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Anand- ()     09/07/2006 23:23 PM

They take your money and before you pay your money they will call you everyday.
Once you pay if you call 1000times and email million times, no one will respond.

The guy who worked with you will not work in anymore. They are a big scam and they need to be reported to canadian government.

I lost lots of money and they donot send any reply and and they do not do anything besides collecting money


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K- ()     06/04/2006 00:55 AM

Hi all,
I just came back from Japan the day after I got my immigrant visa stamped on.
POE in Chicago was simple and painless.
1. I went to the US Citizen/Permanent Residents line.
2. I told the officer I was a new immigrant.
3. The officer told me to wait against the wall.
4. Another officer took me to another booth that said "New Immigrants Only."
5. Waited for 10 min or so till the officer at this new booth went through my papers.
6. The officer called my name.
7. He took my finger prints (index finger 2 times), and signatures (2 times also).
8. He explained to me that I should be getting the green card in the mail in a few months.
9. That's it!
Never once he asked me for the x-ray.
Good luck to you all.
K from Japan

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Ramesh- ()     05/16/2006 16:43 PM

I was trying to find out about the status of my PIO card application. It has been a month !
I am getting worried. Their phone line is forever busy (all day !). I sent an email a few days ago and no response yet.

This is frustrating !

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seekguidance- ()     04/23/2006 10:07 AM

Dear all,
Pls mail me at [email protected] giving all your guidance to find solutions to the few questions that Iam posting now,

1.Can we apply PR to Canada from Chennai,India
2.What's the nominal time taken to get the PR?
3.What are the ways to check if the processing is going on efficiently?


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K- ()     04/23/2006 03:59 AM

Iam Iyer a paramedic who is moving thro wwics coimbatore for canada immigration.As of now the process is going on well and my eclient application status in the cic.gc.ca is also going on well.Its close to 14 months since my processing had started.Also Iam informed that the processing may go to a maximum of 40 to 42 months of which i had already completed 14 months.
          Pls guide me to further enhance my processing so that I can reach the destination faster,

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ranjit- ()     04/16/2006 07:01 AM

i m planning to go to canada through pr of federal or pnp progrrame,i came to know tht if someone has valid job offer it willtake only 6 to 8 months,if anyine knows anything abt it plzz i need ur help desperately

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SKSMSS- ()     04/08/2006 01:25 AM

Me and my family are done with Consular Processing @ Mumbai. I appreciate the help provided by www.immihelp.com

The info is very accurate and we had no diificulty getting the CP thru.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Katarina- ()     04/05/2006 18:38 PM

I recently got a fraud letter from the so called WWICS group, offerng me to immigrate to Canada. After having posted a penpal ad! I definitely don't trust them, and I definitely wish that nobody else does.

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Pradeep Narendran- ()     04/04/2006 11:36 AM

1.If the question on estimated processing time is for Canadian Immigration, the process is normally 2 years long. It took me 3 years because of the first rejection as explained in my previous post.

2.It is not only the Indian consulates that don't answer phone calls. The Canadian consulates in NY, USA did not answer even one call of mine and I was worried what will happen to my passport, especially because I was in a forign country. But nothing bad happened. I got the passport back after a log wait along with the immigrant visa stamped on it. So just chill. Don't worry. Be happy atleast you are within your country.

3. As far as those guys who say WWICS just took thier money, don't take them on face value. Ask them probing questions. If you can think logically you will find out they are not telling the full story. You see I could have said my case was rejected so WWICS took all my money and just sat quietly or better still spread negative rumors.

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Pradeep Narendran- ()     04/04/2006 11:18 AM

I'm extremely pleased with WWICS. Infact I was first rejected at the interview on a very flimsy reason by the visa officer. WWICS fought the case for me at Canada High Court at their cost while I was still in the U.S.A. and got me a second interview.
They had done such a wonderful job, the second interview the officer actually apologised for the first experience, never asked me a single question. My family and I are now permanaent residents of Canada, thanks to WWICS.
In contrast to all the negativity you hear, I will like to tell you that they immediately respond to every call of yours.

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