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L1B and L2 Extension
Hi all,

Need your help.
My husband is on L1B and me on L2 dependent with i94 expiring in April 2020 and visa expiring in June 2020.Applying for premium processing now. Currebtly we are in US both working.
My L2 EAD is expiring on August 2021.

Have few questions:
L1B and L2 both goes for premium processing or just L1B.
Can L1B can still work with the extension receipt if visa is not approved?
Cab L2 dependent still work with the extension receipt if visa is not approved? (EAD is applicable till Aug 2021)


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L1A Extension got approval

I have a urgent question here.

my existing/old L1A 797 document will expired on Jan 29, 2019, so it is still valid now.
and I also got my L1A extension approval, and show valid from 1/30/2020, right after the expired date of my old 797 document.
when i went to consulate, they put a stamp"cancelled without Prejudice" and give me a new visa stamp against my new 797 document, but the new visa stamp page show the issue date Dec 20th.

my question is can i enter the U.S on Jan 13th 2020(i have booked the flight), with my old and new 797 documents and the new visa stamp, or i have to wait until Jan 30th to enter USA, which is the first valid date showed in my new 797 document? Thank you all!!!
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L1 (A) Individual
Hello Everyone,

My L1A (individual) visa was approved in Nov 2019. Let me give some my background of my application. My business visa was earlier refused multiple times in last 3 years and I was really frustrated. After doing some research (esp. on this forum) I realized that I had been probably applying through the wrong category. I changed my visa category to L1A.

June 2019: Applied for L1 visa under premium processing.
Late June 2019: Received RFE
Sep 2019: Submitted all required documents
Oct 2019: Received approval notice from USCIS
Nov 2019: Appeared for personal Interview

Overall Experience:
It was bit exhaustive to compile and collect all the documents from initial application in June 2019 to RFE submission in Sep 2019. However, USCIS was quite prompt in responding at each of the stages.

Interview Experience:
It was all very well managed at both VAC and US Consulate. After completing formalities at VAC a day before, I reached at the consulate 30 mins prior to the appointment time. Within an hour, I was in front of Visa officer (VO). I was well prepared and composed. I greeted her and she responded back quite cheerfully. This gave me a sigh of relief as It reminded me that a good beginning is half job done.

VO: Please pass on your passport and I797 B approval notice (first page only)
Me: Submitted
VO: Have you been to US before?
Me: Yes
VO: Visa category and when?
Me: : xx years back under XYZ category.
VO: Its quite long back, what was your age? Bit of laugh exchanged between us. I thought it’s a good sign.
Me: I nodded and I told her my exact age then.
VO: Why and when did you switch your career?
Me: Replied quite confidently
VO: Current company name
Me: Replied
VO: Location of US office
Me: Replied
VO: Indian and US salary
Me: Replied
VO: Is this a specialized role?
Me: No, it’s a managerial role. I gave some details about my role. I thought this was a trick question. Be very clear with your roles and responsibilities.
VO: Why did you come here for interview, why not nearby consulate offices?
Me: Actually interview venue was allocated by USCIS based on my old address. I believe this was based on my Income tax document. I just explained that and she looked convinced.
VO: Why is your wife and son not travelling with you? I went alone for the interview?
Me: I will be travelling for a short term project at the moment. Next time, I will take them along.
VO: Current job responsibilities, no. of reporting staffs?
Me: I tried to give a detailed answer but she stopped me in between.

VO was looking at her computer screen and she was typing all the time. However, It sounded like an easy interview and i got quite hopeful by then.

Then came the Golden word from her. She smiled and said, your visa is approved and you will get your passport at your communication address. I was on top of my world and took a deep breath.

My two cents to all new applicants:
Be genuine with your application and don’t overstate any information. You should spend a good amount of time for the interview. VO generally asks questions from a fixed list and hence it shouldn’t be a great deal to prepare answers. IMMI forum is the best platform to prepare the list of expected questions. Lastly and most importantly, be confident and composed in front of the Visa officer. A good preparation with little bit of luck will certainly help your cause.

My best wishes.
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L1B Visa when having Canadian work permit
Hi Everyone,
My wife's L1B blanket was rejected in January 2019 and her employer applied for L1B individual petition which is now approved.

Meanwhile, I've got a job from one of the Canadian employers and both of us got the Canadian work visa stamped couple weeks back.

Now, the question is will having a Canadian visa cause problems to our L1/L2 Visa? The idea is that my wife will be working at US and I will be in Canada and we would want to visit each other occasionally or during some emergency.

Please suggest
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L1B visa stamping after extension is approved

My L1B visa extension was approved in Nov 2019 by USCIS. I am still in USA and my current visa L1B is valid until Jan 2020. I am planning to travel to India in June 2020. Can someone please share their interview experience for L1B extension from India?

Have you heard of any rejections during interview even though you have approved visa extension from USCIS. I have seen people travel to Canada to get their visa stamped after extension, if this better option compared to travelling to India?
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L1 B
I am Senior software engineer and having 8 years of experience ,
My company is planing to process L1B now
I had applied B1 visa One and half years back and its got rejected, they give me 214b
Will be in trouble at any case for my B1 rejected or any other case
Suggestion Please ….
Let me know some precaution, I should be aware of
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Regarding Interview location
Hi All,

My L1-B (Blanket) got rejected few months ago at chennai, is it ok to book my next interview in other location than chennai ? This is for L1-B (Individual).

Thanks in advance
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L1B Blanket in London
Hello All,

Has any one given L1B interview at London US Embassy? Could you please share some your experience so that i can prepare myself for the interview. My interview is scheduled on Jan 9th.

Looking forward for your help and support.

Thank you!!
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Urgent : L1A Extension denied - New L1A blanket interview
Hello All,

I am following this forum for a long time and its very much helpful.

I am in a situation where I need you guys to help and support.

I have been working for a company YYYY in the US for the past 3 years in L1A(blanket) in “managerial capacity”.

My company filed the first L1A extension in the month of May and we got RFE in the month of July.

We replied back with all the requested documents in the month of September. But my extension got denied in the month of October.

Now we filed a new L1A blanket petition around scheduled an interview in Chennai.

Followings are questions:
1.Will my extension denial has any impact on the new petition?
2.Whether the VO has complete details of my denial of reasons/notice?
3.Will there be any questions by VO related to my extension denial in the interview?
4.What could I answer if the VO asks about my denial reasons?
5.Since its very short time frame for the new petition interview, my company suggested showcasing as currently, I am working in India with US payroll. Will that legally possible scenario?

Please help me with this.

Thank you,
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Confidential information in RFE

My L1B individual visa got RFE, and I am in the process of replying to RFE. I have prepared some documents , but almost all of them have companies confidential information such as projects, internal architecture of products and tools.

Is this something that can be shared with USCIS and attorney. In my case attorney is 3rd party that my company is tied up with for Immigration.

Thank yoi
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