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zmkarim     11/21/2019 09:34 AM

My interview was on 21 october 2019 in Islamabad. After my interview officer gave me 221g white slip asking for correct on passport and nothing else was mark on it. its been a month for my interview and one week for submission of my correct passport.
 so does anyone know how long it take to heard back about my case.
does anyone know outcome of the case. what would happen usually

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NYkir     11/21/2019 06:13 AM

Today is Day 87,

Yesterday we called USCIS. We told them our case was approved in September, we also got Welcome Notice but since then nothing. We did not got our cards yet. Officer told us our case is still under review (although we got Approva/Welcome notice!!) and this delay due to the visa availability issue.

We want to visit our family in christmas, we have Advance Parole but we hesitate to use it, considering if any issue when we reenter the country. We have our combo card. After we got approval notice my husband stopped going to school because he started working. So his student visa cancelled. Now, we are not sure if this cause a problem in reentering the country although we have advance parole.

I appriciate any comment, experiance, idea

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EB2filer     11/20/2019 19:36 PM

Hi all,

Finally i have received my GC . I have mostly been a silent reader on the forum , but thanks for all the support
ID 8/28
affected by retrogression
case remained at ' interview was scheduled' up until last week, when it changed to 'fingerprint review was completed', 3-4 days later my lawyer got our approval notices and informed us . then another 3-4 days later got our GC.
Thankfully its over !

Thank you all once again !

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Daw     11/20/2019 16:37 PM

Hey guys! Here’s an update on my case.

Location: New York City , Brooklyn - MSC
Priority Date: June 10th 2019
(I-130, I-485, 1-765 & I-131 Concurrent Filing)
Biometrics Notice Date in mail: June 28th
Biometrics Date set for: July 10th 2019

After biometrics was completed, months later I received a courtesy letter for an updated medical, it says I will have to bring it to my interview and to not mail them anything.

Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview as of : OCTOBER 9th 2019

When my interview date is scheduled, I will update you guys. Fingers crossed that I received a date very soon.

I am awaiting EAD & AP combo card.

Leave all questions and I’ll try my best to answer all!!! Good luck to you all

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spiritqueen     11/20/2019 01:22 AM

Hi All. Sorry if this is not the right forum, but I’ll be having my interview this Thursday for EB3.

Reading all comments here, I wanted to verify if the EVL that you guys gave to IO is the experience letter filed with I140? Thanks!

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tungdo     11/19/2019 17:46 PM

Here is my timeline- EB3 ROW

Nov 2018 - PERM file
3/2019 - PERM approved
5/20 - I140, I485 concurrently
5/23 - I485, I131, I765 receipt
5/25 - I140 approved (premium process)
6/20 - Transfer to NBC
7/3 - Biometric
9/27- EAD combo received
9/30 - I485 case ready for an interview
10/3 - Interview was scheduled
11/7 - Interview
11/12 - New card is being produced
11/18- Card received

The interview was taken place in downtown LA
My interview was quite smooth. The young lady IO was very professional. After the oath, she went through the I485 application page to page, was asking me my passport, ID, Birth Certificate, EVL, Paystubs, then Basic questions about my work, my position, then 10-15 Y/N questions in I485.
I did mention if she needed the I485 J, she said no since I submitted I140 and I485 together.

Good luck everyone.

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Bitz     11/18/2019 15:45 PM

Employment based filer under EB3. Single applicant, no family.

Oct 08 2018 - PERM was received, making my PD 08 OCT 2018.
April 25 - PERM approved, and thus it begins!
May 24 - Documents sent (I140, I485, I485J, I131, I765, concurrently filing 140 and 485 and EAD)
May 28 - Documents received (USPS)
June 6 - Documents received (Email)
June 25 - Notice of Action (765)
June 26 - 765 EAD - Requested expedite
June 28 - EAD Expedite evidence requested
June 30 - EAD Expedite evidence sent
July 01 - EAD/AP Expedite evidence received
July 02 - EAD/AP Expedite approved
July 22 - I-140 Approved (sent to employer)
July 23 - EAD/AP New card ordered
July 26 - EAD/AP Card was mailed
July 31 - EAD/AP in hand
Aug 03 - Biometrics appointment letter received (For EAD/AP)
Aug 15 - Biometrics appointment attended
Aug 19 - Online update on 485: "Transferred to National Benefit Centre in MO"
Aug 25 - Letter explaining case transfer arrived
Sept 01 - Biometrics appoint letter received (For 485)
Sept 10 - Biometrics appointment attended
Sept 30 - Online update on 485 "Case ready to be scheduled for an interview"
Oct 04 - Online update on 485 "Interview was scheduled"
Oct 11 - Interview letter received
Nov 08 - Interview attended, details to follow below
Nov 11 - Online update on 485 "Case was approved"
Nov 13 - Received letter in mail saying that my case was approved
Nov 13 - Online update on 485 "Card was mailed to me"
Nov 14 - Online update on 485 "Card was picked up by USPS" - Included tracking number
Nov 15 - Green Card in hand!

Interview was at 8:30AM.
I got there at 7:40AM. I was inside the waiting room by 7:45PM.
Somewhat empty, around 3 other people there.
Was called for interview at 8:31AM.
IO was a very very nice young woman. Interview was relaxed and very casual.
She verified my ID and took my fingerprints.
After swearing the Oath, she began going over the forms.
Questions asked are as follows:

In a very general term, what is your job?

Who do you work for?

Does your employer treat you fairly?

Are they going to pay you more once you are approved? (Answer was yes, as they are in the process of finding me a better paying role in the company).

Went over all questions on the 485.
I had a speeding ticket so I included that information for those questions.

She asked for my paystubs or W2s if I had them, I provided both. (Gave copies).

She asked for my SS Card. Provided that as well. (She had to make copies).

She asked for my Passport. She made copies of specific pages (ID and Visa
pages), although she already had a scan of the entire PP in the file.
She asked for a job letter, which I provided.

At the end she informed me that she is going to approve my GC (!!!) and that I should expect an online update by the end of the day. She said that I would have the card in hand - at latest - by the end of the month.

Everything took a total of 5 months and 10 days from the day they had the application till the day I had the card.

Honestly I am shocked how quickly everything moved. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have everything move as quickly and as smoothly as it did.

Best of luck to everyone.
God bless.

Feel free to ask any questions, I will try to answer them.

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vctrkarthik     11/15/2019 16:13 PM

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have been very anxious the past couple of months to receive the card. These are my processing dates

1. Priority Date: Nov 1, 2018
2. I-140 approval: June 2, 2019
3. Interview Date: Aug 13, 2019, hit by retrogression
4. I-485 approval: Nov 7, 2019

The card was delivered a week later. Surprisingly my spouse got approval a week later.
Hope this help someone

All the best everyone! The system works. However, it is slow and not transparent to the applicants.


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Pipi     11/15/2019 08:35 AM

EB1A ROW NBC self-petition

1. PD (I-140 filed) April 26, 2018
2. I-140 approved June 25, 2018 (premium processing)
3. RD I-485 and I-131 July 24, 2018
4. SR for I-131 January, 2019
5. I-131 approved February, 2019
6. I-131 received after contacting house representative May, 2019
7. Interview March 22, 2019 very smooth, questions about my work, yes/no questions from the form I-485, he asked only for my current working visa and current I-94
8. RD I-765 (EAD) December 3, 2018
9. SR for EAD July 31, 2019
10. EAD card being produced, August 6, 2019 (received the card in 4 days)
11. My PD become current November 1, 2019 (I was affected by the retrogression)
12. Finally, GC being produced November 14, 2019

Thank to everyone from this forum, you guys were very helpful!
Good luck and God bless you!

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