ME : I work at my Parent company located in XXXX

VO : Is your product implemented for any of the clients?
ME : Yes this was implemented for couple of clients in US and UK

VO : Who are the clients?
ME : I mentioned the clients names

VO : What's your specialization?
ME : I have specialization in XXXX Product which I have designed & developed using our proprietary methodologies. I have designed various algorithms specific to XXXX Product

VO : How big is the team in India?
ME : 4

VO : Why Can't other team member travel to US for this job?
ME: I am the one who designed the solution architecture and developed XXXX Product, I know in and out of all features of XXX product and am a certified professional on ABCD platform which is very much required for this implementation.

That's it.

Hope this helps the L1B aspirants


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srinia     09/15/2016 00:39 AM

Hi All,

Today I have attended my Visa Interview at Chennai. The interview was smooth and VO convinced with my answers for all his questions.

At last he kept my case under Administrative processing because of the old I-129S forms that I have carried for my Visa Interview.

Please note that I-129S forms have changed from 1st September but still the Immigration teams at most of the companies are not aware of this change. I have seen many people brought the old version of I-129S today.

My sincere Advice to aspirants going for Visa Interview in the near future is to inform thier immigration team about this change and make sure you guys carry the latest version of I-129S.


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Rathibhar     09/14/2016 16:24 PM

First - Thanks Everyone for posting the previous experiences
Please find the below Questions been asked by VO and All the Best

1. Are you applying for the visa first time ?
2. Who is your client ?
3. How long are you working for the client ?
4. What is your highest education ?
5. Why you are assigned for this role ?
6. Who is your current client ?
7. How many Reportees do you have?
8.How many of them direct ?

To My wife
1. Are you currently working ?
2. What is your highest education ?
3. Are you planning to work ?

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AmanL1B     09/14/2016 03:43 AM

Sharing my Visa interview experience and it goes like this:

Visa Interview: 1st September

Question 1:

VO: So you are from XXX company ?

Question 2:

How long have you been working there ?

Question 3:

What would be your salary in US ?

Question 4:

What would you be doing in US ?

Question 5:

To my wife:

What is your qualification ?

Question 6:

Will you be working in US ?

She answered No. VO advised that even if you plan to work, do obtain EAD permit which would be needed.

All was smooth till this point.

VO: All looks fine with your case except for the I-129S you have brought are old. Consulate stopped accepting these forms starting 29th Aug 2016.

I was asked by Visa officer to send then new forms via Stanley Team/VFS in Bangalore and consulate kept our passports and put us in "Administrative processing".

Unfortunately, my lawyers did not inform me of the change with I-129S else I was all set to get Visa same day.

Question to you guys:

- I submitted the new documents on 7th September with VFS.
- Is anyone else in same situation as me ? If yes, did you get Visa approved later and in how many days ?
- If someone had this situation, can someone advise how long it took in their case ?

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sid12345     09/11/2016 06:08 AM

Thanks to the forum which helped me to prepare for the interview

My L1B VISA Approved on 6th September 2016.Please fidn the answers below.

VO : So you are working with xxx Company ?
ME : Yes

VO : How long have you been working with XXX ?
ME : 2 years 3 months

VO: Why are you going to US ?
ME : As part of the project i will be delivering solution xxxxx which will help to <Feature1>,<Featurs2><Feature3> enabling client to <benefit1><benefit2><benefit3>.

VO : What is your specialisation ?
ME : I have specialisation in design , development and expertise in customization in <company> proprietary tool xxx.

VO : Can you just explain more about your specialisation <specially the xxxx feature >
ME : It is xxxxx based Platform application

VO : where it can be used ?
ME : Its Product agnostic

VO : Ok would you please tell me what is underlying technology / language used to build this tool ?
ME : xxxxxxx

VO : How many members in your team ?
ME : 3

VO : Why only you are going ?
ME : I am involved in design the blueprint to architecture.

VO : So you are the primary architect for this tool ?
ME : Yes

VO : How long you are going to US ?
ME : 9 Months

VO : How long it took to build the tool ?
ME : 1 Year

VO : Is this deployed anywhere or is this the first time you are going to deploy in US ?
ME : Yes we have deployed the tool for two clients .

VO : Can i see your support letter

After reading the support letter for couple of minutes, he finally told . here is your VISA approved

Important Tips :

1. Be confident , Relax though it is difficult , Always Think you deserve the VISA.
2. Dress well , be professional , Eye contact
3. Kindly no show off dress , English Accent and no jokes or Humour at all to VO from your side

All the best


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Wit4us     09/11/2016 04:28 AM

Hi All,

I have PAI for L1A individual visa in couple of weeks.

My question is if the VO asks how many people are reporting to you or what is your team size, should we include the offshore team size as well or talk only about the onsite team that will be reporting to me once in US?

Hope someone can help on this..

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USdreamerplusworker     09/08/2016 11:02 AM

Over the time , Everyone has been posting the questions asked during an interview. But I feel those are less important for the preparations. First, is improving your attitude towards an interview. You need to be feeling positive and confident before interview rather than remembering your answers! Below are the things you must keep in your mind before an interview.

-Do not learn what you have to answer!
-Believe in what you have designed or developed!
-Show how that tool/software is competitive and improves current problems.
-Be Confident and make eye contact with smile.
-Go with an attitude that you will definitely get the Visa because you deserve it.
- Also have an attitude of cool( Its ok if my Visa is rejected, but still my tool is best)
-Do not get panic ( Everyone in the consulate are there to help you , and they all are nice people helping you to get Visa).
-While standing in the queue do not get carried away by the rejections happening in front you, YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO GET!
-Pick the best part of your tool and relate with real world scenarios.
-Be honest and truthful.
-Have a proud feeling when you explain your tool.
- Be smart and confident while telling your client and company.
- Take a long breath before moving to the glass window.

And still if you guys want to know what i was asked
-Years of experience
-About tool
-Why You
- Job in US
-Salary, duration
thats it , VO gave those golden words " Congrats, Your Visa is approved"

Last small tip: Do not argue with auto rickshaw guy even though he charges a little more!
Help someone needy inside consulate also( There are lot of old people who come for Visa, they will be wondering what they have to do. Ofcourse the greeters all are great in helping them, but still if you can help them your side too , their blessings will work wonder and you'll be more confident.

Sleep early a night before the interview
Have your breakfast
Do not take any CDs, Mobile Phone or pendrives. Folders are OK.

All the Best.
Let everyone's dream come true :)

If anything more needed from my side, happy to help

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vijayl1a     09/07/2016 03:30 AM

Dear All,

I am going to attend PA next week for L1A blanket, I have 9.7 years experience and will be around 80K USD salary mentioned in the petiton.

4 direct(out of 1 technical manager) and 2 indirect reportees -

Any idea what will be chance of getting approved? or please suggest your experience.

I heard some of my collegues L1A blanket got rejected "not clearly approvable".

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aman.aggarwal7     09/07/2016 01:45 AM

Hi All,

Thanks to this forum, it helped me a lot to prepare for my Visa interview.

My L1b Individual Visa got approved today 7th Sep 2016 at 10 AM. below question has been asked to me by VO

VO : Good morning
Me : Good Morning

VO: Which company do you work for

VO: for how long you have been working with XYZ
Me: 2 years 1 month

VO: where location are you going to work ?
Me: I will be working at Client location <Client Address>

VO: your L1b Blanket visa got rejected ?
Me: yes my L1b Blanket visa got rejected last year 22nd Oct

and then golden words!!

your visa is approved.


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