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L1B Chennai Approved today
First of all , thanks everyone for sharing the experiences over here which really helped to prepare for my visa interview .
I had bio-matric on 4th November which is quite easy process and took only 20 minutes to complete .

I had interview next day 09/05 and below is my experience .

- Visa applicant line is really long and it was bit humid outside so better to reach 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview as they only allow to stand in queue before 15 minutes of your scheduled time .

- Then there are multiple security checks which will take around 30 minutes then you will be inside . There is phone deposit booth set-up by local police where you can deposit phones only . Make sure you done carry and car keys and bagpacks as they don't deposit them .

- Inside , 1 person will bundle your I-129 and I-797 , total 3 sets with your passport and Ds-160 confirmation letter and DD if you paid fraud fee by it .

- then you will be asked to moved to difference building where you have to pay fraud fee of 500$(36000 INR) by cash or Credit card . Make sure you carry Credit card issues to your name only , don't carry other persons CC as they won't allow transaction from it .

- Next your finger printed will be verified in next counter then you will be asked to join the queue for visa interview .

- My interviewer was pretty straight face and I could not understand what he is making out from my answers . Most important thing is to answer only from your petition as they verify that from your answers . I told him 1 tool name and he googled it immediately so no false answers . Now below are the questions asked .

--- US company name , client or parent company .

-- Current role , US role . He asked multiple questions in between to explain my current role and tools details , technology they are build on . Then why US is opened now if it was managed from offshore . So be prepare of all the answers for these questions .

-- INdia salary , US salary, length of stay .

At last , he last sir I am approving your visa and handed over me 2 copy of my docs and kept 1 for himself .

I was really nervous before the interview but just be confident and you should have detailed knowledge of what you are telling him .

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L1B interview tips and Top questions(asked 90% of the time)
• Withdraw your application if VO is asking questions apart from common questions (being critical, drilling, uneasy….withdraw at 2nd -ve statement by VO)...withdrawing will not negatively impact your can just reapply after 1-2 days.....withdrawl is better than rejection...just say to VO "Sir, I think I would like to withdraw my application"

• L1B interview is a closed document interview…..folllowing are the common and top interview question list

• which visa category are you applying under?
• what will be your US job title
• what will be you job location in US
• who will be your manager in US and who is he employed by?

• tell me about your company

• what is your specialized knowledge
• what will be you role in US
• how long did it take you to aquire your specialized knowledge
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L1B Blanket Visa Approved
Here is the interview transcript
• asked to handover all the documents along with the passport…VO looked pretty focused and serious(no smile exchange, no eye contact, all questions were asked in a strict tone)

• Which visa have you applied for?
• Which company do you currently work for?
• how long have you been working for X….I said 1.5 years and VO replied, 1.5 years is not very long time to apply for L1
• do you directly work for X or is X a client of your company…..I said I directly  work for X
• do you work  in X on a small module?…I firmly said no, I don't work for a small module, I work on big project in X called xyz service.
• what's your current designation
• what does your project do(what business usecase does your project handles)? ….explained this in precise words and in very convincing manner highlighting that the importance of project for enterprise customers(hence the business value)  (visa preparation helped here)
• where are you travelling to in US
• what will be your salary in US
• what's your specialized knowledge….explained things in great detail in 4-5 lines(but every word was selected to make an impact). I said everything with full confidence(this is where doing visa prep really helped). VO sounded pretty convinced post this question.
• are you married?
• Stamps the Visa and says "Sir, Your Visa Has been Approved….."
   I think VO started discussion with a “No” in mind, but got convinced later on.
Most important part was answering everything with full-on confidence even if VO looked negative till the end. If what you are speaking is fully convincing for visa approval i.e. you are speaking exactly what is technically needed for L1B approval and you are confident with all your replies, then it's doesn't matter what VO's mindset is. He will approve it but each line you speak should be technically correct.
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L1B Blanket Visa Approved
Here is the interview transcript
• asked to handover all the documents along with the passport…VO looked pretty focused and serious(no smile exchange, no eye contact, all questions were asked in a serious tone)
• Which visa have you applied for?
• Which company do you currently work for?
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L1 A blanket extension
Hi -

Does anyone know if I can go for L1-A blanket extension at Canada/Mexico more than 5 months in advance of visa expiry? My visa is expiring on 31st May 2020 and I am looking at scheduling my interview sometime in early January. I read on some website that it's not advisable to schedule it more than 90 days in advance? Is it true? Does anyone have any experience?
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L1 Blanket after denial of Extension
Hi Team,

I have completed 3 years on my L1B and then got denial for extension (In August). Now I am in India and applying for L1 blanket again. I have couple of questions.

1- Is VO going to ask me anything related to my extension denial? or he won't have any clue about my recent extension denial?
2- If he could see that I got denied 3 months back would that raise any concern (looking for experience from someone who faced this situation)?
3- As my client is desperate that i should be back ASAP. If i get any letter from client that shows gravity of situation. would it help?
4- What are my chances here? and what kind of preparation I should do?

Thanks to all in advance :)

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L1B Extension: Question regarding Job title change
Hi Team,

I need your expert advise on following concern.

I am appearing for L1B individual extension interview next week. My job title has recently (few months back) changed from X to Y, with no impact to work location, pay, compensation, or job responsibilities. My I-129S (which i am taking to interview) shows Job title as X but my current Job title is Y. What should i mention to VO when asked for the title?

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L1A Blanket Visa Approved
I would like to share my experience as this forum helped me prepare well in advance. Kind of late post.

Will begin with thanks to this forum and everyone who has shared their experience.

I will skip all other details about documentations as its being already shared here.

Biometrics - 11Oct 2019 - We can schedule Biometrics on nearest consulate even if it is for Blanket petition. Mine was in Mumbai. My appointment was at 11:45 AM, I reached at 10:30 AM, I just went to the gate and they allowed me to enter and I was out by 11 AM. So you can go inside even if you are early, there is no such rush in morning for Biometrics.

Visa Interview - 17th Oct 2019 , 8:45 AM. Be on time, Dont go early as entry will be allowed on 15 minutes before. I reached at 8:40 and went straight into the building. Be sure to take all Photo Copies/Prints of documents. There are hardly any PhotoCopy shops nearby.

VIsa Interview Questions

Who is your petitioner ?
What they do ?
Whats your salary in US ?
Whats your office location ?
Whats your current Title ?
How many reportee currently ?
Whats yous current roles and responsibilities?
How you are involved in taking business decisions ?

It was really nervous till the time we heard " YOUR VISA IS APPROVED". Be calm and focus on your answers.

Thanks again and All The Best for everyone.
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L1b individual stamping interview
My L1b individual petition was recently approved.

Original filing: Aug 5
RFE received: Aug 16
RFE responded: Oct 16
Petition Approved: Oct 28

1. By when I can expect the I-797 hard copy to be mailed to my lawyers?
2. Do I need a physical original copy of the I-797 or a scanned color copy of the same will work for the interview at the Mumbai consulate?

Thanks for the inputs in advance.
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L1b extension approved in ottawa
Appointment: Oct 23.

Interview: 7.30 appointment, reached by 7.10, how ever securities will allow inside sharp 7.30 by verifying your DS160 and appointment.

inside again they will verify your DS 160, appointment and passport Canada visitor visa.

Next Airport style check but no need to remove shoes :). No electronic items, you can keep mobile but need to switched off. they will keep watch, hotel key like small items. but don't carry many things.

Next Fee counter, they collect all the 3 sets of petitions, checks and will provide receipts.

also validated the petition with passports and scanned photos asked few qns.

Next Interview, Started with cancelling existing visa (heart beat went heavy). then qns.


You are working with this YYYY XX company?
How long you are working with this company?
You came here for extension?
This is whole family?
All you are in visitor visa?
whats your specialization?
day to day activity?
how differ than existing one availble?
So you work the client?

qns to wife

Mam, you are working now?

your Visa is approved, you can collect passport in five working days, you can track the status using this sheet.
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