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consular processing time
hello every one,
i am green card holder and i petition for my wife.
i applied and i got form i797C and priority date is Feb 21 2017,
but still today date 4/19/2018 i dont get any update form consular no email no mail.
so please update me should i wait or try to contact NVC please help me so i can follow the steps
i am confusion so help me
thank you
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Entry to US after immigrant visa approval
Hi, my immigrant visa is approved in EB-1A category.
Do I need to have a job to travel to US? Or can I search for a job after going to US.

Please suggest.
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CR1 Islamabad
My interview was on 9th January, 2018, after the interview the Officer gave me a yellow Slip and checked the 221g statement. My father was a government employee and i hold an official Pakistan passport and on it an Iranian Visa. The officer asked me about my travel history and i told him that i have traveled to Iran with my father on official governments orders on the official passport, i stayed there for 1year and did not job and only studied high school. the officer asked me for my blue passport on which the visa was issued. i did not had that at that time. Instead I gave him a document of the Pakistan Embassy on which they have ordered the embassy of Iran to Issue multiple entry visas for my family. The US embassy Islamabad now have my passport and i am under administrative processing. Last Case Update : 9,10, 11, 16, 17, 23 January. Since 23-January my status is not updated. Can anyone tell me how long this will take and what are the possibilities. thanks .
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Immigrant Visa interview (need help)
Hi I need your help. I am 14 years old with an approved 130 and  immigrant visa pending. Since then, I have been an undocumented student in the U.S. Last week, I received my interview letter for an immigrant visa overseas. I am afraid to return to my home country. Can my relatives (parents & sister) Americans citizens show up on my behalf? I was thinking to apply for an advance parole, but   I have an overstay visa, so I'm illegally here. it means I do not qualify for the advance parole.
Can you please advise?
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B2 Visa rejected with 214B
Hi All,

Interview Date:- 22nd November, 2017 at 9:30 am.
interview Consulate:- Mumbai

I am a Research and Development Engineer for a reputed product company in Bangalore and have been working for 4 years and 5 months to be exact. I am 26 years old and not married. My family(parents and sister) is settled in Bangalore since 1990. I earn around 56k per month and have a decent bank balance(upwards of 10L). I was rejected with 214b intent to immigrate. This is how my interview went:-

CO:- Good morning. Can I have your passport?
Me:- Good morning sir. (Passed the passport to him).

CO:- So why do you want to visit the US sir?
Me:- I want to visit the US for my vacation and spend my Christmas and New Years Eve there.

CO:- Are you working with XYZ?
Me:- Yes. I work with XYZ.

CO:- How long have you been working with XYZ?
Me:- I have been working with them for 4 years and 5 months.

CO:- Is this your first international trip?
Me:- Yes. This is my first international trip.

CO:- Where will you be staying in the US?
Me:- I will be staying in San Jose.

CO:- With whom will you be staying?
Me:- I will be staying with my friend <Friend's name>.

CO:- I am sorry sir. I will not be able to approve your visa. (Handed me the passport with the 214b form).
I am sorry.

May I know why I was rejected? I don't exactly know what was controversial or unacceptable in what I said. I answered the questions to the point. None of my documents were checked. I had my employment letter, leave certificate letter, ITR of last 3 years, Bank statement, International Credit card, I was going to stay with my friend in San Jose. I even had her payslips and have mentioned her address as well in the DS-160. I have my flights booked for the 21st of December and also have the return ticket date. I even mentioned that in the DS-160.

I would like to try re-applying with perhaps more documentation. Could you please suggest any documents that I could add to prove the fact that I have no intention to visit the US except tourism.

Thanks and Regards,
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Wwics is fraud
Hi guys

I am in New Zeland currently, I was promised by Wwics that I am eligible for Canada PR and they charged around Rs.1.5 lac, after getting the money they never called me and when I called they said that you are not eligible and we will keep Rs. 58000 and give u the rest as per terms and conditions, they didnt do **** and they wanted the money. I asked that check for other countries eligibility but they said u are not eligible, I was in NZ 2 months aftert that. Their legal team is stronger then immigration, they want to keep your hard earned money and do mothing.

I would strongly recommend never to go to Wwics world over, they are fraud people.
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Consular processing in Japan
Hi guys,
I'm really hoping to get the answer of my problem here.
I'm Indonesian but also have a citizenship in Japan (from my grandfather) and currently living in the U.S right now since June 2016 with a tourist visa where it's already expired in Dec 2nd.
Anyway my husband is a US citizen, after got married since June 2016, my husband and I have applied for the adjustment status in Oct 2016 with other forms, unfortunately after the 2nd time we're about to received our package from the USCIS, it lost in mail.
I've talked to many immigration officers and no one could basically help us out, until I decided to hire a lawyer to figure out what to do with my paperwork.
Also, I need to return to Japan due my entrypermit which going to be expired in June 2nd or I will lose my citizhenship in Japan.

At this point,
my lawyer told me to choose between GC or Japan. I wish I could apply for the AP but I don't know if my case is consider to be legal.
or should I just leave the country and coming back after few months later ?
Or should I do the consular processing ?
I heard, if you overstayed in the US less than 180 days, you still can go abroad and come back after few months. But I'm not sure if the custom will let back in since they'll see my track record was overstaying in the U.S. However, I just can't lose my resident in Japan due the long term plan in the future.

Much appreciate!
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Vo. Good morning
Me. Good morning sir
Vo. Passport pls
Me. I submitted three passports for me, spouse and son less than two years of age
Vo. Where in America are you going
Me. NY
Vo. Purpose
Me. Vacation
Vo. What do you do
Me. An engineer by profession and specialized in Ndt and I,m d managing director of YYYY and own landed properties in choice areas both in my name and my company name also own rental buildings
Vo. Who are your clients
Vo. Who are your competitors
Vo. How do you get the jobs
Me. Through bidding and recommendation
Vo. What is your company operational cost monthly
Me. Explained
Vo. How many workers you have
Me. Five permanent and ten contract staffs making eleven
Vo.who will take care of your company while in USA
Me. My managers, explained further
Vo. What is Ndt
Me. It's an advanced method of carrying out check on welded spools for defects etc
Vo. Typed for long intermittently,.... Was as if his computer was having issues I.e could not upload or something, he called a lady and they discussed, d lady was telling him what to do, touching the screen. At this point Vo requested we sit somewhere that he will call me back, he said to us, I,m not denying you visa but administrative processing
Vo. Called us after about ten minutes, typed again and repeated that he's not denying us visa but administrative processing that we should come in two weeks, he apologized and gave us the passports and white 221g paper.

Pls what do you guys think? It happened 1st December 2016, Lagos USA embassy Nigeria
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WWICS Immigration Company is the MOST Genuine Resettlement Service Provider
It was a phenomenal experience and in my distant memory I do not remember a service that was as good as this one. WWICS provides the ultimate comfort for its clients. To begin with, WWICS gave me genuine feedback after analyzing my profile. WWICS prepared the file on my behalf and guided me on how to source out various documents. The consultant and staff members at WWICS were quite encouraging and motivating. Without doubt, the working of WWICS is true to the global reputation it has now.
WWICs people are quite punctual in their working and the file was prepared by them as promised. WWICS submitted the application on my behalf. During the time I was waiting for my visa, WWICS kept my tempo high and smoothly answered all my questions and removed my confusion with ease.
Now that I am successfully settled in Canada, thanks to the wonderful effort made by WWICS, I took time out to send my feedback and thanks to them.
In case any company wants to make its name in the service sector than it should follow the working culture and pattern that has been set by WWICS. They truely are a star and quite efficient and timely in their service.
I wish WWICS luck and all the best from the bottom of my heart and want that WWICS makes considerable progress in future. All the best, God Bless you WWICS.
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B2 visa refusal
Hi friends,
 Am new here, just wanna share my experience today, am a student in the UK, studying for my masters, just finished exams, wanted to go on a vacation for a week, I applied for a b2 visa, but I was rejected, even with sufficient money, amounting to 3000 pounds, and a I have 9month stay in the UK, I was told I didn't have strong ties in the UK, that y I rejected, but my other fends got there's, and I answered the correct question. I was totally honest. How long can I reapply? As I am going back to my country soon, I took a study leave for skool, do I change to a b1 type, or stick to b2 or add another evidence, like my employment letter from back home, or my study leave letter granted by my company. Ideas please? Do I have to wait for 2month or just apply back home.
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