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H1b got Approved - Mumbai Consulate
Hello Everyone,

First of all, thanks for forum as this has helped me a lot for my Interview preparation. I would like to share my experience as below:

First Time H1
Consulate - Mumbai
Interview Date - May 6, 2019

VO: Typing on the screen...
me: Good Morning

VO: (Still typing and No Expressions) Can I see your passport?
me: Passport given

VO: Can I see your I-797?
me: I-797 given

VO: Typing.. What's <Company name>?
me: Explained in brief about my company

VO: Whats your age?
me: Told my age

VO: What's your degree of qualification?
me: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

VO: Is this your first H1?
me: Yes

VO: Do you have an end client?
me: No.

VO: Ohk so you are going to work in-house.
Me: Yes I am going to work full time from my Employer office.

******************Then finally the golden words*************************

VO: I am approving your Visa and you will receive your passport in 3 working days.
Me: Thank you ma'am. (and again thanked her before leaving. )

Case Created: May 3
Case Updated: May 6
Case Issued: May 7

Currently waiting for my passport. I hope this will help you all for your preparation.
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Hello everyone,

First time F1 to H1b
Direct hire

Interview Date - 15th April

VO: next
me: good morning, how are you
VO: Good morning, i am good, thanks. So What does your company do.
me: bdvgd isgdfjkgsig khsdk d sodhjk s shkjs vbisg svh
VO: What are your job duties
me: jksdgfi k;SGDfk; hk; Kdfhui isduhgfks sodhk;s ohsdk;jvhui
VO: How do you liek this city xyz
me: i like it, since i stay with my friends i dont get bored but i often visit JLK on weekends
VO: ohhh JKL i love JKL but only in summers
me: yea its still snowing in JLK lol !
VO: which university did you go to
me: abc
VO: what did you study
me: MS in ABC
VO: have you worked on opt for this company
me: yes this and a previous for few months
VO: Can i see your recent paystub if you are carrying it with you
me: yes sure, here it is
VO: do you know your rights
me: yes i was reading them outside on the screen
VO: ok great, it requires little administrative processing and should take one week.

Kept my passport and handed me a small 221g white slip. Did not require any documents or anything.

Case created: april 15
case updated : april 22
case issued: april 25
passport pickup :april 26

Be confident, have smiling face, keep all documents ready. Most important !!! PLEASE DRESS WELL. If you are going for h1-b please make sure you are dressed professionally, have a blazer on, well groomed and perfumed.

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H1B non cap 221G
Hi All,

I attended H1B stamping interview in Chennai today. Got 221G blue slip with only one box checked - "Your application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete. "

In the interview they asked about the client, internal project. They also looked at SOWs etc. I was asked to wait for few minutes and then they called me for another round of interview. This time it was an Indian officer. He again went through and discussed about LCA, internal projects. And then they asked me to wait again. Later the first officer called me to his counter and handed me 221G blue slip and returned my passports - saying that "They need additional time for processing. They do not need any documents at the moment. And will contact me directly if they need any"

Is this usual? What are the next steps?

FYI: I had H1B from previous employer and it expired last year. And also my last extension & also non cap petition from India denied. I also have an approved I-140.
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H1B 221G AP
Hi All,

   I had my first H1B Interview after F1 on April 12, I was issued a 221G white slip which is very small and No Documents required.

April 12 - Interview
April 15 - April 23 - Administrative Processing
April 23 - Application Received
April 30 - Application Received (Last update date changed to April 30)
May 1 - Administrative Processing

As of May 6th I still have Administrative Processing. Does anyone have same Experience?.
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Blue slip for passport photo is not clear
I attended my visa interview in Chennai location VO asked a few questions about client letter client location etc everything went smooth and VO was happy with documentation. She mentioned your VIsA is approved but your passport is not in an acceptable condition as the photo is faded. So kindly apply for a new passport and then submit it along with the blue 221g form at any of VAC or VFS locations.

The photo was faded from beginning and 3 years back I had got the visa stamped on the same passport in same condition. Not sure if it was a good enough reason. Did anyone face this before ?
How much delay I must accept for getting my ViSA stamp sticker in my new passport once submitted to drop box location
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blue slip
just like to share my visa experience in chennai consulate. me and my wife appeared on 02 may 2019 for h1 and h4. after we had a biometric verification, asked us to wait for our turn for interview. it was long waiting queue because of most interviews went long.. lot of questions being asked to candidates on different categories of visa applicants...some officers were super cool and engaged kids with funny questions too.. few counters were all laughing around...
 on our turn, my officer asked questions related to my client, client letter, work profile, designation, salary, highest education degree to my wife, asked about marriage date, marriage certificate and marriage photos..
 it went well but gave a yellow card and asked us to wait for sometime to check our documents further by getting i797, client letter and stamping packet..after 20 mins, they called us back and told that our case is moving to administrative processing..gave blue slip and stated no documents and actions required from our end. they will get back to us within a week through sms or email..
 we got disappointed and still hopeful to hear something positive as we have given valid documents.. let see how its going to be..
 reason of sharing this experience is, expect the worst so that you will not be disappointed. i have read this forum before i go for my interview. most shared their experience as approved. so i hoped for positive before even appearing..
 also, please keep in mind that case by case processing is different. visa officers are really good and approachable. i have seen a guy struggled with understanding the pronunciation. still officer is so kind and listened and repeating.. so dont worry at all.. just go confident as everyone says..
 few things i noticed,
 firstly, i had seen lot of people came with blue slip.. infact, they formed another big queue for processing..
 secondly, big queue for interview.. so waiting time is little high..keep yourself hydrated.. else with tension plus standing, you might be dizzy..
 thirdly, be prepared for many questions..if your answers weren't clear, you might face more questions or rejections..practice before appearing
 finally, there are baby feeding and baby changing rooms are available..seen given preference to whomever having infants.. plan to manage the waiting time if you have naughty kids
 thats well..all the best..
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221g, H1b Yellow slip and H4 Blue slip
Is this normal for spouse(H4) to get a separate Blue color 221g slip ?

Me and my wife went together for our 2nd H1b stamping.
VO gave me Yellow slip and handed over Blue slip to my wife.

Asked me to submit few docs.
No docs asked to my wife, only mentioned (in Blue Slip) that we will email you for update.
Just wondering why two 221g slips !! Is this common for 2nd H1B stamping ?

Anyone experienced the same ?
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H1 and H4 fresh - admin processing
Hi All

Went with wife and kid for my fresh H1B stamping in Chennai consulate.

VO asked couple of questions on my experience with client and my employer.
Then asked question regarding the long time between the approval date and stamping date.

Then took a while and gave me blue slip with administrative processing required chevk box ticked and returned our passports

1)Please let me know the possible outcomes,

2)do I and my family need to attend the interview again if positive.

3) how long would it take?

4) what they normally do here, do I need to inform client on this.

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H1B Visa Experience Hyderabad April
My Visa Experience

• Appointment booking slot was at 9:00 AM.
• Me and my Spouse reached the consulate by 8:30 AM.
• Outside of the consulate gate we waited for 15 mins and then they asked us to hold the passports in hand (they did basic check and allowed us to inside the consulate).
• We formed in a queue and we have taken out everything and kept it in a tray (Watch, Belt, documents, etc..) and we proceed further into the queue and inside the security room.
• After security check we were asked to wait in the waiting area, after 15-20 mins they asked us to proceed further for finger prints verification at counter number# 7.
• Again, we were asked to wait in the waiting area, It was more than an hour long wait for us this time.
• Around 10:30 AM we were asked to form a line and token was given as we were proceeding with the queue. (counter number# 9 )
• In front of me there were two couples (H1B and H4), both the coupons bought their infant child with them, visa was approved. I could hardly hear the conversation but for both Client letter and approval notice documents was asked. Both are first time H1B visa applicants, lot of questions were asked to second couple female regarding her husband job profile/location/marriage.

My turn

VO: Next please and signaled to come forward with hand gesture
Me: Good morning Officer!
VO: Very Good morning! How are you doing?
Me: Am doing Good and How are you today!
Vo: Am good! So!! (Small pause) you are with XXXX?
Me: Yes Officer.
VO: how long are you associated with then
Me: X.X Years.
VO: Is this your first H1B?
Me: Yes!
VO: Is it an inhouse project or at client location?
Me: I will be working at Client Location, XXX.
VO: Who is your client! Ohh! Sorry you said XXX right!
Me: Yes Officer! XXX.
VO: Do u have a client letter with you?
Me: Yes Officer! (and as I started to remove it from my file and the next questions continue)
VO: What will be your designation at client location?
Me: XX.XXXX (Still trying to take out client letter from file)
VO: what will be your pay there!
Me: XX,XXX US dollars per annum.
VO: what is your highest qualifications?
Me: Bachelor Of technologies in Computer science engineering
VO: Ohh!!Ok! Where are you traveling to?
Me: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(I removed client letter from file and passed it to Visa officer)
VO: let me read it! (He read the entire client letter and I was surprised to see this)
Me: Looks good! Hear it is (and returned the client letter)
VO: Are you aware of all the legal laws while you work at client location?
Me: Yes officer!
VO: Why are you changing your employer!
Me: This is my current employer assigned me an assignment with XXX client, which requires me to travel to client location and work.
(VO officer typing something and was busy looking at the monitor ~30 sec pause)
VO: Have you worked with this client in past?
Me: Yes Officer! I worked with XXX In past way back in XXXX for X months, but I was with a different employer at that time.
VO: OK! Young lady! How are you doing today!

Spouse: Am doing good! Thank you for asking!
VO: You have applied for H4?
Spouse: Yes officer.
VO: When did you get married?
Spouse: XXX
VO: Where did you get married? I mean the location!!
Spouse: Told complete address.
VO: How was the marriage, I mean love or arranged?
Spouse: Answered accordingly.
VO: Who arranged your marriage?
Spouse: Answered accordingly.
VO: How many people attended your marriage?
Spouse: Answered accordingly.
VO: Are you aware of all the legal laws you husband is aware of while he works in united states?
Spouse: yes officer!
VO: Did you look at the monitors what were displayed in the waiting hall! They have the laws as well
Spouse: Yes officer.

VO: Then spent time around a mins entering data in the system and took both out passports and said the final verdict “Am approving your visa”! Have a safe flight
Me: Thank you Officer! Have a nice day ahead!
VO: Thank you! you too! Take care!

Conclusion: Overall, be confident and precise with your responses, ensure that the responses are inline with the answers submitted in DS160 and as per your support letter. It would be good not to lean on the counter while responding to the VO, take a step back and ensure proper eye contact with VO and leave the documents folder on the counter (marble) till your interview is in progress and open the file only if a specific document is asked.
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221g HYD
Hi Friends,
I am posting this again to see any one with previous experiences can share some advice or any think else we can do.
background 221g white slip , HYD . This is 3rd H1b stamping
Used Drop box but called in for interview.
Interview on March 6th issued 221g
after a week got call from FPU to submit LCA, Client and Vendor letter. Submitted same day.
After a week Client and Vendor were contracted.
No updated since then. Client, Vendor and Lawyer emailed consulate asking for case updated but no update.
Since I am on H1 , I can apply for H4 for my wife. should we wait until 60 days and wait for a response? are there people who got cleared after 60 days? or should we go ahead and apply for h4 ? Any suggestions are welcome.
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