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Brooklyn - GC interview resumed?
have they resumed GC interviews in Brooklyn, NY yet?
Anybody can confirm, this is happening?
Thank you
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So I have a pending VAWA since March 2019, and I have a pending I-485 from my marriage before filling for VAWA my question is..if my VAWA case is approved will they process my green card with the pending I-485 or will I have to file a fresh one?
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My friend has overstay his visitors
His mother is an lpr she has sponsor him when his paper do come thru would he have to go back to his country for an interview??? And will he be banned?
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Timeline of our Marriage-Based Green Card Process with COVID (Still Pending)
We are a young couple who met in grad school, no kids. Mexican Citizen spouse adjusting U.S. status from F-1 student to LPR and U.S. Citizen from birth spouse. We are handling the filing ourselves with some research on Immihelp and other online resources. Note, for us the U.S. citizen spouse is a licensed attorney (not an immigration attorney, but it still helps). It also helps that we are not a complex case. Residents of northern Virginia, so Washington Field Office.

Full package to USPS May 30, 2019
Receipt Notice June 7, 2019
Fingerprint review complete July 4, 2019
RFE (Birth Certificate translation)  Oct 2, 2019
EAD/Advanced Parole card Dec 6, 2019
Interview Notice March 5, 2020
USCIS offices closed March 17, 2020
Original Interview date (cancelled) April 9, 2020
Notice of Interview cancellation July 2020
Forms to renew EAD card to FedEx Aug 20, 2020
Letter to Representative for help Aug 21, 2020

We are still awaiting rescheduling of our interview. USCIS has not provided any information about how long to expect for rescheduling our interview, which was 3 weeks away when they closed their offices. We filed the EAD card renewal package and wrote to our Representative because we cannot afford a gap in work and travel authorization (with a relative living alone and at age-related health risk in Mexico) if we do not interview before the original card expires.

We will update with how things resolve.
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Birth certificate for green card interview
l am naturalized Japanese citizen. I have my interview for green card in few weeks. The interview letter mentioned to bring my birth certificate. Since l naturalized l don’t have birth certificate any more but l have Japanese family registration with me that’s what we use in Japan for any kind of process. Is anyone know that it would be ok to bring translated my Japanese family registration?

I need help, please if anyone know let me know.

Thanks in advance.
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Approval notice not received

On June 10, USCIS approved the case but the notice wasn't delivered because the petitioner moved. The address was updated on july 30 and the e-request for the notice to be send was completed on july 31. How long USCIS takes to send the notice? The case status says that if we don't receive the approval notice by August 15 we have to make the e-request again... or should i wait more?
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F4 petition

What happen if someone get married after USCIS approve their F4 petition? Will the case be back for USCIS to investigate the relationship, be declined or there will be no problem?
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I-485 RFE
Hi Everyone,

I submitted my petition, GOT an RFE for the Birth certificate. unfortunately i don't have my birth certificate. I did some research looks like for folks who have an indian passport can get the birth certificate from chicago , since i live in Missouri.

My Question is will the certificate provided by Chicago consulate be enough for this RFE.

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I-130 Application from state other than residence state
I live in CA and want to apply for I-130 for my sister. Could I apply instead from Texas instead? My employer and residence are both in CA.
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Regarding surname spelling change
Hello everyone,

please some one could help my issue to resolve it. My sister in USA (married) and she is an US citizen. Now she want to apply for sibling as brother for US immigration. the issue was surname spelling is different like say example
My sister's : DHATTUL (before marriage)
Brother : DATHUL
please advice me the right way , so that i shouldn't have issue in filing

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