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TorontoL1A     01/16/2019 00:24 AM


I have a question on the green card priority date.

I applied for my labor of EB-2 green card with my employer in 2013 and my I-140 with EB-2 was approved in 2015. I was out of united states in 2014 and came back in 2016 in L1-A visa. In 2017, I did concurrent filing of my I-485 and I-140 in May 2017. My I-140 with EB-1 category is approved in October 2018 and when I look at the approval notice, I see my priority date as 2013 .

So, my question is does USCIS honor my old priority date when it comes to issuing green card ? Initially i thought my priority date is May 2017 (when I filed my I-140 and I-485), but was pleasantly surprised to see old priority date. Not sure if you anyone has gone through the similar situation .


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uscishero     01/14/2019 20:54 PM

Hi All,

Had the I-485 interview on Sept 5, 2018 at Santa Ana field office, so far no news.

As so I called USCIS today and found out that my case has moved back to Nebraska for an adjudication.

Anyone has any thoughts of the above scenario?

Thank yo and all and wish you best of luck

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rgopa     01/14/2019 16:27 PM


I have filed my Employment based I 485 on Aug 27th 2018.Completed my Biometric and Fingerprinting on Oct 12th and no updates after that. Didn't even receive the EAD/Advance Parole. No updates after that.

My case is getting processed from National Benefit center. Anyone have the same experience.

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iamfromboston     01/14/2019 00:55 AM

I received my Approval Letter on Dec 26th but till now i haven't received my GC. Also there is no update in USCIS.gov about my status after interview. It only says: Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed.
Is anyone going through this issue. please let me know.
After how many days you guys received your GC after receiving approval letter?

Thank You.

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Anna K.     01/14/2019 00:18 AM

Hi everyone,

Posting my EB-1C timeline below. I'm a single applicant from ROW, residing in Bay Area.
I think it's especially amazing that I got my green card despite the government shutdown and all political tension around.

05/08/2017 I-140 Multinational Manager petition filed by my company's lawyers
05/09/2017 PD (receipt notice for I-140) LIN (Nebraska Service Center)
04/08/2018 RFE to provide more evidence about job responsibilities
06/19/2018 the lawyers submitted the response to RFE
07/08/2018 the lawyers received the I-140 approval
07/26/2018 filed I-485, I-485J, I-765 and I-131 for EB-1C based on approved I-140
07/31/2018 receipt notice from USCIS, the number started with MSC
08/01/2018 EB-1 retrogressed making my PD not available, but all applications got accepted
08/23/2018 fingerprinted in San Jose
08/24/2018 Fingerprint Review Was Completed
11/09/2018 I-765 and I-131 approved (New Card Is Being Produced and Case Was Approved)
11/15/2018 EAD/AP Card Was Mailed To Me
11/20/2018 received EAD/AP card
11/26/2018 Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview
12/01/2018 My PD became current
12/03/2018 Interview Was Scheduled status
12/10/2018 received mail with the interview date. January, 7.
12/12/2018 completed my medicals and vaccinations (some tests had been done earlier)
01/07/2019 (Monday) Interview at San Jose at 8 am, accompanied by my lawyer. Was given a further review required notice.
01/07/2019 the status changed to New Card Is Being Produced after midnight (so, technically Jan, 8). I had New Card Is Being Produced twice in the my.uscis.gov system
01/07/2019 We ordered your new card status on egov.uscis.gov
01/08/2019 Case Was Approved (the status changed after midnight again) on my.uscis
01/10/2019 Received approval notices for I-485 and I-485J in the mail
01/10/2019 Card Was Mailed To Me on my.uscis (after midnight)
01/11/2019 The Post Office picked up mail containing your new card on egov.uscis, this message contained a tracking number for Priority Mail package, it was coming from Kansas City.
01/12/2019 (Saturday) according to USPS tracking the package arrived from Kansas City to SFO at 6 am.
01/12/2019 GC in my mailbox at 10:02 am.

I didn't expect this process to be so straightforward but emotional for some reason. Thank you for everyone who is still waiting. Please, know that you are not alone. Use this (or other) forum, get together.
I learned a lot about myself in this process. Good luck and take care.

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sweetgall16     01/13/2019 02:13 AM

I applied in may 2017 still waiting for my approval or interview in tsc.
I m the only one waiting or r there any one in the same boat?

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Adjonista     01/12/2019 02:18 AM

Hi. I am very stressed right now. Its been 2 months after my interview and still no update on my case online. It still says “case is ready to be scheduled for interview since November 21. My interview was conducted in the 26th on November. I dont know what to do. Scheduled an infopass last week and the officer said it is under investigation/ background check. Any of you guys having this kind of trouble? Please keep me posted. Thank you very much

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abcd1992     01/11/2019 15:02 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have been a silent reader of this forum for around a year now. It has been very helpful. I am going to share my timeline to hopefully provide some help for others. Just remember, please do not become obsessed with all these post. Be patient and do not be afraid to ask questions to your attorney and/or USCIS office.

I used an attorney through this process.
I applied for a EB3 greencard, concurrently with being here on a valid H1-B work visa.

10/05/2017 - PERM Application Submitted.
03/20/2018 - PERM Application Approved.
05/22/2018 - Concurrent filing of I-140, I-485, I-765, I-131.
05/24/2018 - Application Received.
06/06/2018 - I-140 Approved.
                     (premium processing filed).
06/04/2018 - Biometrics notice received. Appointment scheduled for 06/13/2018.
06/13/2018 - Biometrics completed.
07/16/2018 - I-765 Approval.
                     I-485 Transferred to NBC.
                     EAD/TD Combo card received.
08/17/2018 - Interview Scheduled for 09/13/18.
09/13/2018 - Interview held at Jacksonville (FL)
(IO stated that the case must go back to NBC due to greencard retrogression. He indicated that the application was fine, no concerns, but could not approve on the spot. Stated that the new calendar year for greencards start October 1st 2018 and the retrogression should be lifted to become current for that category)... This did occur.
12/01/2018 - Online USCIS case status still showing "Interview scheduled for September 13th 2018".
                     Called USCIS and made inquiry. Was told that no decision has been made yet. Did not pursue Level 2 at this time. Although my plan was to call again in January and ask for Level 2.

12/28/2018 - Online USCIS case status changed to "New card being produced".
01/02/2018 - I-485 Approval letter received (letter stated that I would receive the Greencard in the mail within 3 weeks).
01/05/2018 - Greencard in hand.

I hope everyone receives the news that they are looking for. I will not be posting any responses to this thread.

All the best for 2019!

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Timelinehunter     01/11/2019 00:28 AM

I have noticed wide variation in the time between filing I-485 and interview invite. Some people get an interview after <4 months vs. others after 12+ months (even if priority date is current). So a few questions:

- Am I correct that once we get the EAD card, that means the background check is complete?

- If so, are there any strategies to speed up the interview invite?

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eb1indemp082016     01/10/2019 19:17 PM

PD 08 2016. (Employment EB1, India)
I140 approved 09 2017
485, 485J, 131, 765 filed 12 2017
Biometric (Oakland, CA) 01 2018
Case transferred 03 2018
EAD/AP card received 05 2018
AOS interview (SF) 12/XX/2018
Card ordered 12/XX/2018 (day of the interview)
Card mailed 12/(XX+3)/2018 (3rd day)
Card received 12/(XX+8)/2018 (8 days later)

AOS Interview:
* Oath
* Waiver form for no attorney present
* Basic 485 questions and ssn
* Original birth, marriage, I94, letter from employer, pay stub, w2
**** No medical. Since 11/1/2018 medicals are valid for 2 years
* Super basic questions from I140 about my job and company
* 35 mins later officer told us that he needs no more information, and we should be happy that our PD is current. Gave us a letter that they will respond in 120 days
* Got a text/email that new card was ordered by late evening

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