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L1B Visa : Employer Original Exp Letter
I saw the below document requirement on website. Can someone confirm, if this is an absolute requirement ?

"Original letters from current and previous employers detailing your position and projects you worked on and how long you worked with your employers. "
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L1b blanket
I have taken the date January 2020 first week for an interview, but now I want to add my wife for L2 can anyone help how can I add my details for the l2 interview.
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L1B specialised visa -premium processing
My case was approved yesterday and it feels pretty amazing!

Just thought this will help others as i know I was constantly worrying about time lines so...

Initial documents sent through premium processing - AUG 10th

RFE received- AUG 19th (was given until NOV 14 to respond)

Responded - NOV 12th (I recommend not leaving it this late as FEDEX had a system problem and I nearly missed the deadline)

Case approved - Nov 21st

Now I am waiting for the approval notice and to schedule an interview which I’m not sure how long this part takes.

I am happy to help anyone who needs help and also happy to hear other people’s experience on how long do I have to wait to get the approval notice and interview.

Also I highly recommend premium processing but you are also likely to receive an RFE from what my attorney old me.

Thanks 😊
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I am a QA lead with almost 12 years of experience.
My company is planning to process L1B now.
But my highest education qualification is BSc Physics.
But still I'm positioned in a good role and with good package.
I mean around 24L.
Also my companies US package is more than 120k dollars
and is also a reputed product based company.
Will I be in trouble at any case because of my qualification.
Suggestions please.
Let me know some precautions I should be aware of
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Need help
I am going for L1B interview next month. I am showing specialization on client product and also work at client location. can anyone help me like will it be a correct.
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L1B Approved
Here is what I went through...

Interview Time 9.15AM
Reached at around 8.45 and waited for 10 Mins before entering the Queue. Stayed @ThePark like all..

Keep 3 sets of I129S and I797 together or
you can keep 3 sets of I129 and 3 Sets of I797 separately.. I was a bit confused on this.

Security guy will anyway give those 3 I797 Docs back ..

Make sure You have the DD (I've seen a couple forgot their DD).
Mention your full name and Passport number on the DD backside
Pen Color doesn't matter.. I've used Black.

Moving to the next Building..
Queue again to submit the DD and get the fingerprints validated..

Takes around 30 mins for your turn to come for Interview..
(If your meeting your family members in US, get their VISA copy) A Doctor Couple before me don't have the VISA copy whom they are visiting in US. . but Approved anyway.

Here comes my Turn...

VO: Hello... Passport please..
Me: Hello Officer .. Good Morning... Here it is.... And passed the Docs as well.

VO: What is the Nature of your company
ME: Healthcare product manufacturing Sir...

VO: Is it a product company
ME: Yes Sir, Xxxx products manufacturing

VO: So you work as a scientist ?
Scientist ?????? My Eyes Blinked for a while...
ME: No Sir, I work as a Finance supply chain Consultant in IT.

VO: What is the technology you are into...
ME: Technology working and the modules if any

VO: Do you work on any customized tools
ME: Yes, Company specific Tools And told the Name...

VO: What will you do in US.
ME: Help Team in US in smoother transition from their existing Legacy applications into Diff Apps
And provide Knowledge Transfer to the Team in US on the customized tool mentioned Above.

Paused for a while Typing something....

VO: Your VISA is Approved and you will get your Passport in 2 days
Don't forget to take the Stamped I129S copies while you travel US. ....SMILES.....
ME: Tan Q Officer.... Smiles.....

All the Best Guys...!!!!
Keep it Simple.... I did tumble at first but managed to explain in simple Terms...

At the END... LUCK should work in your favour...
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L1B Approved
Date: 15/11/19 (Friday)
I went there in the morning. be there 15 minutes before, there is no point reaching too early .

1) What is your designation? ** Lead ** Dev
2) Where are you going in US?
3) Same company ? ( yes)
4) What do you do ? (told)
5) Follow up question on my work (explained)
6) Your salary in US and India (told)

and then she said "Your visa is approved, Congrats on your new job"

Learning - while inside the room, you will hear other candidates, don't get influenced with the interviews that are going on. You will notice that some counselors are strict etc, Do not get influenced by that, stick to what you know and believe in your self. Understand what the L1B visa is for and whether or not your profile suits that.
GOOD LUCK everyone.
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L1b Extension --Suggestion needed
I am currently on L1b blanket and my PED or the I94 expires on May 2020.
My extension documents are being prepared by the attorney's currently as they have suggested that it is better to go to the consulate as chances of rejection is less there.
I want to know if going to the Canada consulate or the home country consulate which is the better option in terms of chances of rejection.
Does going to Canada consulate reduces my chances of getting the extension?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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L1A - L2 Blanket Approved
Hi All,

Firstly, I would like to thank this forum as this has helped me a lot and I was confident about reviewing the experiences and was able to successfully clear the visa interview. I would like to share my experience.

I am from New Delhi and came to Chennai on 17th for the L1 blanket processing. 18th was the biometric and 19th was the visa interview. I realised that my moving out of daily kiosk and staying 2 day in advance in Chennai gave me peach of mind and was only focused for the interview and nothing else.
Biometric on 18th Nov was easy hassle free.
on 19th Nov my appointment time was 8:45 am, reached the consulate at 8:25 am, please try to reach just 15 - 20 mins in advance and not much in advance else he will keeping waiting in long queue and I tell you its humid and you many not like it. I was with my family and we were allowed in 10 mins of our reaching.

Inside I was asked to first arranged the I-129 and first page of 797 in 2 sets, I had done this in advance so it was easy for me and i was directly guided to make the payment. And I say others arranging papers at a distance with papers scattered. Please try to have this arranged when you come so it will not be a hassle.

Made the payment of $500. I had all option of payment with me except the DD. I had USD, INR cash and credit card. A day in advance I had called my CC bank and informed them about the transaction which is going to happen on 19th and I also informed that I will not carry the mobile to receive any call for the transaction confirmation. Post the interview also I called the Bank to confirm the transaction.

After payment I was asked to move straight to the interview area. Straight away the executive asked me to move to window 32. There was a boy who was giving interview and was giving interview for Student Visa and he finally got this approved.
Now it was my turn.

Good Morning Officer
VO - Good Morning, paper please.
Me- I gave the papers, all three passport, 3 set of I129 and 797 and my DS-160 (only primary applicant)
VO- which Visa
Me - L1 A Blanket
VO - Which company you work for?
Me - YYYY just replied the company name
VO - Do you have any VISA?
Me- Yes, I have a valid B1 Visa
VO - When did you last Travel?
Me - I gave the accurate date of landing in US?
VO- How long you where there?
Me - 2 Weeks, I came back on (gave the returning date)
VO- Max how long you have stayed in US?
Me - 12-13 weeks (FYI - I have multiple travel history)
VO - Why is your employer sending you?
Me - explained the reason, in 4 - 5 lines.
VO - What will be your designation
Me - ZZZ
VO - Will anyone report to you in US?
Me- - Yes, I already have 1 and have budget to hire more.
VO - So you will have a team in US?
Me - Yes
VO - Any indirect report?
Me - Yes, currently in India I have 15 indirect report and they will continue to report while I am in US.
VO - what will be your Salary?
Me - XX yearly in USD
VO - to my wife -- how long you have been married?
Wife - XX
VO -- what is the highest qualification of both of you? (to me and my wife)
Me -- XX Wife XX (PHD in XX)
VO - to my wife -- what is your background of study?
Wife - ZZZ
VO - You have a son?
Me - yes, here he is (he was sitting in the chair so the VO was unable to see him)
VO-- how old is he
Me - XX years

all this while she was typing in her computer and continued for a min or so after the last question, and finally she started looking for the stamp, and I saw she picked the approved one and I was like....OMG...
She stamped all three set and wrote a date...I say the date to be three years from today. She said, your visa is approved, I will return you two copies and retain one. carry one when you enter US and give one to your HR.

I was super excited, thanked the VO, took paper she gave and started moving. I walked to the waiting area and sat to check the papers and I saw she there was only 1 set of the paper, but I remember she mentioned she will return 2 and wife also mentioned that she said she will return two. I was little confused and checked with the staff available there and he also mentioned that you will get 1 copy, but I was sure she mentioned two set to return as I was suppose to carry 1 while travelling and one to be given to the HR. I asked the staff to confirm and then he took me to the counter the VO gave me another copy.

So, please make sure you check the paper before you exit the building. Also make sure you check the dates which is mentioned in the paper. On odd times it has happened that they mention today's date and that will be a problem.

We were out of the building by 9:25, so in about 45 mins everything was done.

Overall, be confident. prepare for the interview. The set of questions are standard and you can find all questions in the forum.

All the best to all.

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L1 Individual Approved after Emergency Request
Previous Visa: L1 Blanket expired in Nov-2019

Current Petition: L1 Individual, approved after premium processing in the US by USCIS for two years. It is legal for the candidate to work in the US on the approved petition. If they leave the US, they will need to come back with a passport stamp. It is therefore, beneficial to travel to India and get the visa stamped, preferably 2 months ahead of visa expiry (you'll understand why in a few).

First appointment: I had to cancel my first appointment at Chennai as I booked it as an L1 Blanket. This is my third L1 (first with another company, second blanket with current employer, and third current L1 Individual). I called customer care to check if I can still attend, they asked me to cancel and reapply.

Learning 1: Please talk to your Lawyers, HR and be certain about visa title. My approved I-797 does not distinguish, L1 visas, just says approved L1.

Second appointment: I now knew my correct visa. The ustraveldocs page asks: “are you applying for the same visa as the last visa?” I chose, yes (wrong!), and it became a drop box scenario. I appeared at Delhi VAC and was told to apply again for biometrics and visa interview.

Learning 2: Take time to fill up the application. Understand all fields.
Emergency appointment: Note that at the VAC they just marked my case as a no-show. I did not need to re-spend the money; the appointment window opened 24 hours later. For the emergency appointment, I explained why I needed to back in the US (I shared it with my HR and they created the request on the company letterhead), and attached my approved I-797 and I129S. Any untruths, half-truths can permanently affect your ability to work in the US. If you do not have pressing needs, wait for the appointment. Next day Chennai Consulate approved my request. We appeared for biometrics in Delhi and interview I booked I requested in Chennai. I chose Chennai instead of Delhi (my family home) because they had the first available appointment. All others were in Jan or very late Dec.

Learning 3: Prepare for an emergency request, in case you have incomplete documents etc. If done well ahead, you can be at the Consulate in the next 2-3 days.

Biometrics Delhi VAC: Delhi VAC is on the Metro station. Do not bring bags, phones etc. We arrived in an Uber and travelled back in an auto. We arrived at 8 a.m. for an 8:30 appointment, got in the queue, our passports, DS-160s were scanned, and on the back, an RFID type sticker was put. Please read the RFID, it shows your data such as interview date, any errors can cause delays. We were out at 9:15 a.m.

• We stayed at The Park, Chennai. It is a 5-minutes’ walk from the US Consulate in Chennai.
• We arrived outside at 9:30 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. appointment. A bus stop is next to the Consulate and there were autos. Total bedlam. We stood in the heat unnecessarily. Better to arrive 15-20 minutes prior and you will directly get into the queue.
• Bring only printed docs, passports, cash, cards, etc. in a clear plastic folder.
• There is an ATM in the waiting area as well if one needs to withdraw cash.
• We waited about 30 minutes for fingerprint scanning. Take out only passports.
• Queues now start separating L1-blanket petitioners get priority. All others go in one large group.
• This gets taxing as you can hear Officers ask questions on a mike. My remedy, I prayed.

Visa Interview: Questions
• What is your Title?
• Where will you be based?
• What is your compensation?
• How many years have you been with Amazon?
• To my wife: Ma’am please confirm your date of birth.

Note: As I mentioned my L1-individual, petition was already approved. This is also my second L1 visa (first Blanket, second Individual) with the current employer so they may have enough data on me. Our visas were approved. They kept passports.

Here are the questions I had prepared for:
• Who is the Petitioner?
• What do they do?
• Salary?
• Location?
• Title?
• How many reportees?
• How many indirect?
• Role and responsibilities?
• How are you involved in business decisions?

Other questions I heard (unsure of visa types)
• How many directs will you have?
• What are their titles?
• Who do you report to?
• Where are they based?
• What is your job?
• Why can’t someone else do it?
• One person had to pay SEVIS fee, his company hadn’t done that.

More than anything else, I’d recommend reading this forum multiple times. I found it extremely helpful. Thank you to all who have contributed.
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