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Aria19     09/17/2019 15:21 PM

Hi all,
Are there anyone who have applied employ basement visa as a F-1 visa holder? I am the one who applied EB3 while I am attending a college. I finished my interview on August, 2019 and my I-131 is just approved. I haven't received I-765 & EAD card yet though. 

My question is if I could work with I-765 & EAD card as a F-1 student. I've heard below. 
First, it is illegal to work as a F-1 visa holder. 
Second, one should maintain his or her status until I-485 is approved in case I-485 is denied. 

However, according to my attorney, I must attend school to maintain my status as F-1 and/at the same time I can work with I-765 approval/EAD. I told what I knew(above) to her, and asked her if there is any reference to look it up to double-check. Then, she said there is no reference and each attorney interprets the law arbitraily.
Has anyone had the same issue? 

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GCandidate     09/17/2019 00:36 AM

Hi all,

I'm the primary applicant (EB3-Row) and we have completed our interview in July, it went okay, currently waiting for October.
My husband HAS TO travel, and he'll be spending a month abroad. Did anyone travel during the process (after the interview)? If yes, can you please share your experiences?

Thanks in advance.

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Exhausted     09/17/2019 10:48 AM

Does anyone have an idea when we can expect the October Visa Bulletin?

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angelasu     09/17/2019 09:37 AM

My husband lost job one day after his AOS interview is scheduled. He currently has no jobs, does he still go to the interview?

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Layababiee     09/17/2019 02:56 AM

Hi all hope you guys sre good

I requested for expedite processing ead card a email was sent for request of job offer i sent that already two days now stull waiting on a response... now my case was updated for additional evidence for adjusment of Status we sent letter in the mail for request of additional evidence for i485 we cannot make a decision until we recieve these documenta

My question is.. Are they asking for the same thing for expedite or not? after waiting 6 months they just sent out for additonal evidence why?? Should i be concern or worried ? When will the letter come in the mail that states wat documents is needed?
Will i still get a decision about the expedite for ead seeing that its two diffetemt reciept number or will they wait before they expedite

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Chaus     09/16/2019 16:56 PM

Hi everyone, I want to share my interview experience.
I had an interview recently was pretty smooth. IO asked me some questions from the profile, yes/no questions, and some original documents. The same thing asked my wife. We came with my 2.5 years old baby; she was born here in the US. IO was very nice; she didn’t ask any awkward questions. In the end, she said that everything is ok, and nothing is missing. She gave us notice that the interview is complete, and we need to wait for our priority date.
Mine is September 2017.
Do you know guys how I can check my status and where?

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Waitinglist     09/16/2019 16:48 PM

Hello all ,

After two years long difficult journey , we finally got our Green Card. I thank God for being with us during entire journey. Praise GOD , Praise JESUS.

Here is our timeline:

Filed: September 2017
Sep 2017 - i140, i485, i765, i131 filled concurrently
Oct 2017: notice of biometric
Dec 2017 : i765 and i131 approved
 Jul 2018 : RFE of i140
Sep 2018: i765 and i131 filed again
Oct 2018: i140 approved
 Oct 2018: Case transferred to nbc
 Nov 2018: i765 and 131 approved
Nov 18, 2018: moved to new address
Dec 2018: notice for interview
Jan 4: 2019 interview done
Jan 4, 2019: status changed as interview complete and case must be reviewed
May 25, 2019: interview cancelled
 Jun 2019 : Second interview scheduled
Jun 2019: interview cancelled
 Jul 2019 interview scheduled
Aug 2019: done interview but Visa unavailable and had to wait September 2019
Sep 4, 2019: card being produced
Sep 6, 2019: card mailed
Sep 10,2019 : card in hand

All the best !

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Tasfiya     09/15/2019 13:11 PM

Hello, everyone, one of my brothers apply for PERM at 10th April 2019z still waiting. Is there anyone in the same boat? He was really worried and frustrated.

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slim2017     09/14/2019 10:18 AM

And so it was after exactly 2 yrs, we have our green cards in hand now.
Here are a few things learnt along the way;

1) Be super patient, really patient, it will really help through what can a long lonely walk sometimes....

2) Each case, family, individual & nationality is different so don’t necessarily believe everything you read will happen to your case. our i140 approval took 1yr 9months but the i485/interviews went by super fast after that. I know folks who applied same time we did mid 2017 who had longed gotten their cards & some other folks still waiting, it’s not straight science.

3) Do all you can not to complicate the process e.g address changes, travelling abroad during the process, etc.

4) Make sure you have a super detailed lawyer who takes nothing for granted

5) Don’t over stress the interview process ( at least for an employment based one), it’s basically a check on your career/personal details which is straightforward. We were interviewed by a very polite & nice young man who was himself an immigrant from another country working for USCIS - an interesting dynamic given today’s world !!!!

A prayer for everyone, may you ultimately succeed in the journey & get your cards as well. Just be patient, it will come eventually.

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Hopeful2020     09/13/2019 11:04 AM

Hi all! I just wanted to share my timeline for EAD

June 2019 - Filed with I-485
September 2019 - Card in production


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