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Got 221G for H1B Visa interview in Riyadh
Here is my scenario. I left the US in 2016 after spending four years on H1B. I recently got the opportunity, my employer filed H1B petition and got two years approval.

I appeared in Riyadh for H1B interview on 05/12/2019

Here is how my visa interview goes.

Q: Are you going to work at the client location or Employer Location?

Q: What is your current salary in Riyadh and compensation in the US? And she asked me why I want to take a hit on your salary. Which I explained that the Salary Difference is minimum and since I have Canadain PR, it is logistically feasible to move from the US to Canada once this Project is over

Q: Will your employer can pull you back and put in the In Hosue project in the future?
      I explained that the Employer has control over the employee, not the client, so it is reasonably possible

Q: How many Employees currently working in the company? Are all on client location or In House Project?

Q: How did you find out about this position? How many people interviewed you for this position?

After the interview session, The Visa Officer said she needs more time to process documents, kept the client letter, passport and handed over me the Yello Slip.

Most of the questions she asked centered upon CLient and its location. It appears that when it comes to Employer -Client model they make really through assessment versus the Direct employment case.

I am waiting for their decision and fingers crossed to get an update from them.
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Dropbox with 221G Blue slip
Hi Guys,

I came to India for marriage & planned to avail Dropbox in spite of having my stamped visa which has the validity until Sep 2019. The reason why i opt for Dropbox is I have an employer change.

I got to Chennai on 12 Apr and submitted my docs for Dropbox. Post that on 24th Apr i got an update like passport is ready for pick up. When i open the package, it has a Blue slip asking me to come for a consulate interview on certain days of the week.

Very next day i got to the consulate, did the finger prints and finally approached the counter.

They asked me numerous questions like, Salary, employer, role and responsibility, address of client location, My specialized skill, How long i am working, Client letter, vendor letter, etc.

She typed something in the computer and issued me a yellow slip wherein it mentioned like wait until a consulate call. It was like little over an hour, i was called to another counter on the other side. This time an Indian asked few other questions. Also, asked for W2, I-129, Payslips. He reviewed it and asked me to wait again.
Again another hour has gone, in fact everyone has gone, I am the very last person gets called to the same counter wherein i went in the beginning. She told like, we need to do further more verification for your case, we will get back to you once we are done with it & returned my passport. She also issued me a Blue slip wherein it has only one option checked.

Now the status shows as Administrative Processing since then (25th Apr). Been 2 weeks now, still waiting for an update from them.

Based on an update from my client, USCIS has gone to my work location to perform employment verification and my client has responded to it as well.

Fingers crossed to get an update from Chennai Consulate.
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Documents to be carried for EVC model
Hi Guys,

Am working under EVC model. I am carrying

1. Client Letter
2. Vendor Letter
3. Employer Letter

Any other documents to be carried for H1B stamping?
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Question regarding H1B stamping
Hi Guys,

Please help me answering for below question

"Is this your first H1?"

My Scenario: Came to US on H4. Got H1B and worked for 3 years. Went to India got H4 stamping because of personal reason want to quit working. After 3 months got H4 EAD continued working. Again back to H1 since 2 years now. Going to stamping end of this month. This time it will be H1 stamping. So what should i answer if VO asks if its first H1??

Appreciate your response! Thanks in advance
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May 6 | HYD | Visa Approved | F1- OPT- H1B | FTE | Previous Admin Processing
Thanks Immi help community for sharing your H1B Interview experiences. It was a big help. Below is my experience.

About Visa Interviewer/ Location:
Location: HYD Consulate
Date : May 06 (Monday morning)
Counter : #16
Lady Visa officer in her 30's
Rejected two students in front of me
Extremely rude or pissed (if I could say)

Visa Interviewer:

VO: Good Morning, How are you?
Me: Good Morning, I am doing Good, N you?

VO: No response, Looking at my passport, entering some information.

VO: So how long you been working with your current company
Me: Answered

VO: What do you do there?
Me: Explained my roles and responsibilities, I had this rehearsed pretty hard.

VO: Office Location
Me: Answered

VO: Whats your highest Qualification
Me: Masters

VO: Masters in what?
Me: Answered (Non Computer Science)

VO: Which University
Me: Answered

VO: Can I see your most recent pay stubs
Me: Provided (This is the only document she asked me through out the interview process)

She then turned to my Wife

VO: How long you been married Maam
Wife: Answered

VO: Do you have any kids
Wife: Yes

Vo: Is she citizen
Wife: Yes

VO: Do you know your rights in US
We: Yes

VO: I am approving your visa
We: Thanked and left

Time Lines:
Apr 15 : Finger printing
May 6 : Visa Interview
May 8 : Received email and message for passport Pickup

Little bit about my case:
1. F1-> OPT -> H1
2. I have a common Last Name ("Mohammed")
3. Been on H1B for more than 10 Years
4. This is my 3rd time attending Visa Interview on H1B in last 10 years.
5. Got Admin processing last two times.
6. First time it took one week for admin processing (Was working as Consultant)
7. Second time (2013) it took 4 + months for admins processing (was Full time), mostly this was a Common Last Name issue.

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First H1B visa experience
Recently, I went to the New Delhi Embassy for H1B visa interview. Everything went well and the visa got approved. Immihelp portal helped me a lot in preparing my documents and going through other people's experiences gave me an idea of the do's and dont's at the visa interview.

My H1B petition was filed in April,2018, the notice of being picked in the lottery came in May, 2018. After that it was in processing status for almost 6 months, and petition got approved in December, 2018. Due to certain circumstances, it took another 3 months to book interview slot. Here's my experience:

OFC Appointment: 5th May, 2019

It takes only 10 minutes. They only need DS 160, Appointment confirmation and original passport. The documents were checked in the queue, and the details on the DS 160 were verified with passport. Then there was a physical security check. After that, I went to a counter, where they put a sticker with a bar code, visa interview timings, visa type, etc. on my passport. After that, I was given a token and joined a queue to wait for biometrics. When the screen showed my number, I was directed to go to one of the several counters. There, I was asked my language preference. Then they asked me to read a notice that said that I swear under the penalty of perjury that whatever information I supply during the interview is true to the best of my knowledge. Then my fingerprints and photograph were taken and I was told to reach the interview location on time. Also, the DS 160 form was stamped with the date of OFC visit and mode of passport delivery.

Consular Interview Appointment: 6th May, 2019

 I was told to be on time, as the waiting area inside the embassy can't accommodate many people. Still, as I was very anxious, I reached 1.5 hrs before the interview. There were more than a hundred people waiting for their turns in the lawn in front of the embassy. Every 15 minutes, the security staff were announcing the slot time, so that people having that slot could form a line to enter the embassy. My interview was scheduled at 10:30AM. I was allowed into the queue at 10:20AM.

The sticker on the passport was scanned at the entry. Then the physical security check was done. After that I was asked to sit in the waiting area. After around 20 minutes, I was asked to go into the consular section. Before proceeding for the interview queue, my I-797 was checked. Then I joined the interview queue. My turn came in around 15 minutes. I was exhausted from all the waiting and travel.
Still I managed to smile.

VO: Good morning, Sir!
Me: Good morning Sir!!
VO: May I see your passport
Me: Sure.
VO: So, what is the purpose of your trip?
Me: To work for ABC Corporation.
VO: ABC, hmm.. Can I see your I-797?
Me: Yes, please.
VO: What do you do for ABC?
Me: (Explained my responsibilities in brief)
VO: Have you ever been to the US before?
Me: No, I've never been to the US before.
VO: (Pointing at the I-797) Do you directly work for ABC?
Me: Yes, I directly work for ABC.
VO: Your visa is being approved. You will receive your passport in a week.
Me: Thank you so much Sir!

The visa interview was just 2 minutes but the wait time was nerve-wracking. I had opted for premium delivery and received my passport on 9th May, 2019.

My advice like others have already given:
- Every case is different. I work for a US company directly. Those applying under EVC model would be asked different questions.
- Be honest with your answers.
- Be precise with your answers.
- It's okay to be nervous. Just take deep breathes.

All the best!
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Is there a passport pickup service in Calgary

I'm planning to get my H1B visa stamped in Calgary in June. I have an Indian passport. I'm trying to understand whether there's any way to pick up my passport in Calgary. I don't have a place that I can ship my passport to – I'll be a tourist in Calgary. I couldn't find any information about picking up passport in Calgary on the internet.

Any guidance is much appreciated!

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H1B Transfer
My employer told me that I will be laid off in 3 weeks. I have valid petition till March 2020. I want clarity on 60 days rule. My employer ( prime vendor for a big MNC) will not find another assignment for me. Do I need to get job within 60 days and file new H1B petition? Some people say it is 6 months. My I 140 was approved 2.5 years ago and I have 1.5 years left on H1B ( I spent 4.5 years on H1B).

Dear experts, pleas answer my question.
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H1B renewal, stuck in administrative processing
Situation :

Current H1B expires soon in July 2019. I changed employers last year and have a new i797. Filled out DS-160 and scheduled appointment. Based on questions it said "eligible for dropbox" . This is my first H1B renewal.

Company : one of the top reputed companies with 20k employees.
Job Role : CS , product security (not information security)

April 22nd 2019: Submitted documents for dropbox at mumbai consulate

April 23rd - 25th 2019 : Application Received

April 25th - 30th 2019 : Administrative Processing

April 30th - Current (May 8th) 2019: - Administrative processing.

The "Last Update date" field changed on April 30th 2019 and status is still Administrative Processing.

No documents asked , no email about 221(g). I emailed ustraveldocs twice and got the same standard response "in processing could take 60 days" .

No idea what is happening and what to do. I have had to rebook my flights. Not sure if i will still get it so i dont have to rebook again.

I have read many such experiences here, other forums and blogs, but almost all of them have got it in 2-3 weeks. this is the 3rd week for me
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H1B Stamping Experience in Mumbai
OFC Date: 6th May
Visa Interview: 7th May
Location: Mumbai

Visa Status at the end of Interview: Approved

VO asked following questions after greeting to each other.

VO: Pass me your passports.
ME: (Passed over)

VO: Pass me your I797
ME: (Passed over)

VO: Are you full time employed with XXX?
ME: Said YES.

VO: What is your role and responsibilities?
ME: Explained my role as per LCA and responsibilities as per Client Letter

VO: What is your highest qualification?

VO: From which university have you completed your highest qualification?

VO: What is your salary?
ME: XXX dollars per annum

VO: You and Your client located in which city?

VO: Do you know your rights in the US?
ME: I said Yes.

Then after 10-15 seconds VO told "Your Visa is approved. You will get your passport in 3-4 Days".
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