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What will be the USA salary?
Currently I am working product based company in India, They filled L1 Blanket for me.In he petition they mention ed Indian Salary is ABC INR and other benefits like (Housing,Daily and transportation) is XYZ USD.

What is the current salary ?
What will be your future salary?

Kindly please help me for this
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I 129S form part4 section - L1B Blanket
In I129S form - Part Section , Reasons to provide US proposed—- my petitioner is not filled this one. Is it mandatory. Any how we attached supporting letter.
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Why can’t your company’s U.S. team member do this work?
Hi Friends,

what should be the best answer for this question:
"Why can’t your company’s U.S. team member do this work?"

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DS-160 for L-1B individual visa
While filling DS-160 is there any option to specify if its L-1B blanket visa or L-1B individual visa. I completed my DS-160 it didnt ask me anywhere, and now i am worried as my previous L-1B blanket got denied and i don’t want this to show as blanket visa.
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Applying L2 visa while having valid approved H1B petition
Hi All,

Need your guidance and expertise for my situation.
I am working in a reputed employer who has filed my H1B and have valid approved H1B petition till sep 2021. I was in USA for almost 3.5 yrs( including vacation months) and moved back to india last year in april 2019 due to family situations. I didnt stamp my petition after coming to india as i moved back from deputation of the USA project  and joined other project in india.
Now, i have a situation where my husband has got a opportunity for filing L1, its not possible for me to go in H1B as i dont get project and again, amendment, stamping would all min take a 6 months to 1 year.Hence, planning for applying L2 from his company end and travel with him to USA.

Please answer/guide me with below queries hampeing me to take a decision.

1. Can i go to L2 stamping while having approved petition which is not stamped yet in passport. if so, whats the probability of getting L2 visa.
2. Do i need to inform my employer that i am going for L2 visa? what will happen to my H1B if i go for L2 stamping.
3. If i leave the job , then my organization will the h1b petition. if my organization revokes the petition , will i still be eligible for COS from L2 to H1 or CAP exempt if i find another employer. 

Please guide me if anyone had / heard similar experiences . Your guidance will help me in taking decisions.

Best Regards,
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L1B Blanket Interview
I have an L1B blanket interview on 21 Jan.
My company applied for me and not for my dependents.

why you are not travelling with family?

can you help me how to justify this question.

Thanks in advance
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L1B/L1A Blanket Denial
My L1B blanket was rejected “Not clearly approvable” in 2019,

Waited for a year and applied for “L1A” blanket in 2020, same was rejected stating “Not clearly approvable”

the counselor went through L1B rejection reason even before she started off with the L1A interview. I felt she already made up her mind not to approve especially after going through it.

Can you please suggest what would be the next ideal step to get a US visa :
1)Should I reapply for L1A and what is earliest that I can reapply? Is there any cooling period before we apply (Or)
2) should I apply for L1 individual

please help in this regards
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L1A (Individual) petition approved after blanket rejection
My L1A (individual) visa was approved in Jan 2020. Let me give some my background of my application.
After doing some research (esp. on this forum) I realized that I had been probably not a very unique thing which has happened to me and many more are in the same boat as mine.


• L1(A) Blanket Visa : 10th September, 2019
Status: Rejected
• Filed for L1(A) Individual in premium processing: 27th September, 2019
• Received RFE on 5th October
• Filed response to RFE on 28th December
• Received approval on the petition : 5th January, 2020

Blanket experience:

I won’t spent time on explaining the things to be done for Biometrics and Interview day. There are lot of detailed response already on this forum.

I will stick to the questions and the fateful deal breaker question as well:-

Question: What is current experience with your current Organisation?
Answer: XX years
Question: What is your current compensation?
Answer: Told him YYYY dollars annually which is roughly equal to YYYY lacs per annum in INR
Question: What will be your future compensation?
Answer: Told (upside of 150K)
Question: What is your current Role?
Answer: YYYY told the managerial position I had in my current firm – Just the name
Question: What is future Role?
Answer: Told the fill Job title which again had a manager some where
Question: Explain your role in US?
Answer: I explained my role as functional manager and details as per the petition and Attorney’s guidance
Question: A follow up question on my roles & responsibilities
Answer: Explained
It took some time for the visa officer to understand the exact role and then nodded by saying (I understand!)
Question: How many direct reportees you will have in US?
Answer: It will be a functional manager role and I won’t be having any direct reportees
The Visa officer kept on typing post this question and it took him almost a minute after which he pulled out a blue slip and marked the section. He then stamped all the three copies of I-129s with “Visa not clearly approvable”. He passed me my passports and 2 copies of the stamped I-129s back. While passing back the slip, he told me that this category of visa is heavily scrutinized and asked me to show this slip to the HR and they can put me for a different class of Visa. Good day!

I think not having direct reportee didn’t go very well with my job title and hence given a blue slip

Now I have the petition approved from USCIS and waiting for the documents.

Interview scheduled for 3rd March.

I just wanted to check if the direct reportee question will come again even with an approved petition and any tips of dealing with this situation.

Thanks in advance to all the active contributors.
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L1B Individual Approved Chennai
Thanks all the users of immihelp, It was really helpful for me to get a clear cut ideas throughout the process of my visa

Petition type : L1B Individual
Processing Mode : Premium

Time Lines

Petition filed with USCIS : 29-Aug-2019
RFE Received : 09-Sep-2019
RFE Responded : 08-Nov-2019
Case Approved : 21-Nov-2019
I-797B Received : 10-Dec-2019

Biometrics at Chennai : 06-Jan-2020 / 09:15 (You can get there early as well)
Consulate Interview : 07-Jan-2020 / 09:15 (Just reach 15 minutes before the appointment time, No waiting areas near the consulate)

Administrative Processing : 07-Jan-2020
Issued : 08-Jan-2020
Passport has left the consulate and is ready for deliver : 09-Jan-2020
Passport ready for pickup : 10-Jan-2020

Consular officer was a lady

Me : Good Morning Mam !!
VO : Good Morning Sir, How are you doing?. Just had over your passport

Me : Here is it mam
VO : This is for H1B Right??

Me : No Mam, This is for L1B (Individual). Do you want to see the I-797 ??
VO : Ha Okay, This is for L1B. Not required.

VO : SO where will you be travelling to US?
Me : Spring Texas

VO : For how long are you with your organization
Me : To be precise, 2 Years and 4 months.

VO : What is your proposed salary is US?
Me : It is YYYY XX USD per year

VO : How long is your intent of stay in US?
Me : 2 Years

VO : What will you be doing in US?
Me : Explained my specialization in one sentence.

VO : Sir, your visa is approved. Have a great time in US
Me : Thank you mam, Thanks a lot

All the time VO vas typing. Just had some general questions. I hope that for individual application there is no much of scrutinization in US consulate since it was already approved by USCIS. One important note is b genuine in DS-160 and there should not be any mismatch between DS-160 & form 129

I will be travelling next week to US. Prayers and hope that everyone gets the VISA in whichever category you are looking.

If you have any queries, I am always ready to help.
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L1 A Blanket 9th Jan 2020 - Approved
This forum has been extremely useful while preparing for the interview as it covers all possible questions. Ensure to read as many experiences on site since there is a lot to learn and practice through these questions.

Read your documents at-least 10 times and practice the questions.
Wear smile and answer questions in simple English and confidently.
Keep calm, do not stress yourself. Give it your best shot so ensure to stay fresh and active.

My Bio-metric and visa interview was on the same day in Chennai at 8 and 10:45 resp.

Bio-metrics was 10 minutes work and was out by 8:10. You can carry your cellphones along as it would be easy to book cab and all.
Went back to the hotel to relax for a while before the interview.

Visa interview :
Do not go early since they do not allow before the scheduled time and it is tough to wait on the road. Reach only 15-20 minutes in advance.
Do not carry mobiles, people were struggling to keep in locker, carry documents in transparent folder and ensuring it is well organized.
I was with my wife and once we got in had to go through the security check.
In the next area, my wife was asked to sit and since I was the primary applicant, I was asked to sort your documents - 3 sets of I-129S, I-797, Demand draft (Write name and passport at the back) and appointment confirmation letter which was stamped at Bio-metrics.
There will be a person who checks your documents sequence, passport & DD, puts them in a rubber band and ask you move to next building on the right which the main interview building.
In the next queue, had to submit the DD in counter 14. Ensure to collect receipts and then move to 15 or 16 for bio-metric validation for all applicants.
Finally, it is the interview queue. Mostly you will be able to hear the other interviews but its better to stay relax and refresh your bullet points.
Below is the conversation which at-least went for 10-15 minutes.

VO - Can I have the passport and documents
Me - Gave the passport and set of documents in rubber-band.

VO - Who is your petitioner?
Me - Answered

VO - How long you have been working with current company?
Me - 9.5 Years

VO - Have you ever applied for L1 before?

VO - Who will be your client?

VO - Exact location location where you will be travelling?

VO - Expected salary in US?

VO - How many direct reportees in US?
Answered 5 as per Org Chart.

VO - At what level will be direct reportees?
Answered as per their designation

VO - What is their educational background?
All are university graduates, mostly Bachelors in technology

VO - Do they have direct reportees?
Answered as since our delivery works as onshore offshore model, they have team in India whom they handle and manage the work.

VO - How many people in total will you manage including offshore?
Answered 30

VO - Whom would you report to and his designation?
Answered - follow up question was on 2 level hierarchy

VO - What is the process to hire and fire people in your organization?
Explained the process.

To my wife - What is your highest level of education?
She Answered

She took a long time typing something on the computer and then separates the set and says visa is approved. Big relief on hearing that. I would again reinforce be clear with what you say and should be inline with the documents submitted. Practice and having mock interviews is the key.
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