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Attorney Lawer/Firm for Consular Filling in India
Does anyone know a good Green Card Attorney, law firm who can guide in filling consular processing for I-485?
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Should I be worried?
My husband has lived in the US since he was 4 years old and was protected under TPS.
He has been working with a lawyer for years trying to get his residency.
We have been married for 3 years and we have one child together.
He had his consulate appointment in San Salvador on April 15th, but he did not have a background check with him at the time (because his lawyer said he wouldn't need it) and needed to come back once he had the new paperwork. He turned the background check in on April 23rd and they told him that he should hear back from them within 10-22 business days.
It is now May 22nd and when I look on the CEAC website, it still shows that his case has not been updated since April 22nd.
Does this mean they haven't even started processing his case?
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NVC transferred Case to US Embassy
Hi everyone,

I got the following email today from NVC:

The U.S. Embassy Consulate General has accepted this case for expedited processing. This file will be immediately forwarded to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General.
Any further questions concerning processing or the interview appointment date should be directed to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate General.
The U.S. Embassy or Consulate General may still request additional forms or fees at the time of your interview. Please be prepared to bring any missing forms and pay any required fees at the time of your interview.
Please note that it could take up to two weeks for the consular section to receive the case file once it has shipped from NVC.

Does this mean that I should receive a letter to my US address from the Consulate instead of NVC now? How about paying the fees? I did not get an invoice number but only a case Number from NVC on that same email.

I am not sure if I should wait for a response from the US consulate at this point and how long they take to proceed with the case? any assistance is appreciated!

Thank you!
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I 864 Affidavit of Support HELP ME!
Hello Everyone,

 but ive only lived in the US FOR 10 years and then i moved to BOLIVIA SOUTH AMERICA.
I married a bolivian and ive filled for his green card so we can move to the states.
They have approved my I 130 PETITION.

I-864, Affidavit of Support And his VISA DS -260 form are both PAID.

Im at the part where i have to fill out the I-864, Affidavit of Support.
I have a friend who will be our joint sponser . He lives in new york and meets all the requirment .
BUT now i myself have to fill out I 864
Ive never filled out any taxes because last time i was in the states i was 16 years old. ive never worked in the states.

I moved to Bolivia got pregnant at 19 and now im 24 and I just starting working. But in Bolivia filling out taxes is not an requirment. There is no penalty fee.
And I dont know how to fill out the I 864 because ive never done taxes.

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Cannot print DS260 confirmation Page
Hello Everyone,

My wife has her immigrant visa interview on Monday (1/14). I was trying to print DS260 confirmation page from website. But the DS260 application status shows as N/A and I cannot click or do anything. Does anyone have any idea how I can get that confirmation page.
I am worried they wont let her interview without DS260 confirmation page .

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Apply for AOS - with no help from Lawyer
Hi everyone,

My husband (US Citizen) and I are building a case to apply for AOS for me right now and wondering whether I can apply for it without a lawyer? Would it be harder and longer? I was a student and was familiar with the steps through getting EAD for OPT. Anyone else got approved without having any help from accredited attorneys? If so, please share your experience. Thank you!

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Dear All.
Please stay away from WWICS they have miss guide and looted money of many people and waisted there time.
I am one of them . I am in process of filling police complaint/case against them please email me on [email protected] if you have also cheated or misguided by WWICS.

Please do enquiry from Indian government read reviews on Google .
Government of India had filled a police complaint/FiR against WWICS.
Don't get carried away .

Please stay away from WWICS
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Wanna apply for immigrant visa.
Good day sir/ma
Please I need your help/advice, I wish to apply for the immigrant visa this year, and i want someone to help or put me through, where to start, what and what I would need to put together? I am a civil servant, a professional Firefighter with 10 years experience from a fire service department in Nigeria, am married with a kid, I have all documents to back my professionalism and status. I need your advices and guidance to make my dreams become reality.
Hope to read from you soonest. Thanks...

My regards.
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Green Card Interview
Hi All,

Our green card interview is scheduled for July 13th ( yep, Friday 13th). PD July 2017.

Our son is a minor, who lives in Turkey, now has his family visa interview scheduled for July 26th, 1 week after ours is.

If my wife's green card is approved at the interview, can she leave the country without it can I mail to her overseas for re-entry? Or does she need it to leave the US?

Or, I, a US Citizen can fly over for his consolate interview and wait a week to receive his visa and fly back to the US with him?

Any advise would help!
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IR2 - Child of US Citizen
Hi All,
Need help. I am a US Citizen, married to Immigrant ( We live in the USA) . Her son, my stepson lives in Turkey and we just got notice of his Interview at the US Consulate for July.

My Wife's/our Green card I-485 interview is scheduled 1 week before his interview. She wants to fly over to turkey after the interview to be at our sons interview.

If her Green Card is approved at the interview, Can she leave the country, and I mail it to her overseas when it's received?
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