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uday.khosala     09/19/2014 08:55 AM

 I frequently transfer money to my parents in India and so far RemitLite has done an excellent job by providing better exchange rates than other.

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rathodabhay     09/12/2014 02:59 AM

I was initially really skeptical about sending money from Singapore to India. But then a friend told me about YES BANK's YES REMIT.
Their remmitance services are the best. It's easy, fast and safe. I would definitely recommend.

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jatin.oza     09/03/2014 00:59 AM

thank you so much guys! my mom just received the money, i usually transfer $3000, and this time i used RemitLite & my mom received some extra bucks as compared to last time.
Got much better exchange rates than what others are providing!
It was a hassle free transfer, the money reached directly to my bank account in India, from where my mother can access it!

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jatin.oza     08/04/2014 11:52 AM

Hey guys, i've being transfer money to my mom in India using xoom, they do give good rates but i seem to have a feeling of getting better rates now.
While i was just googling i found Remitlite and i went through their rates and kind of stuff... they seem to be providing much better exchange rates than the rest.
can anyone who uses Remitlite tell me a bit more about the transactions with Remitlite.

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Nri-uk     07/26/2014 04:49 AM

Hi - just wanted to say I've been using remit2india service for over a year now an had no problems. Their full online service is a little difficult to understand but once setup, it works without any hassles. I send monthly using HSBC uk online and exchange is ok.

I have never reported a problem other than the initial setup. You can make a transfer in less than 2 minutes and it's there in 3-4 days.

I hope this helps.


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MuneebRAM     06/19/2014 00:23 AM

I initiated a transfer to India on June 17th and xoom immediately displayed a "Transaction Delay" status and when I contacted the customer care this is the reply that I got
"We are sorry to hear about the experiences that you have on this transaction. Please be advised that Xoom is committed in getting your money transfers to their destinations as fast as possible. Speed and processing is dependent on the receiving country, recipient bank and bank processing hours and payment used on the transaction. On your case, your transaction is undergoing the ACH or eCheck clearing process. Payments made with a bank account take 1-4 business days to complete as part of normal bank processing. In most cases, we make the transaction available to your recipient before payment processing completes as a benefit to our customers. Sometimes we are not able to do this for a number of reason such as a prior payment issue, changes or irregularities in sending frequency or send amount or concerns with general fraud in a particular region. We take these steps to ensure your account is safe and that fraud is not occurring. Again, we apologize for the difference in experiences and greatly appreciate your feedback"
If this is the case why you are advertising a 4hr transfer on your website? I think an apology is not enough to fix the issue. I need a resolution for this problem rather than apology mail. "Payments made with a bank account take 1-4 business days to complete as part of normal bank processing. In most cases, we make the transaction available to your recipient before payment processing completes as a benefit to our customers." why you are advertising this as a feature rather than a benefit to the customer then?? This is clearly false advertising

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jailbreaker     06/11/2014 23:21 PM

RemitLite transfer service is worst...they take more than 15 days to transfer your money. You'll never know where is your money , because they don't have any customer care number. What ever good reviews you are seeing here about RemitLite , it's all fake and given by the staff. If you don't believe how worst is RemitLite , then use once and come back here and share your true experience.

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jayeshshetty     06/10/2014 08:51 AM

I went through many negative comments for Remitlite but I had the best experience personally with the service they provide me for money transfer, who haven't tried yet please try once and then judge the service.

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asif.shaikh     05/30/2014 02:42 AM

I had the best experience this time when I transferred money to my parents from U.S and was referred to Remitlite from my room mate in U.S Simply satisfied with the service and awaiting for some more efficient service.

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sunil singh     05/22/2014 02:24 AM

have used remilite twice. It took 6 days for me to get my money in india.

The transaction fee of $3 is ok as I almost got 40 paise more than other competitors were offering.

The sales agents also service and update on the transfers. Not that bad.

I would definitely use remilite again, whomsoever gives the rates its fine finally monies matter.

remitlite, If you are reading this, please include the toll-free no.

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