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Eb3 row texas service center
Please information anybody knows why Texas service center too slow
It's been 480 days since I filled out my i485 and I 140 form still no uptade even i140 form no uptade
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Any late-Nov/Dec 2019 filers?
Hello all
I got married to an USC in early Nov and sent in my documents soon after, requesting AOS from F1 to Permanent Resident.
My Priority Date is Nov 27th
Checks were cashed on December 3rd.
I haven't heard anything regarding my Biometrics appointment.
I called USCIS on Jan 3rd and placed a service request.
The wait is driving me crazy. Is this normal?
Are there any late-Nov or December 2019 filers that have a similar experiences?

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I140 status- EB1C
Hi Friends,

My i140 was applied on 15th july 2019, though my L1A extension got denied on Aug'19.
What will happen to my I140? If it continue to process, does it have chances to get cleared?
Can a RFE be addressed , even if some one is not in USA?

Is there anyone facing similar issue?
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Hi, I recently joined full-time with fortune 500 payroll company headquarter in New York. My H1b is approved and now i'm filing for my GC starting with PERM application. I am supposed to work at my office location in Virginia as per my H1b petition, but i work mostly from home in different state(TX). Now legally i'm not supposed to work more than one day per week as per my company policy. But due to nature of work and since i'm on good terms with my manager, He doesn't care where i work from. 

So when filing the PERM i initially given work location Virginia, and my home address in TX(Own house). But later i realized this may be an issue since work and home location are totally in different states. And i can't add my home address as secondary work location as per company Immigration team since they assume i only work from home on sporadic basis. But i work from home most of the time and travel to work once in 3 months.

So since i can't use home address as secondary work location, i need to use local Virginia address(Friends home) for home address in PERM application. But my question is if there is a SITE VISIT from USCIS and i'm working from home that day what kind of trouble will be in? What are my options then?

I was told the USCIS doesn't give prior notice all the time for site visits. If there's a notice then i will make sure to be in office. Please let me know for any suggestions on how i can proceed further and what happens if i miss any SITE visit verification.
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I 140 got rfe

My spouse got rfe for I 140 in premium process. Can I do premium again for respond to this rfe ?
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I-140 case receipt not received
My company filed for my case (i140/i485) about six weeks ago,but have not received any case receipt notice. Has anyone experience such delays?
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I140 outside processing time
Hi guys,
I submitted my application on 01/23/2019 but my status is still application recieved, pls how long does it take Texas Service center to process applications.
Thank you
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Unlawful Presence and 10 years bar entry
I came in US in 2016 with an H1B valid til July 2019.
My job was terminated on May 22nd, 2018. I read on USCIS website that with my H1B, I had a grace period of 60 days to find another job or change my status without being out of status. On June 8th 2018 my US citizen spouse filled a GC petition for me such that I can adjust my status. The petition is still pending.
If that petition get denied, would I have acquired any unlawful presence ? Would I be subject to the 10 years bar ?
Thank you
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EB1C - No response after I140 RFE
Case was filed on 5/30/2017 (Concurrent- EB1C)

Got EAD - Oct-2017
AP - denied due to foreign travel
Got RFE on I140 - End of Nov-2018
RFE responded - First week of Feb-2019
I140 status was changed to "Name was updated" in Feb 2019. It's been 90+ days no updates

Has anyone recently got an approval on I140 for May/June-2017 EB1C case.
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1Employer not providing i140 document

I recently got my i140 approved. I asked my employer for a copy of my approved i140. Employer said that only the attorney will maintain a copy of the i140 and cannot be shared with employer. I need copy of i140 to be safer side. Incase, I need to move to another company as I already completed my 6 years quota in H1b. Please advice if anyone know how to obtain copy of the i140?

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