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Attending a Visa interview along with wife and Kids. Would it increase the chances of a VO to be convinced and approve it. My thought would be marginally YES.
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L1A Ind Extn w/ Approved I-140
Hi All,

Could you please help me to take a decision whether to file my L1A Individual extension in Premium or in Normal processing timeline? I-129,I-539 & I765 will be filled all together.My I-140 is approved.

My current L1A individual visa is expiring in Apr. This will be my 1st Extension with approved I-140. My spouse is planning to continue in her current job if possible & this is my only reason to think whether to file it in Premium. I under USCIS not processing L2 & L2 EAD processing in premium as a courtesy but heard it will be faster.

Please let me know if anyone of you have any suggestion what best to do on this case..

Thank you in advance!

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L1A Blanket Approved in Chennai
First of all thanks a lot to this forum was very helpful.

28th January 2020 - Biometric
I had my Biometric at 8.00AM had some network issue, due to that waited for 15 min to get the process completed.

28th January 2020 - Personal Interview at 1045 AM.

Interview started at counter no # 29.

VO : Can you share I129S, Blanket Petition and all the passport including your dependents.
VO: Which Visa are you applying for?
Me : L1A Blanket
VO: Where are you working?
Me : ABC company
VO : Years of experience in current organization ?
Me : XX years
VO: What is your designation?
ME : Senior Manager
VO: Do you have reportees?
ME : Yes and mentioned number of reportees.
VO: Which City are you travelling
ME : XX place
VO: Total salary in US

Question to Dependent:
VO: What is your highest education?
Depen : Mentioned her Masters then she asked what is your Bachelor Specilaization
VO: Are your kids born in US?
Depen : NO
VO : Have you traveled to US before if so what Visa was issued?
Depen ; H4

Finally she said Your Visa is Approved.

Thanks again to all the people who shared the experience and All the best to everyone.
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L1A Blanket Visa Approved - Chennai
22nd January 2020 --- Biometric

My Biometric was scheduled at 1:OO PM. Me and my spouse arrived at 12:45 PM and we asked to go inside the building directly. The officers there took our DS-160 and passports and arranged them in order. We were then routed to the biometric windows where our finger prints and photographs were taken and that was it for the day.

23rd January 2020 --- Visa Interview

Our Visa Interview was scheduled at 8:30 AM and we reached the consulate at 8:00 AM. We were asked to stand in the respective queue. After few minutes we were allowed to enter the premise and then after arrangement and validation of the documents and verifying the fingers prints, we were asked to wait for our turn for the interview. And finally, after waiting for few mins, we were asked to proceed to a window for the interview. The entire discussion was only for about 5 mins or so. Below is the detailed discussion that took place:

VO: Good Morning..
Me: Good morning maam…How are you doing today?

VO: I am good..thnx…How about you?
Me: I am doing well as well…thnx.

VO: Which Visa category are you applying for?
Me: L1A Blanket Visa.

VO: Is it you first L1 Visa?
Me: No maam…I had a L1A Individual Visa earlier as well.

VO: Was it L1 A or L1B?
Me: It was L1A Individual Visa. I was not able travel with that Visa though.

VO: Why were you not able to travel earlier?
Me: Answered.

VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Capgemini America.

VO: How long you have been working with Capgemini?
Me: Since 2015…Its my 5th year with the organization.

VO: What will be your designation in US?
Me: Senior Manager

VO: Will it be Senior Manager of something?
Me: No maam…My designation will be Senior Manager but my Role will be Project Delivery Manager.

VO: What are some of your Roles and Responsibilities that you will be performing US?
Me: Answered in 6-8 sentences.

VO: What will be your salary in US?
Me: Answered.

VO: What is the designation of the person whom you will be reporting to US?
Me: Senior Director.

VO: And whom will he report to?
Me: Vice President.

VO: And whom will he report to?
Me: Executive Vice President.

VO: And whom will he report to?
Me: Capgemini Chairman.

VO: Will you have hiring authority in US?
Me: Yes maam.

VO: What is the process of hiring?
Me: Answered

VO: How may direct and indirect reports will you have in US?
Me: 10 direct reports and no indirect reports.

VO: What will be the designations of your direct reports?
Me: Manager.

VO: Managers of something?
Me: Yes…their designations will be Manager but their roles will be Test Managers, Development Managers.

VO: How long you have been married?
Me: Answered.

No questions were asked to my spouse.

The VO typed something in her computer for a minute or so and then she picked a Green Slip from, stamped the 3 copies of I-129S, handed over 2 copies to me and said that your Visa is approved. It was a very good experience through out the entire Visa process.

Tips (for those who might feel they need some…) --- Be confident with your appearance and in your conversations. For the L1A Blanket, they will not validate whatever you you need to be convincing and confident enough to get your Visa approved.
All the best for your Visa interviews!!!
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L1B visa-Issued 221G

I had my l1B visa interview on 13th Jan, in Santiago Chile.Actually I travelled from Bay area to santiago chile for L1B extension.We have our company branch located here.

The VO issued me a 221G,about client location.
She Told that you are not supposed to work at client location on L1B,and you have to take H1B visa for that.

I explained clearly that the specialized tools we use,have to be integrated with cleint systems and that is the reason I have to go at clients place.But my supervision is done by my company only.
Same is mentioned on my I-129S petition and my attorney also confirmed the same.

Now,she said she has to verify the law,because she she she has seen so many cases back in india and this was not possible.

She said,she will need to verify this and issued me a 221G slip.
Its been over a week and still no status update.

Any advice?
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L1A Blanket - Functional Manager - UK London US Embassy
My L1A Blanket (for functional manager) + L2 for my wife got approved today at London US Embassy.

Thanks for all the information shared by other members in this group. It helped me a lot. It is now my turn to share my experience.

I had to attend at London US Embassy as I'm working in UK for the past 1 year. The visa application preparation started in the month of September 2019, due to several internal reviews and changes, it took 2 months to prepare the case. And attorney took a month to draft the application and support letter. Finally, I appeared for interview today Jan 21, 2020.

Interview Time: 9:00 AM
Arrived at London US Embassy at 9:05 AM
After a 20 mins wait outside the embassy, entered the building (Security allowed Mobile phone and Small bag!) and got the token. After a 30 mins wait, called for document check. Took couple of mins for the officer to put the documents (Passport, DS160 Confirmation, 2 copies of I-129s and 1st page of I-797) in a folder and gave it back and asked me to pay the fraud prevention fee ($500) at another counter. Paid the fees using card and got the receipt. After 5 mins, we got called for the interview.

VO: Good morning. How are you?
Me: Hi, thanks. I'm doing great. How are you?

VO: Good. Can you please pass on the folder?
Me: Gave the folder I got from first officer along with Fee payment receipt

VO: What is the visa you are applying for?
Me: L1A

VO: Have you had this visa before?
Me: No. However, I have had L1B and H1B before.

VO: Are they still valid?
Me: No.

VO: What is your job title?
Me: <My job title>

VO: What are you going to do?
Me: As a functional manager, manage and oversee the <Company name>'s <Product/Service name>'s function.

VO: How many direct reports do you have?
Me: 4 professional developers. However, as a functional manager I have oversight of multiple teams who do not directly report to me.

VO: Oh, you manage multiple IT teams?
Me: Yes

VO: How long you have been working for this company?
Me: 10+ years.

VO: What is the total years of experience you have?
Me: 15+ years.

VO: When did you complete your education?
Me: year YYYY

VO: What is your education?
Me: Masters is YYYY - Engineering degree

VO: Can you explain what was included part of your university education?
Me: Software Development, Computer Architecture, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, Accounting (I didn't really remember all the courses I had)

VO: When did you start working?
Me: Year YYYY (Same as the year I completed education)

VO: [to my wife] Are you married?
Wife: Yes

VO: [to my wife] What is your education?
Wife: B.E in ZZZ

VO: Have you been working?
Wife: No

VO: Thank you sir. Your visa has been approved. You will get notified when the documents are ready for collection.
Me & Wife: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Documents I carried
 - DS-160 Confirmation (Required)
 - Appointment Confirmation (Not used)
 - Passport (Required)
 - Old Passport (Not used)
 - 2 copies of Photo
 - Package from attorney
- Form G-28 (Not used)
- Forms I-129s (3 copies) (Required, 2 copies used)
- Support letter from petitioner (Not used)
- Copy for I-797 (L1 Blanket Petition) (Required, first page of I-797 asked)
- Organization Chart (Not used)
- Passport Biographics Page Copy (Not used)
- Corporate Docs (Company Profile, Annual Report, etc) (Not used)
 - Last 3 months payslip (Not used)
 - Payreview document (Not used)
 - Marriage certificate (Not used)
 - UK visa (BRP card) (Required)
 - Degree Certificate (Not used)

Hope this would help someone. All the best!
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L1-B Visa Stamping -PIMS issue
My L1-B visa extension individual petition was approved in October 2019. At that time I was in united states and came to my country in December, and submitted visa application (DS-160) to US embassy in my country. During the visa interview, the consular officer informed me of my petition details are a mismatch with PIMS and retain my passports.
More than a month past from the interviews and still the US Colombo embassy did not get back to me.
The online status showing "Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing"
Anything that immigration lawyers can do for this?
Can I contact, USCIS on this? Appreciate your advice.
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L-1B Individual VISA What to carry for Visa Interview

Can someone tell me what the documents need to be carried for L1-B individual visa . I have following and not sure if I am missing any :

1) I-797 B Approval Notice
2) I-797-C Notice of Action
3) DS-160
4) Appointment Fee receipt
5) Appointment confirmation

I see few people mentioned about form I-129, my employer didnt sent me this.
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What will be the USA salary?
Currently I am working product based company in India, They filled L1 Blanket for me.In he petition they mention ed Indian Salary is ABC INR and other benefits like (Housing,Daily and transportation) is XYZ USD.

What is the current salary ?
What will be your future salary?

Kindly please help me for this
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I 129S form part4 section - L1B Blanket
In I129S form - Part Section , Reasons to provide US proposed—- my petitioner is not filled this one. Is it mandatory. Any how we attached supporting letter.
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