Foreigner Registration in India

Foreigner registration is compulsory for all foreigners arriving in India on a visa for a period exceeding 6 months, except the exempted categories. Registration must be done within 14 days of first arrival at the nearest Foreigner's Registration Office.

There is no fee charged for registration. However, US $30 (Rupees equivalent amounting to Rs. 1200/-) is charged for overstay and/or late registration, if overstay is condoned by the competent authority.

Registration facilities are not provided at the airport. Registration is done in the offices of FRROs/CHIO or the Superintendents of Police/Districts.

Certificates of Registration will be issued by the Registration Officers. Foreigners should surrender their certificates of registration to the Registration Officer of the place where they are registered, or of the place from where they intend to depart, or to the Immigration Officer at the port/check post of exit from India. If the certificate is surrendered to anyone other than the Immigration Officer at the port/check post of exit, the foreigners should produce the receipt indicating such surrender of the document to the Immigration Officer at the port/check post of exit.

Registration is required only once during the validity of visa irrespective of the number of times the foreigner leaves/re-enters India on a multiple-entry visa. If the person enters India on a new visa, registration is required again.

Foreigners can visit Restricted/Protected Areas only after obtaining a valid permit, as a visa alone is not enough to visit such places.

Foreigners coming from or through yellow fever countries must come with a valid vaccination certificate.

On arrival/departure, foreigners should fill out the Disembarkation/Embarkation cards.

Registration Certificate
Part III of form A

This certificates is issued to the foreigner at the time of his/her registration under Registration of Foreigners Rules 1939.