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Family Based Greencard

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Hi Everyone I have situation now that the beneficiary in Egypt and the filing date 05/2006 and his i130 approved but it just sent to the NVC office and they are working now on 12/2006 cases the petitioner he mom ..and again the case just transferred to NVC just few days ago ..MY QUESTION IS , HOW LONG THE NVC GOING TO TAKE TO SEND HIM LETTER AND VISA NUMBER IN EGYPT ??
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Processing time
Hi there, I wanted to share my experience to hopefully get some opinions on how long my waiting game still has.

Jan 20 - Submitted I-485 (family based) and I-765 forms with all documents (+ other needed forms)
Feb 4 - USCIS received my petition
Feb 8 - Appointment notice for biometrics
Feb 28 - Biometrics appointment
Mar 6 - USCIS Ready to schedule an interview
Apr 17 - Interview scheduled
Apr 25 - Notice with interview date
May 22 - Interview

I got VERBAL approval from the lady that interviewed me and my partner, but she needed one last paper. She gave us a letter formally asking for that paper as more evidence, which we mailed on May 28.
Case Status is still "Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed".
Never heard from my EAD process (maybe because the I 485 was so fast?) that I submitted with the I-485.

Any insights?
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My family was approved for interview however they’re reviewing my relationship with sis again.
My family and myself was approved for submitting DS 260 with docs and fees which we did, however now we’ve got a notification saying that they’re re-evaluating the relationship between me and my sis who is the principal. What should I do? Is this normal? Should I approach them for clarification? Will this further delay our green cards? We applied through F4 category. I was honestly thinking we just had the interview to clear but now I’m not too sure.
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nvc documents review
hi all i submitted document on june 12 2019 on NVC. How long they take to review ?
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Get in touch with people for PD - july,2017 in F2A category
Hii all,
  I am living in my us and filled I-130 for my husband in india ,
We got approval letter from USCIS in april 4,2019 . But didn’t receive NVc mail still, even if our PD is current.

Please comment if anyone got NVC mail or any update in cases from june and july 2017
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My family based Green Card Timeline (I-130 + I-485 in 2017) and Condition Removal I-751 (2019)
Day 1 - 08/29/2016:
Mail package received by Uncle Sam

Day 8 - 09/06/2016:
I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) Received
I-131 (Application for Travel Document/Advance Parole) Recieved
I-485 (Register Permanent Residence) Received
I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization)

Day 11 - 09/09/2016:
Biometrics Notice
09/27/2016 (29 Days from mailing):
Biometrics Appointment

Day 95 - 12/02/2016:
I-765 and I-131 APPROVED

Day 289 - 06/14/2017:
Address Changed

Day 312 - 07/07/2017:
Request received to appear for initial interview for I-485
Day 352 - 08/16/2017:
I-485 Initial interview

Day 352 - 08/16/2017:
08/18/2017 (354 Days from mailing)
Green Card sent out by mail, received within a week or so

Day 961 - 04/17/2019:
Received Reminder to File Form I-751 (Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence)

Day 998 - 05/24/2019:
I-751 EXTENDED by 18 months, condition removal in process
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Case ready to be scheduled for interview
Hi Everyone,

I have been a silent reader and now seeking your help. I am happily married to a USC, who is 26yrs older than I am. We got married Oct 2018. Honestly, I heard Queens is moving fast, but didn't know I would be that lucky even though the interview is not schedule as yet but just the fact that my case is ready to be scheduled give me hope that all my documents was reviewed and no rfe.

PD: April 12, 2019,
Bio : May 14, 2019
June 12, 2019 case is ready to scheduled for an Interview.

I have no Joint Documents as yet, because I was waiting on my EAD. Can someone plz tell me what to do???
I really want to do extremely well in my interview because of the age difference.
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GreenCard Processing / Sponsor's Evidence Request
I applied for the green card through marriage and after waiting for six months, i got a letter from USCIS that my joint sponsor's annual income is below 125% of the poverty guideline but in the tax return papers where he showed $45,012 which is more than enough because he has 2 children and wife and the amount for 4 people in the family along with me which is 5 people altogether, he has to show around $37,700 for sponsoring me. I have talked with so many people regarding this issue and i am getting different opinions from different people. He showed in the IRS tax return transcript that his income from the business is $20,384 and the other $25,000 is from the rent of his properties. In the I-864 form, I mentioned him as a business owner and I submitted employment letter regarding his business, from where he showed his annual income $20,384 but I didn't send any papers regarding his properties. So , Is this the reason to deny my sponsor for showing annual income from the business of $20,384, even though his annual income from all sources is $45,013? if its the reason, then what do I have to submit for the other $25,000, which is coming from the rent of his owned apartments?
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Green card processing / evidence request
Good day every one, I hope all is well with every one. I have sent in my application to change my status on December 7. On may 9th I say a status change to request for evidence on 2 of my applications. I recieved the letters in 4 days time which are asking for more evidence of income. My wife who is the Sponsor, since the ending of last year through to today's date has been in and out of jobs due to different circumstances. And they are asking for evidence of employment in the last six months. My question to you guys is. Do you think they will deny the application if we send in what we have.
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family immigrants visa
am an applicant in an f4 category.. What are the likely questions that we can be asked in an interview .. My mum is the principal applicant and her younger brother is the petitioner

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