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Learin     03/15/2019 20:10 PM

Hi All-where can I find the last processed EAD date for Atlanta? there was a site other than uscis in this forum but I can’t find it now

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masudhasan     03/15/2019 16:02 PM

Is there anyone who made an inquiry on I-485 interview result after 120 days of wait period? If yes, what is your end result or what is the response you get from USCIS?

FYI, My priority date is CURRENT and I went for interview on Nov 7, 2018. Since then no update on my case. That I time, i got a letter which says I can make an inquiry after 120 days, if there is no change in my petition.

Please advise

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TaPr2017     03/14/2019 15:15 PM

The processing times for employment-based I485 at NSC is 24 to 36 months now!

When I checked earlier this week, they were processing cases as of June, 2017. Now they are back to April 2016.

How does this happen so quickly?! Is this even accurate?


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am2352     03/14/2019 13:30 PM

Visa bulletin for April'19 is released. Not sure what to make out on final action date movement (section D) -- is it good news for EB1 (we all know about the slowish progress about final action date so nothing surprising about that) ? The predictions based on the website https://www.mygcvisa.com/visa-bulletin/visa-bulletin-predictions.aspx?t=1 seem quite optimistic both for India and ROW. For reference, this is what section D says:


Final Action Date movement in many Family-sponsored and Employment-based preference categories continues to be greater than might ordinarily be expected, and this is anticipated to continue for at least the next few months. This is a direct result of fewer applicants proceeding to final action on their cases at consular posts abroad and USCIS Offices. Once large numbers of applicants begin to have their cases brought to final action, final action date movements will necessarily slow or stop. Moreover, in some categories, final action date retrogression is a possibility if demand levels are excessive. Therefore, readers should be aware that the recent rates of final action date advances will not continue indefinitely, but it is not possible to say at present when they will end.

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Santosh1985     03/13/2019 10:03 AM

My wife cannot read/ speak good English. In forms i have filled my details and signed as Interpreter for her. Will USCIS accept me as interpreter in the interview for her?

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akcol     03/12/2019 22:24 PM

I have a quick question

I have my advance parole valid and also my H1B visa valid. I am traveling internationally on July 19th.
My i131 will expire on 2/15/2020 and my H1B visa will expire 08/20/2020. I want to use my visa to enter the country since I want to remain in H1B until I get my GC (Just in case it gets denied, i wont stay out of status), also because I still have after 08/20/2020 another two more years posible with H1b.

The question is: will my i131 will be cancelled because I did not used to re entry?


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sn87     03/12/2019 22:16 PM

I had given my interview 4 months ago. I went to local USCIS to check on my case and I was told my case has been pending background check for 2 months. I had raised SR ticket as well and that was the exact same response I had gotten before. Has anyone experienced this before where case is stuck on bkg check process?

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jiggsmate     03/11/2019 21:32 PM

Hi -

Cat: EB1C
PD = Oct-2017
i140 Approved: Feb-2018
Interview: Aug-2018

We received an RFE to get medical forms submitted again.
Until now I have used a lawyer, but he is asking for RFE response see. From the letter it seems, only the sealed envelopes accompanied by a copy of the RFE letter needs to be sent to the immigration office.

Do I need a lawyer to respond to this? Of course, they are asking for a charge for me and family. for this.

Can you please share your experiences? And in case you applied on your own, please provide the content of the package that you has put in?


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akcol     03/11/2019 16:21 PM

I filled on 10/25/2018
PD is 02/14/2018

I got EAD on hand by 02/16/2019

My field office is Dallas Texas. Anybody here have any idea how fast are they actually scheduling interviews?

Thank you!

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TaPr2017     03/11/2019 15:52 PM


Anyone with PD of Jan/Feb 2017? Was wondering if USCIS is adjudicating cases in that time frame.


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