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Final L1-A Extension
Sharing my final L1-A extension Experience.

Original L1A - April 2015 (3 years)
Second L1 - March 2018 (2 years) - Vancouver, Canada
Third L1A - Feb 25, 2020 - (2 years) - Calgary, Canada.

I have a EB-1C with PD 05/31/2017, with I-140 approved, and have GC EAD. I read through the forums, and learned that L1 extensions had become extremely tough. I was skeptical about the renewal going in.

My experience with the US Consulate in Calgary, CA was very pleasant. The security folks as well as the Vice Consul were very courteous. I went in at 8:30 AM for 9 AM appointment, and was out by about 9:45 AM. In terms of documentation, here is what I carried in:

1. I-129S, G-28, I-797 (blanket)
2. Support letter from Organization (This ran to about 20 pages, was pretty detailed with org structure, names of people reporting to me, etc.)
3. Marriage / Birth Certificates (For L2 - spouse and kids)
4. Past pay slips (from before I landed in the US)
5. Original Degree Certificates
5. $500 Fraud Prevention Fee

My company had prepared a pretty significant docket that included a number of other documents (e.g. Validation of my degree from India, previous L-1 documents, last 12 months pay slips, etc) that I was just told to take along with me. So I did not really go through all of those.

Biometrics took about 5 minutes, and we paid the $500 fee for fraud prevention at the next counter.

The Visa Officer had a few questions.

VO: Are you applying for an extension for L1-A?
Me : Yes

VO : How long have you worked for the company?
A : Total of 10+ years, of which close to 5 years in the US

Q : How many people report to you?
A : XX people.. and there are YY number of people reporting to them

Q : What is your highest degree of qualification?
A : Answered

Q to Wife : What is your highest degree of qualification?
A : Answered

Q to Wife : When did you get married?
A : 200X

At this point, I saw her go for the green stamp, and knew that our visas were approved.

Me: Can we collect our passports in 3 days? (In hindsight, I should have kept quiet, I wasn't thinking clearly)

VO: Should be, but it might take a week, depending on security checks.

VO then returned both my kids' old passports (expired ones with US Visa in them).

VO: Your visas are approved

Me: Thanks.


It took about 2 days (interview on Tuesday, 9:00 AM, passport in hand on Thursday 3:00 PM).

About the Calgary US Consulate:

1. Well maintained place, courteous security guards and staff.
2. They have lockers in place to store bags, cell phones, smart watches, etc.
3. There's a Tim Horton's coffee shop in the building, so one can wait (as most of us are likely to reach earlier than appointment time) especially in winter months
4. Parking is scarce, please plan to use the C-Train, it's free within the city and there's a train every 5-7 mins.
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L1A Blanket Approved Chennai
Finger Printing and Visa presentation same day. 8.15 and 10.45 slot.

For Finger printing - This in 1st floor and when I reached they routed me to ground floor for arranging documents . Felt weird as I had passport/DS160 and appointment letter in hand. go to basement and get it organised .. I thought may be my bad in missing so went down . They said why did you come down you have ? Again associate you have not arranged I said please do not joke and show me a place where you have to written to arrange a doc . He started again go to basement . I asked him boss what you need .. " He needs Passport and DS160 inside the passport ). Then I just tucked in all and let me inside. They are just rushing and with no crowd this is the behavior. Then my dependent photo was rejected saying photo is not clear ..But for me it was clear and perfect .Again they said try at consulate .. Infact they accepted it without any issues . Not sure what was the issue with lady
Not a great experience unfortunately as everyone says it was simple.

At consulate -- Reach just 15 min before if not they also act like heros stand in one line this side that side. Do not carry smart watch even non smart watch you need to put in scanner. Pockets empty .Cell phone outside

Organised my docs as per various posts still he asked to go and organize not sure it is attitude or ? Same in previous post (Arrange in 3 sets)
IS29/72 (First page)/DS160(Primary applicant)/DD.. Rest you can keep he will staple all 3 sets .

Counter 14-- Payment -- > 16A(Finger Print)-->Counter 15(If dependent is not in person for photo scan)-->16(For dependent).._> Exit to main queue (F2F VO).

Question were.

Which company you work for ?
How long you have been working here ?
What is your role at onsite ?
Do you have authority to switch roles or reportees
Do you have hire/fire ?
How many direct and indirect reportees

All passports in hand he was off for 4 min types and then came back again asked me what role and then started stamping and said I am approving and gave green slip. Regular smile

No questions to dependents.

Keep contributing and add experiences

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L1 A to L1 B --- is it going to effect my i140 status?
Hi All,

I was on L1- A for 3 years and applied for i-140 in EB1 category in 2018. extension got rejected in 2019 March.
Served a cool off period of 1 year. and now my company wants to file a fresh visa in the L1B category.

does it effect my I-140 status. it will remain as it is or they covert it into EB-2
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L2 EAD Processing
Hi. I have applied for L2 EAD in Sep 2019 (and the petition of my spouse expires in Sep 2020). It is still under processing. My spouse has applied for his petition renewal for his L1A visa in Feb 2020 (and so did I for my L2 visa) and has been granted a visa renewal till Feb 2022.

What will happen to my existing L2 EAD application (as it is still under processing) ? Do I need to apply again for L2 EAD (and will take another 5-6 months ?)

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L1 A Blanket Approved - Chennai
This forum has helped me a lot to prepare for my interview , now its my turn to help others with my experience.

I had my L1 A - Blanket interview on 21 Feb 2020 at 10:45 AM and bio metrics on 20th 9:15 AM .

Bio metrics was a straight forward process , though i reached early they were already queuing up appointments , entered and went upstairs where they had queue for 9:15 and 9:30. They guided us through the building where they will just check the appointment confirmation details and details in passport . We were given the token numbers after which we were again queued up and as displayed on the TV screens guided us to different counters according to our token numbers. In the counter , they took the pic of us along with the finger print . That’s it , It was done .

Next day on 21 Feb , I reached the place by 9:45 and my appointment was at 10:45. There is no point in going early as the queue for 10:45 was formed only after 10:15 .We were asked to take out the passport and the DS 160 which they will check while in the queue and then guided us to a door. I was also asked to take off my watch and put it in my file . Of course smart watches and phones are not allowed. Then after entering the building security check was done and guided us to another counter for all L applicants. We had to arrange the documents in a particular order - ( I-129 S/I-1797 first page ) 3 sets , DD for Anti-fraud fee ( have to write name and passport number on the back), DS160 confirmation which was taken to bio metrics , passport and then go back to the counter where they will verify it , pinned it by 3 sets and enclose it in our passport with a rubber band . Then we were guided to next building , asked to go to a counter to pay the anti-fraud DD , after which a receipt was also pinned to our set of docs. Then asked to go to a next counter where the documents are verified and finger prints were taken again. Now onto the main hall where we were asked to join a queue which was moving fast, After spending around 15-20 mins in the queue , I was asked to go to an available counter and was asked to wait behind the yellow line . An interview was already going on and once it was done , I was asked to move forward to attend the interview.

Me: Hi , Good morning
Vo- Good morning , how are you today
Me- Good , thanks. How are you ?
Vo- Good , thanks

He took off the Anti fraud receipt and handed it over to me and said , this is for you to keep . I took it after saying Thank you.

Vo- So you are applying for L1 A- Managerial , right ?
Me- Yes
Vo- Which company are you working for ?
Me- Answered my company name
Vo- Do you have any L1 visas from past?
Me- Yes ,L1 10 years back
Vo- When did you return from US?
Me- Mentioned the year
Vo- ok , so how long have you been with this firm
Me- Around 9 years
Vo- Which function do you work for ?
I didn’t hear the question properly and asked again for which he said which department do I work for
Me- I answered the correct department which was mentioned on my petition . He was actually looking my petition and verifying the answers while asking this
Vo - Who do you report to and when I answered this he asked who does he report to ?
Me- Answered both the questions
Vo- What’s your highest qualification ?
Me- Bachelor of Technology
Vo- On what parameters do you rate your success ?
Me- Cost ,Time , value and after a pause said of course quality for which he smiled .
Vo- How many direct reports do you have
Me- 5 direct reports who are at assistant manager and technical lead level.
Vo- How many indirect reports ?
Me- 14
Vo- Where are you going to ?
Me- location with state.
Vo- what’s the turnaround of your project ?
Me- mentioned my project budget, he was happy hearing that too

He then started stamping the DS160 sets with dates and mentioned that he can approve it for max 3 years only , that is until Feb 2023 . Suddenly asked if I'm married or not. When I said yes , he asked if my husband will be applying for L2. I mentioned that he has his own visa and then he asked if that is L1 and if he's in US . I said yes to both questions. And then he asked if we have kids, I said I've 2 .Then the next question was if the kids are in my husband's petition or mine. I said my husband’s petition .Then he handed over the green slip and 2 copies of I-129S/797 and asked to give one to my company HR and other to be taken during the travel. He also mentioned that the stamped passport will reach me soon .

He smiled happily and said safe travels , have a nice time . I wished him Thank you and have a nice day before I left the counter.

Wish you all the very best for your interviews.
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L1-B Approved | Chennai
Hi All,
A very big thanks for this forum which helped a lot for the visa interview preparation
And now it's my turn to share my experience.
My profile is Quality Engineer (not Testing), there are not more experiences shared on this profile.
My Interview is on 21st Feb 2020 at 10:15 AM, but interview was done around 11:40 AM.

VO: Hello, Give your documents
Me: Gud Morning and gave documents
VO: Where you born
Me: xxx, India
VO: Who is your petitioner
Me: Answered
VO: Which location you are travelling
Me: Answered
VO: How long you are with current employer
Me: 1.5 years
VO: Will you be working for same company or client
Me: Same Company
VO: What work you do in US
Me: Answered (Covered my specialized skill)
VO: What is your salary
Me: Answered (>100k)
VO: Are you married
Me: Yes
VO: Do you have kids
Me: No, recently married

VO didn't respond anything, waited for 10 seconds and stamped on my documents. Gave green slip and told your visa is approved and have a safe travel.

All the best..!
Thank you..!
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L1B Blanket Visa – Not clearly approvable
Hello everyone,

This is an incredible forum and I thank all those who have shared their experiences. Now it’s my turn to do so.
A brief about my profile, I am a Business Analyst with over 14 yrs work ex and from what I have seen in this forum not many BAs apply for this visa and I could not find any references in other forums as well.
I had the biometric & visa interview on the same day.
21 Feb 8 AM – Bio metric
I was part of the first slot and was the first person to get in to the center and complete the biometrics.
They allow us to carry cell phones; will have to keep them switched off. No bags allowed. Only passport & DS 160, appointment confirmation required.

21 Feb 11 AM – visa interview
I reached the venue around 10:40; there was a large crowd behind a barricade. Just check with the cops who are managing the crowd and they will guide you to the correct queue. There was two queues, one for 10:45 slot and one for 11 AM slot. I joined the 11 AM slot.
Rest of the process is the same as mentioned by others, L1B applicants will have to bundle the docs in a particular order and do remember to write your name and PP number behind the DD. We have to proceed in to the consulate where we have to pay this DD and get an acknowledgement, in the next counter they will check our fingerprints again.
Finally, we have to join the line waiting for the actual visa interview. The consulate staff will guide us to a particular counter and we have to wait behind the yellow line for our turn.
I was asked to go to a counter, which was actually outside the main visa interview hall, and close to where they collect the DDs and check the fingerprints, not sure, if anyone else faced this. The VO was a woman in her late thirties I guess.
An interview was going on already and I overheard few snatches of their conversation, she was a cloud architect. Her interview was short and the visa was denied. She left with the blue slip.
Then the VO was chatting with her colleague for a minute and then she asked me to step up to the counter. I greeted her a GA and handed over my documents and PP. She wished me back and my impression about her was that she was a pleasant woman.
VO: Is this an L1 petition?
Me: Yes, L1B blanket
VO: Petitioner name?
Me: YYYY ltd
VO: How many years with the petitioner?
Me: 1yr and 10 months
VO: location travelling to?
Me: xxxx, XX
VO: Do you have any end client?
Me: Yes, xxxx
VO: Sorry what was the name?
Me: repeated the name and explained the business they are in to and then she understood.
VO: What is your designation in the USA?
Me: Senior Consultant
VO: Salary?
Me: xxxxx PA
VO: what is the project?
Me: explained the project in 3 to 4 sentences (made sure I mentioned the proprietary tools, frameworks etc) and that I will be customizing the same.
VO: what exactly will you be doing as part of this project?
Me: Explained my roles & responsibilities and specialization
VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes
VO: Why is your wife not here?
Me: She could not join me at this time & will appear later depending on the outcome of my visa
The officer then checked something on her system and was typing something. She then picked up the blue colored slip and then I knew that I did not get the visa. She took the slip, went to another counter, came back, marked the not clearly approvable option on the slip, and handed it back to me along with my documents and PP.
She then said the standard statement that this is not a reflection on your skill sets blah blah blah.
I then thanked her for her time, walked away, and exited the consulate.
I was confident with my answers and did not fumble anywhere. In my opinion, the things that worked against me could be that I am working in the client location, BA is a generic skill set, and pay offered was below 95 K. Plus they are damn strict about who gets the visa. I was a bit surprised that she did not question me on why my skill sets are special. I thought that was a mandatory question for all.
As mentioned earlier, I wanted to give a detailed account of my experience, as I did not find any reference points from a BA perspective in this forum. Hope this is of some help to others and I wish you all good luck with your visa.

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Attending a Visa interview with wife and Kids. Would it increase the chances of a VO to be convinced and approve it. My thought would be marginally YES.
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L1A - Approved
Hi All,

  About me: 15 + yrs exp; 9+ yrs in current company; Senior Project manager for 2+ years.

  Questions asked:
  1) Who is your petitioner?
  2) How many direct reports in the US?
  3) How many indirect reports?
  4) Who do you report to?
  5) What is expected from a portfolio manager (My proposed role in the US is going to be a Portfolio manager)
  6) How long are you working for this client? (I answered this is going to be a new client for which my company is proposing me to take up the Portfolio manager role in the US)
  7) What does your client do?
  8) How long you are planning to stay there in US? (I informed 18 months which is the duration of the project)
  9) US salary (125K + benefits)

  That's about it !

  My advise is to keep cool and be confident in your answers. Practice / Recite your answers (especially roles in US) multiple times until you are confident and do not miss out on the details.

  Good luck !!

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L1A Blanket Query
Hi All,
My company is applying for my L1A blanket visa petition.
I joined this company 1 year 2 months before. So technically I am eligible as L1A needs at least 1 year to be spent in current company out of last 3 years.
I have total 11+ years of experience in similar managerial role even with previous organization.
Can somebody please let me know, if having only 1 yr+ exp with current company can have any impact on my petition?

Thanks a lot for your response !!
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